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10 Lessons I learnt In My Business Journey

Iresha Tschunke

If you are reading this, you are either in online business, or you are planning to start one. In either way, you are going on the entrepreneurial route, where you will most definitely face and go through the stuff I am going to explain here. I know, many of us come into this industry with huge dreams, huge fantasies (especially because of what Instagram and other social media show us; how easily online entrepreneurs are getting rich and living luxurious lifestyles), but once you are inside, so many surprises to go through. So many things that no one has ever told, so many things that you have to deal alone, and not to mention the emotional stress that comes together with it when life happens. But deep within you, you know that you are meant to be at the top, you are meant to live that extraordinary lifestyle in your dreams, and that you are meant to be a difference-maker in the world. But how on earth you are going to get there? Isn't that the number one question that runs in your head, day and night?

Well, don't worry, you are not alone, we all have to go through that sometimes, in different scales.

When I first stepped into the business I had zero knowledge of how to run a business, how things happen in the business world, or how to sell anything to anyone. All I had was a very strong, sharp vision, and the faith that I am going to achieve it all and that I am born to live that lifestyle of my dreams and of being a huge difference-maker in others lives.

And yes, twas not always an easy path, but it was definitely a very interesting path. So many mistakes, so many bad decisions making, so many surprises, so many new experiences and yes, the times when I wanted to tear my hair off. But it all makes the journey beautiful.

But I am not here to brag about the journey today, I am here to show you the real facts that no one usually tells you when you first step into your business, and especially when you have a really big dream of creating a premium level business and to go to your best way of living. If you are born extremely rich, this stuff I am going to talk, might not really apply to you, in that case, bless you and I am very happy for you. I am not born extremely rich, I was not born into a mansion, and my parents were not millionaires. My family was not poor either, they are rather upper-middle class. I am very grateful that they spent a fortune on my education, and were very concerned about how we are perceived by society. And guess what? I was sick of trying to act according to the society and spend my life pleasing my family and the society, so I dropped off from University kicking away my chance to do a medical degree, and I left the country. (That was the next world war in my family, well, its a story for another time) And from there, I built my world from zero, with zero money from family or from anyone else, and never giving up even when every piece of me was falling apart.

So if you are anywhere like I was, if you are someone who starts small but with huge dreams, this article is just for you.

Here I am writing the things that actually happen when you start a business or when you first decide to go bigger and premium, which no one usually tells you before you step in. The reason I am writing this is, I want you to know that these things are normal to happen, and by any means, these are not there to discourage you. I want you to get knowledge about these situations, so they don't come as a surprise and so you can be well prepared. I had to learn in the hard way, and trust me it is not nice.

1. Your budget will want you to wait.

This can happen at any level. But especially, when you first get the thought of starting a business, the next thought is the budget. And the next is, you want to start it properly and nice, and yes for all those fancy systems you need money, and your secret voice inside you tells, "Wait, wait until you have enough money to start big". Or, when you want to go to the next level of your business when you want to scale it up bringing it to a premium level, you see how other people are doing. Some of them spend hundreds of thousands of Euros on ads, some of them have really fancy systems and some of them use very expensive marketing strategies. And then you feel like you will have no chance with your small attempts, so your inner voice says "Wait, wait until you have a good budget". Look, those big people in your industry, they have been there for a long time than you have, and if they haven't started from somewhere, they wouldn't be there now in that scale.

So all you need to do is, recognise that voice when it asks you to wait, and understand that it is only a protective mechanism of your subconscious mind, which is trying to stop you from moving forward. When this happens, tap into your soul. Your mind is not your soul. Ask what your soul wants. Your soul is very adventurous, it always wants to learn and grow.

Start small. Go with whatever you have. Use your resources cleverly, and make the best out of it. Always remember that there are so many people out there, whose lives are about to change with your service, and their lives are waiting. You don't have to be big, fancy or famous to start making changes in the world. And you don't have to be at a certain place to go bigger, go premium and go fancy. Whenever you want, you can do anything, just with what you have. You just have to start.

