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Hello, I am Iresha,

a passionate Money & Prosperity Mentor, A Priestess of New Earth Prosperity Creation, A dragon initiate, a channel and a born to be change maker with the unwavering mission of bringing new earth Money & prosperity to humanity and a soul who has dediated her life's work to bring the powerful, aligned, wealthy & magickal female lineages back on earth, and a woman with unshakable, ungovernable and unending passion for creating wealthy, rich and empowered women in the world.

My story

For as long as I can remember, I've been interested in two things. One is wealth, and all about riches and money, and the other is mysticism. I was obsessed with these two topics as a child. At that time, I didn't exactly see how these two are connected in any way, and it seemed like two separate paths, and society was proving it in a very convincing way.

I remember, as a child, I always wondered why some people are rich, and why some are not. I was sent to school in a school van as a child, and I remember, every time when the van stopped to pick up a child at their gate, I was observing them very carefully, the way the child looks like, behave, and the things she has, and the way her parents are, the way the house looks like, and everything. It was very interesting to me.

At the same time, I was busy reading about mysteries of the universe, about realities, stars, and all the woo stuff. As those two paths were clearly very separated, I was sort of lost and I didn't choose either way. I studied science, biology, chemistry and physics because I was so into that, and at the same time, I was super into quantum physics which was not taught in our school, and I was so into spirituality, the mysticism, which was also not openly taught as I was in a catholic school.

I was having big dreams, and I definitely wanted to be rich and wealthy, and I was actually living in a parallel world, pretending like I am wealthy.

So once I passed my advanced level exams with science and got selected into the university to study science, guess what, I chose to study music!

Yes, I was totally lost, because my two favourite topics don't go together, and I didn't know what to do.

Music was something I was studying as a hobby, I first learnt how to play the piano when I was six years old. And somehow I thought in music I would find myself rather than going into university to study science.

So long story short, I was anointed as a university lecturer, responsible for the students who study Bachelor of arts, I was lecturing piano music and theory.

But I knew that music was not what I was supposed to do. I continuously felt like there is a different reality, waiting to pop in, like a parallel reality living just in the side, which I Can't yet see.

And long story short again, I got married, and I felt like the reality shift is happening again, that a probable self of mine is crossing my path. So I stopped doing piano lessons.

I stopped everything. I wanted to find myself again.

And from there, my new journey began.

Iresha Tschunke - Money Mindset Elite

After having a significant spiritual experience, I was opened to a whole new world, a world that felt so familiar, a world where I was welcomed and where I could roam, deeper and deeper with no limits.

And in there, I discovered that my two favourite topics, money & wealth and mysticism are not separated, in fact, they are very much combined, and it is the distorted versions of the systems and stories that have put those two into two separate boxes, and because of that people are suffering, struggling for money and recreating a reality of pain over and over.

From that point, I went a long journey, I quantum leapt my career, I went through rapid transformations, I became powerful in ways that I have never thought, and I was initiated to carry on the mission of New Earth Money Creation, the mission that I incarnated into this life to do.

That was just a short summary of my personal self if you wonder who is this person behind all this work.

My mission is to bring humanity out of the bubble which they have been thinking is everything, and I want to get them to access the unlimited creation that exists outside of the bubble. I want to help humanity to reach the next step of their evolution, and to get their hands on unlimited creation.

My mission is to bring the wisdom teachings from beyond and to teach humans the secrets of wealth creation, in the new earth way, where they don't need to try hard, suffer or work for it. The true awareness of what exists out there, outside of our limited stories, limited systems is the key for humanity to step into the next level of their evolution, and to bring the golden age back on earth.

And my task is to initiate wealth beacons, the key people who are to weave the unlimited prosperity on earth, by becoming it. And for this mission, I am supported by a vast number of beings who exist outside of our 3d bubble, on many different levels.

Right now, humanity is at the threshold of stepping into the next level, where magickal creation exists. Humans are about to go exceed the older timeline and to get access to the higher levels of creation, the unlimited quantum creation, the power that exists out there. Creating money is never limited, and we are able to create any amount of material bliss in any way we wish. And that is the new earth money creation.

To reach there, humans must reach a certain level of spirituality combined with the new earth money knowledge. And that is my mission.

This mission is not my first mission in the universe, or on earth. I have been doing the same work, in other planets at their stages of next evolution, and with humans several times, and one was in ancient Egypt, at the last golden age. My soul's mission is to create prosperity, material bliss and abundance throughout the universe, and to help souls to understand the teachings, rules and new age wisdom that govern prosperity

So, that was a brief description of me, and I know, it is a lot to swallow.

Iresha Tschunke

"Behind all these scenes, I am a woman just like you, who wants to grow and get better and bigger, who owns her imperfections, who likes finer things in life, who adore the deepest mysteries of existence, and who loves being rich and wealthy. And I want you to know, do not separate material from spirituality. Becoming wealthy is spiritual and magickal when learnt correctly. You just have to learn it."

About my business

I am here to serve and my company is the platform that enables me to reach many fabulous people like you, to aid them in becoming wealth beacons, and helping them to achieve their big dreams, their quantum creations and to bring unlimited wealth into the world.

We have created so much Free content because I want everyone to have an opportunity to experience, taste and learn about the New Earth Money Creation. And the Free content itself can create radical transformations, and I am very generous with the content that I provide for you for Free.

And at the same time, we are a business, and we sell things and services. And I am very proud to become a wealth beacon in this world, who is making money easily, by providing value to the world, by helping you to be wealthy. The programs we sell, are the ones that people need to do investment to make big changes in their lives, and that is how the universe works, as everything is a transfer of energy. 

Wealthy Empress

If you have read this far, I thank you from my heart and I hope that this is the beginning of our relationship. And in that, I'd love to get to know more about you and to help you to achieve your biggest and boldest dreams, and to become the wealth beacon you are meant to be for this world.

The best way I can help you is through "Wealthy Empress", which is a container where magick meets money. Click below to find more about it, and claim your Complimentary call, so we can find out if becoming a wealth beacon is the right thing for you at this time of your life.


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Life's Work

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Thank you so much for taking the time to be here and I am so excited that we are connected and looking forward so much for our journey ahead.