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Want to disover how to get into your passion based business and start making money, within a  few weeks?



I wish I had the chance to learn from this course way before I started my own business, it would give me such a good starting point and the maximum clarity of where I am headed and how to reach there.
This course is the ultimate foundation for anyone who dreams about a business  ( a premium business and a premium life in my case) and it actually made me re- think about all the systems and the organisation I had been using and learned ever. It exactly helped me to discover what my biggest dream is, my craziest and luxurious goal is, and then to 100% align all the steps,systems and activities in my own business with that. 


Founder of Business And Heels - Personal Styling & Shopping



This program gave me new perspective and different angle of achieving my dream life through my business, and gave me answers to questions I didn't even know that I had to ask my self in creating a successful, money making business.
The workbooks PDFs are going really deep, and the training rocks it.


Transformation Empowerment Coach for conscious living for Empaths and Highly Sensitive Persons



" All I have to say to anyone who keeps thinking whether to enroll in this program is, just Do it, seriously. You will never get anything like this ever, and for this price"


Lab Consultant for Private Medicine Practices



This was a once in a lifetime opportunity sent by the universe at the right moment. Over the years I have been trying things and different theories, but this program is different because it focuses on ACTION - step by step, clearly explained without any difficulty to understand. Iresha was the first person ever to explain what is MY part of this process.
Dear iresha, thousand times thank you for this knowledge, and I am now already experiencing a huge progress. I am looking forward to working with you and can't wait.


Founder of Doremi Music School, Abu Dhabi


"I will recommend her to anybody who wonders why they are not moving forward financially in their businesses and lives, and who want to turn their lives to a whole new world"

Camelia Botoroaga

Reiki Specialist


Discover how easy that is to start your passion based business with ZERO BUDGET and to start getting your income coming in, even before you think.

Business Cure is a super power packed program which gives you the ultimate 8 week plan of creating your dream business with ZERO BUDGET, and let you create your income path, before anything else. So you will never have to be stuck with "No money to invest".

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