2. People will try to talk you out of it.

Oh my god, this came to me as an utter surprise and I couldn't believe it. People will really try to talk you out of it! People do this for two reasons. The first is, they actually are concerned about you, and in their mind, you are doing something silly. Most of the people in the world are accustomed into a system, where they go to a job, get a paycheck, pay a big amount of that hard-earned money back to the government (tax) and then with the rest of the money they survive, may live an ok life with some good moments, and save for the retirement. And even from that retirement money, they will have to pay tax again. (at least here in Germany) Although this is a horrible system, which is so unfavourable to the people, still we are systematised to follow this system because somehow we feel that it is safe. So when you try to go away from that system, you are creating an energetic collapse. So some of your loved ones will be truly concerned that you are doing something wrong.

Remember, they see this, according to their vision of life, their map of life and through their subconscious blocks. Each one of us has our own journey. When we first came into this world, we have signed up for a certain journey. The truth is, we came into this certain lifetime, to learn, to grow, to achieve, or to complete a cycle. So you can never compare some one's life journey with someone else's. Each of us has our own way of living this life.

And the second type of people I mentioned above is the ones who are not satisfied with their own lives. They will feel threatened by your sudden uprising, and they will do their best to pull you down to where you were, so they feel safe and secured. They will try various ways, emotional and mental ways to talk you down. I know, this is not nice, and this can hurt your feelings and put you down, especially when you need all your strength together. I was shocked, and even cried, and I was so young that time that I couldn't comprehend what exactly was happening. But not long after that, I realised that the only solution is, to completely focus on myself, on my journey, and give the ultimate love and respect to my self. When you do that, the people who don't resonate with your new life, people who don't respect you for who you are, they will collapse and fall out of your life. And some people will change themselves, they will grow respect towards you, trust towards you and will not question any of your decisions.

3. The taxes!

This was a huge block for me, which sort of kept me from growing bigger because deep within my mind I was thinking if I earn more money I will have to pay more taxes! I registered my company even before I received my first client because I want to be all legal right from the beginning. It was great, but soon after I registered, there come all the tax papers, and I have to pay for this and that. And then I had my first client, and that was all I had, and I had to pay income tax + Value added tax, and not only that, there are some other fees you need to pay here in Germany when you start a business, which I am not going to write here to bother you. And I was so disappointed. Because I was just starting out, and half of the money is gone for tax, and there was very less left to reinvest in my business. I was asking my self, why is the government trying to rip me off instead of encouraging me of growing my business? I am just starting out, why they are discouraging me? Those were my thoughts.

And then I thought, the more I earn, the more I pay. This almost stopped me from growing my business. This was a feeling mixed with anger, fear and disappointment.

But eventually, I did quite a lot of work on myself, and I realised that it doesn't have to be this way. I started looking at things with a very abundant mind. Long story short, I don't feel bad about taxes now. I pay my bills with gratitude. I am happy to pay taxes as a businesswoman because that gives me responsibility as a citizen. And, I was wrong about taxes all along. The government is not discouraging businesses, they are rather supporting. Once you grow your business, there are so many opportunities to use your taxes efficiently, creating even more value to the society and abundance to your self.

So if you are stuck where I was, just know that this is a huge block. You just have to pass that through and to come to the next level, then everything will be different.

4. When you start scaling up your business and yourself, some people won't like it, and some will unsubscribe you.

Oh, this is a funny one, when I look back at it now. But boy I wish it was funny back then. Change is what makes things grow, and whoever is resistant to change, will stop growing. Life without growth stops living. In my business, I grew quite fast, so for most of the people who are in touch with me often, it was not a big surprise, because I was always in the growing mode. But for some of the people around me who I see once in a while, every time when they see me I was different. I was smarter, more confident, happier, richer and matured. And not everyone took it so well. As I mentioned above, everyone is in their own journey, and their perspectives and visions towards life can differ radically from yours, and that is normal. Some people will accept that you are growing and will be happy for you, but some will be jealous and will try to avoid you. And in that case, that is ok, because the people who don't resonate with you, have to go.

