13 Feb

5 Steps to kick start and press forward through your dreams, even when you feel scared


It is almost mid-February this year,  and it is the perfect time to slow a bit down and to think about how our lives are aligned with our goals.

Are you someone who dreams big, and who wants to build a whole new world for you, who wants to run a business that speaks for yourself, and to serve the world with your passion, at the same time being successful? 
Do you want to be an icon in your field of business, to have control over your world, and to live that life of your dreams?
Is your dream to be a Wealthy businesswoman, and to create your empire?

And yet, is it scary for you to step to the unknown, where your mind keeps tapping you reminding you how risky it is?

Don't worry, I got you covered. Remember if you really want something, and if all your conscious, subconscious and your physical self want the same thing, all the forces in the world are lined up to bring that to you.

I know it is scary to step into the unknown, not having the complete predictable control of events, and not knowing if things will go as you want or not. But what if everything will go as you want? The only way to find it out is to start stepping forward.

When you are directed towards a strong goal, where your whole being is aligned with it, every step you take, every failure you make, every knot you face are directing you in the right direction. Even the failures are making you a step closer to your goal.

The most important thing is, YOU NEED TO START!

Fear is a human thing. We all feel fear. And the most important thing is, that despite the fear, you need to step forward.
You may cry, you may shake, you may feel overwhelmed stepping into the uncomfortable zones and you may have sleepless nights thinking about it. At the end, what matters is, and what the world wants to know is that you took those steps despite those tears and sleepless nights and that you are what you dreamt to be.

The world needs your magic, not how you did it.


Remember, many are stuck in their journies trying things, and wondering why they are not reaching to their goals, and they don't make a difference in this world.

Who makes a difference in this world is, the people who felt fear, the people who shook with fear, but took the steps and pressed forward anyway. They are the ones who create wealth in this world, who create their empires and who live their best lives.

If you are a big dreamer, and you stand in front of big decisions being scared to step forward, I have some easy steps for you. And these are the steps I have taken in every daring decision I have taken in my life and in my business. And this is the strategy you need to kick start your dreams, even when you feel scared to move forward.

1. Identify the fear -

This is where most of the people do it wrong. One of the main differences between poor and rich are, poor denies fear. They pretend like they don't feel fear, and to avoid that challenge within themselves, they avoid talking or even thinking to take new steps. But the rich, they accept that they feel fear and they admit it. Once they admit it, they harness their bravery, and they take the steps, despite the fear. So, if you are holding yourself from going forward, take a moment and ask your self why. If that is fear, acknowledge it.

2. Chunk down your plans -

This is the number one way to make even a complicated plan work. Once you have a well chunked down plan, it actually reduces the fear.Take one at a time. Create a chart of your plans, in the right order, that you can tick them off when they are done.


3. Write all possible actions to each plan -


In your chart, write all the possible actions you can do to make each goal a success. Now in here, you don't have to be extremely logical. Just write every possible way.Later, you can narrow it down. Remember, even the impossible is possible when you really want it.


 4. Write the possible challenges and find all the possible way to solve them -

List your possible challenges, and write all the possible ways to overcome them. They don't have to be extremely logical, just write them all down. You can narrow it down later. Brainstorm and think all the help you can get, from your parents, friends, friends of friends, a person you haven't met in five years etc. It doesn't matter how you do it, the result is what matters. Do whatever it takes.

5. Execute the plan, and never look back -

Now just execute the plan. Never doubt yourself. Believe in your self. Be brave and press forward, press forward, press forward.

This strategy has helped me enormously through my life, and no matter how difficult a situation will look, if you follow this plan, you will start seeing the paths that you haven't seen before.

Do not forget, there is always a way. 

I hope that this brief article has encouraged you and helped you. And I hope that you will never doubt or stop yourself from creating your empire. Be a daring woman who achieves what she wants, who demands what she wants, who contributes to this world and who earns loads and loads of money.

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