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A Note From Iresha...

Iresha Tschunke

Hi, I am Iresha Tschunke, founder and the CEO of the school of new earth money creation, and one of the leading manifestation experts in Germany.

Today I am known among my extraordinary audience globally, as a pioneer of bringing the hidden powers of consciousness into initiating the material, physical reality creation, as well as what many of my clients say “happy money”.

I have dedicated my life to bringing humanity into its most natural state, which is also known as the “super-human” state, where the power of creation exceeds everything you may have known before.  I believe in creating absolute bold, audacious and super wealthy realities in the world, and that this is necessary. And what I am here to show the world is, that this bold and wealthy reality creation is an easy, happy, and natural process, that goes beyond what the mainstream calls manifestation, which limits the extraordinary capacities of reality creation of each human.

I am also - words from my clients - known as the "the happy money woman with wisdom from the beyond”.

I started this journey once upon a time, ( when I was a child)  to seek answers for why some people are rich, while some are poor, and this mission expanded to who I am today, in every level of my existence, unfolding my greatest mission, which is to share these answers with you, with humanity, and create a wealthy, prosperous and a happy world.

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