Some people will tell you that your prices are too high, some people will tell you that your business model is too showy or fancy, some people will tell you that you are not even doing a real job. People will look at your business with a sceptical eye. (Here in Germany, not everyone is familiar with online businesses, and that creates some funny family gatherings, especially when you have quite elderly family members) So what should you do? To try to explain, to defend or just to give up? No, all you need to is to love and respect yourself, like you love your partner, like your love god, like you have never loved anyone before. And be at your goddess temple in your mind, where you are a true shining goddess, spectacularly confident, and where nothing bothers you. Also, accept that others have their own journies, and that is alright. You don't need to explain, defend or to be angry. Get rid of toxic people from your reality, and the ones who you have to see from time to time, just let it slide smoothly.

The unsubscribers and mockers, aren't they fun? I had people who have mocked my Facebook ads, writing jokes and silly pictures in the comments. And guess what? They are the ones who are extremely unsatisfied in their lives, bankrupt or struggling. And I am pretty sure that it will be hard for them to go any higher when they mock the success. And I had unsubscribers every time when I market my services, or when I talk about money. And one fact we all have to remember is that one of the laws of abundance is the law of rejoicing in others success. When one cannot be happy for someone else's success, they are closing the doors for theirs. Although that makes me genuinely sad that I cannot bring them into wealth and success, I also understand that they are in their own journies and that they are here to learn, grow, achieve or complete a cycle. My mission is to make as many as women wealthy and successful, but I cannot make everyone happy.

So don't you ever worry about the unsubscribers, think about your existing subscribers, who are grateful that you give your knowledge to them in many different ways. Focus on them. Even with one small email, you are making a little difference of their day, and that really counts.

5. Some people will try to make you feel like you are a greedy money obsessed person.

It took me some time to realise that this is a huge poor and unsuccess block coming from such people. In my case, I never stop to grow. And for me, there is no limit. And so should be with you. There is always a new level to achieve. There is always more money, more abundance and more wealth to achieve. There is always a new way you can serve even better than before. For me, I will never retire as in I stop actively participating in my business. For me, I don't need to stop working to rest and to be happy, because every day I am very happy and well-rested on this journey.

So when you have this kind of mindset, it might be very intimidating to some people. Again, most of the people are used to a system, and they might ask you questions like "Isn't it enough now? Why do you want to make more money?" Or "Isn't it time now to stop and retire? Where can you put all this money?" Or "You only need a few customers, a nice house, and some savings, you don't need more than that". These types of questions used to drive me crazy, because those people who ask those questions are living in a different reality than mine, and my vision towards life is different than theirs, yet they don't mind asking those pre judgemental questions.

I used to answer very direct, as in "No, I will never retire, and no there is no limit for me, and yes I want to earn more money". And it caused very complicated and awkward situations. If you are ok with it, go ahead, tell them directly on the face. Well, nowadays, I don't get these questions a lot, because I have a different circle of people around me now. People who are also creating more and more abundance while creating more value in the world, people who are with first-class mindsets, lifestyles and habits as I would like to put it. I don't associate with anyone less now. Even if I happen to, I don't take those comments personally, and in such situations, I would simply say "that is not your place to ask so" and move on.

The point here is, you should never let those silly judgments or comments get into you. You might tend to feel that there is some truth to what others are saying, but please remove that feeling, as soon as possible. Because, when you hear something for the 109th time, there is a chance that you actually will believe it. So make sure to avoid these people at all cost, and if you really can't, create an energetic filter, so you are not affected by their comments and energy.

6. Simplify, simplify, simplify

I wish I knew this when I started. It is quite easy to go down on the fancy road and complicate everything. Sometimes what really matters is the how easily others can read, understand and then to buy, not how beautiful and colourful your posts are. Yes, you need to pay attention to small details, especially if you are running your business in a premium and unique way. But try to keep everything as simple as possible. Avoid unnecessary complications. I used to download a ton of plugins in my WordPress site, making things really complicated. Now for me, the less is more, and trust me that makes my life so much easier.

7. Don't let your dream get lost in the workload.

This can happen so easily and we don't even notice it. When we start our businesses, we are full of energy, enthusiasm, dreams and goals. But as the real business life happens, we get lost in the workload, in systems, marketing, hiring, selling, content writing, and so many other things that we completely forget why we really started this business at the first place. There are two reasons why we step into business. First is that we have a special skill and passion, and we want to make a difference in the world using it. Second is that we have a certain vision of our dream life that we want to achieve through the business. And in most cases, people forget the latter and end up being an average entrepreneur,who tend to live life with great unsatisfaction.

To achieve our biggest dreams, it is crucial that we pay attention to. Remember, where attention goes, the energy flows. How things really happen is, they first appear in the non-physical plane, and then according to how strong the energetic pull is and how good we arrange all forces and affairs together to achieve it, it appears in the physical plane. But to create it in the non-physical plane, we need to pay attention, dream, and live that dream state in our current reality. Most of the people think that they will live happily and abundantly when their dreams come true. But it doesn't work that way. Only through happiness, you can achieve those dreams. In other words, you need to be happy, feel abundant to have your dreams come true.

So what I did was, I created anchors to my dream life, right from the beginning of my business. (even with my very first client) One of the things I wanted to do in my ideal day at my dream lifestyle was, to wake up in my dream house with my husband wearing silk pyjamas, and to drink tea in fine bone china, with golden decoration. This was a huge part of my morning routine in my dream lifestyle. So what I did was, I invested in buying pure silk pyjamas and buying a fine bone cup and saucer. And I practised this routine every day in my life back then. I woke up, wearing these silk pyjamas, and then I cleaned my face, and then made tea in my beautiful cup and enjoyed it sitting at the dining table. And trust me, this made a huge difference in so many levels. And today, I am almost living that lifestyle (except I am not living in my dream mansion - and this is in progress, wish me good luck) waking up every day in my almost dream house in a pair of silk pyjamas, drinking tea in fine bone china. (Now we have so many tea sets of fine bone china, as my husband and I don't use anything else for tea - and just a few years ago, people would have laughed at these detailed dreaming when I mention this)

So all I want to say is, find a way to keep your dream alive. It doesn't have to be big, doesn't have to be expensive, but make it happen in your own way. Even if you have to spend a bit more on that, do it. Think about how much money you spend for coffee to go in a weak or a month, or think about how much money you spend in other small things, and make a decision to invest on your future anchors.
(If you like, HERE is the exact silk pyjamas I invested in. I know it sounds a bit strange, but this pyjama basically changed my life! )

8. You may feel overwhelmed, small and lost.

In business, every day is a new adventure. You learn new things all the time. And it is impossible that you learn everything when you start, or even when you are quite experienced. I learn things every day, there is always a new level to go. Don't let the systems and methods overwhelm you. And don't feel that you are just one small person and how on earth you are going to build a successful business. You will not build it alone. And no, you don't have to worry about hiring people right now. Just start small, start as you can, and trust me, at the right time you will be adding more people into your business, and you will expand your business step by step. It will all happen, just don't worry. Right now, if you are just one person, go as it is. I know, it is very good if you can have an assistant, and in fact, many people talk about having help right from the beginning, but if that totally puts you at the edge in a way that it distracts you, just go as you are, and as you grow, you will have to take that step of hiring the next person. And you will do it.

I don't have a big team, but I have people who work as contractors, where I pay for their services. Having a fixed team can cost almost 20% of your profit, and you should do that only when you are sure of it. Anyway, I am not much big of a team player, that is just who I am, so I try to keep my team as small as possible. As the new techniques have enabled people to work from everywhere in the world, it is even easier for me to have a very small team, just working virtually. It is not that hard, trust me. And you will get there, so just go with the flow. Don't ever force you to anything that you are not ready for.

9. Your partner/husband/wife will have to adjust.

Now, this is a very true situation, which nobody really talks about. Becoming a businesswoman is a huge shift not only in your life but also in the lives of the ones who you live with. Just imagine, when I met my husband I was just a university lecturer who was doing quite good, and a few years later, I am a businesswoman running a successful business, earning a fortune when it is compared to before. (again, this is not to brag, but to be real about facts, because I want all of you to make a fortune doing what you love) Although I am the same person, I have changed, grown and shifted in so many levels. And yes, basically I am not the same person as my husband first met me. I am more confident, smarter, more knowledgable, more responsible, happier, richer and more independent. And the way that I see things and expect things to be is different now. And I have also grown so much spiritually, so I would say, now I am my true self, than ever before. And yes, these huge shifts will affect your partner in many ways.

He or she may have to really adjust to your new self, to your new lifestyle changes, and it will take some time. They may not understand your new self at once, but that doesn't mean that they don't love you or support you anymore. You just have to give them some time. And most importantly, you need to respect, love and embrace your new self, and then others will eventually do the same towards you.

In my eyes, the best relationships happen, when each person is confident, independent, happy and well to do by themselves, and they still choose to live in harmony because they love and respect each other. And especially as a woman, it is crucial that you become completely independent, become the goddess you are, who demands nothing but the best. I think the world needs more of wealthier women, happier women and independent women.

Don't let anyone or anything stop you. If you are with the right people in your life, they will never try to stop you. But yes, their own blocks and insecurities might come out when you change and shift, but if they are really meant to be with you, they will shift with you, at least they will not stop your shifting, but be supportive. Just stand on your feet, keep your head up, stick to your dream and plan, respect and love yourself deeply, and give your partner some time to swallow it all.

10. Life happens, ( a lot sometimes) but don't ever stop.

No matter how much we plan, no matter how much we want to have control in our lives, guess what, sometimes things happen unplanned. In one of my launches in the past, which I had prepared well, planned well, and just before it starts I had an argument with my husband. I had even asked him to not to talk anything that I don't like just on that day because I had to keep a very calm head. But guess what, he did exactly what I asked him to not to do. And I was so angry, that in the launch webinar, I literally looked so pissed off. It was a disaster! And it made me, even more, stressed thinking that the launch will be a failure. Well, it was not a complete failure, but also was not the best.

Sometimes, it is just too much, and things won't work. Another example, although this is not related to business. We were living in AbuDhabi for few years. At the time I am talking about here, I had just started a new job in a music school as a piano instructor. I was quite happy and excited. At the same time, we went on holiday for summer, and my papers for a new job was taking a lot to process. It was almost a nightmare. And at the same time, we decided to get married. (I think the beach inspired us) And just before the summer holiday, we had signed a contract with Rotana Beach, as we were moving into their hotel for good, giving away our apartment. So I was in the middle of preparing for our wedding abroad where we had our holiday, (which was all planned within two weeks), working with the paperwork with the new job via emails, my husband taking phone calls to Abu Dhabi constantly to arrange the move, and the cherry on the top, my husband got fired on the phone! Yeah I know, it sounds crazy, but sometimes things happen.

 Once we were back in AbuDhabi, my husband had a totally relaxing and enjoying the stay in a hotel for three months as he didn't have to work, where I had to work at my new school. And guess what? It was all too much for me. We were just married, and we didn't have a relaxed summer holiday, and my husband had all the time in the world relaxing in our new hotel, and I hated going to work because I wanted to spend time with him. And my new school was also a nightmare, very unorganised. Guess what happened? I quite the job, it was just too much. And I even had to go to court for ending the contract.

So what I am saying is, sometimes, it is just too much of life happening, and you need to take one at a time. Don't put so many things all together at once like I did in Abu Dhabi situation, or you might end up screwing one or few things as I did for my new job there.

The general gist is, the entrepreneurial route is not a complete plain path, but it is a beautiful path. It could get difficult some times, but boy it is all worth it. When you think about all the possibilities it brings, and all the huge differences you can make in your life and in this world, it is all worth it. It is on your hand to design your own entrepreneurial journey, just the way you want it. Don't let anything or anyone change it for you. You are the goddess, you are the divine feminine goddess and embrace it. The things that I have mentioned above, are the things that happened in my journey, and I wrote this article with the hope of giving you a light, so you know what you are stepping into, therefore you can walk with confidence and creating so much success, wealth, abundance, your dream lifestyle and be a real difference-maker.

I believe in you, and I believe in your dreams, and I also believe that you have a huge part to play in this world that will bring wealth, happiness and success to yourself and many others.

All the best, and I love you all.


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