Can't wait to turn your passions into a business

But have No big budget to start with?

Discover how easy that is to start your passion based business with ZERO BUDGET and to start getting your income coming in, even before you think.

Business Cure is a super power packed program which gives you the ultimate 8 week plan of creating your dream business with ZERO BUDGET, and let you create your income path, before anything else. So you will never have to be stuck with "No money to invest".

Hello magnificent woman, let me guess, you know that it is time for you to put those passions into work and make a good living by doing it. And why not? Why not achieve your biggest dreams buy doing what you really love in this world? Is it helping women to become confident? Is it teaching dog owners how to train their doggies? Or is it teaching others how to bake?

Whatever it is, it is time for you to get into it, and start your own business!

And so, finally, you have decided to go all in.

But, then these 2 problems happened.

  • It looked liked there are so many resources out there, but when you are serious at it only you realised that all the decent resourced requires a massive budget to invest, which is not a luxury you have right now
  • Somehow you stepped into the industry, you even invest in some fancy programs, but you are stuck at “beginner’s phase” and it looks like you need another fortune of budget to go any further. 

And you keep wondering, “Can one build a business at all, if she doesn’t have a fortune to start with it?”

The Answer Is,

  • YES,you can build a very successful business from the scratch to a super selling launch having zero budget to start with.
  • YES,
    you can not only start your dream business, but also to set it up for the advanced growth, so you don’t have to wait a century to earn your first million. And you can do this starting with zero budget.
  • And NO,
    it is not going with the out dated, traditional old ways of building a business, where you first need to have a big loan to start with, and to make minus to zero profits in the first 2 years.

And YES, You can start your dream business TODAY, with ZERO BUDGET, and start making money around the 3rd week already!

So why most of the beginner entrepreneurs fail?

This is the problem

Actually there are 2.

  1. 1
    We are shown that every business needs to have a big budget to start with. And every fancy business course out there just proves that over and over. So you feel sad that you don’t have that big budget, so you wait, wait and wait until it never happens.
  2. 2
    You start your business at the WRONG PLACE, in the WRONG ORDER! You spend all your money in a fancy business course, and when that course ends, you are stuck with a beautiful website, some ideas about your business and with absolutely NO CLIENT, NO MONEY coming in. And most of the times, people stay stuck there forever.

People fail because they start with the WRONG FOCUS! They start with the WRONG ORDER! So they lose their money for the WRONG PRIORITIES!

  • What if there is a way that you first prepare your money path, and then the rest?
  • What if there is a way that enables you to start earning money, even before you put your hands on the big stuff?
  • What if there is a way that sets you your dream business into a structure that leads you in warp speed to your FIRST MILLION?

Sound too good to be  true?( I can hear you!)

Here is the thing. This is no Rocket Science. This is a simple yet powerful (I would like to call it even magical) and a proven Step by Step Plan that I have created after realising that there is a MASSIVE HOLE in the business building education industry, that had made my beginner days very difficult.

The key word is, “THE RIGHT ORDER”

The things that you think are the most important to start your business, is not what your business needs to succeed.

Money is very important in a business. So why don’t we create the path to first let money coming in, and then take care of the rest?

I know, it is not easy.

But with the right plan, right system and right guidance, it is super simple.

The problem is, NO ONE tells you that. EVERYONE wants to sell you the most expensive program out there, telling that you will have a successful business after doing them.

But guess what? Most of the times, you end up with a fancy website and a bit of knowledge about business, but with NO MONEY and NO SALES.

We don’t want that.

We are tired of that.

It is Time for every one to be able to start their dream business, right away, with or without having money.

And I am going to show you how, the proven system that has created hundreds of happy entrepreneurs!

Iresha Tschunke


I'm Iresha Tschunke

Hi I am Iresha Tschunke from Germany, and I am the founder of Elegant Luxurious Living and the creator of many other programs.

Like you, when I started my business I had huge dreams to be wealthy by creating a massive impact in the world. I knew that I am meant to be bigger and to live the lifestyle of my dreams.

And as you might know, it is never easy to start, with all the misleading and money-grabbing programs out there. It used to made me very sad and frustrated, because everywhere I looked for, to turn my passion into a business, all I saw was the requirement of massive amounts of budget, which I didn't have at that time.

After being stuck in that sad phase, I somehow found money and invested in an expensive program, thinking it will show me how to build success through my business. But I ended up with an expensive website, some funnels and some information about my niche and stuff. I was so upset. I didn't want to wait for ten years to be successful and to be financially confident.

So I had to go on my own journey of discovery.

Today, I am living my dream life humbly but proudly. I am living the life of financial confidence, the life I ever dreamt of, the life where I call my dream lifestyle.

And I want you to live your dream too. Not in ten years, but TODAY.

I believe that every determined woman should be able to have access to the right path to succeed by doing what they love. No matter how big or daring your dreams are, just know that they are all very possible to achieve. All you need is to get away from the misleading systems and find the right, least resistance path.

This program is simple yet the most effective path that will show you the right path, in the right order and in the right way. All you need is to follow it, commit to it, and make your dream happen.

I believe in you, and in your dream, no matter how big or daring they are.

And you've got this.


Business Cure

Business Cure is a super power packed program which gives you the ultimate 8 week plan of creating your dream business with ZERO BUDGET, and to get the money coming in even before you finish setting it up. So you never have to stay stuck at “No Money To Invest” phase.

Perfect for that passionate and talented woman whose dream has been kept away too long, because she has no budget to start with,

...or that passionate and talented woman who has started her business, and is stuck in a world of stress, wondering how others do it.

NO 40 Hours of Modules

No 300 Pages Books

NO Fluffy Stuff

You'll learn how to,

  • Get inside the game with ZERO budget, and to create your income stream first, so your business generates money, right from the beginning.
  • Create the business of your passions, building the most important parts first, so you don’t get stuck at the beginner’s phase with no money
  • Build the required elements for the ultimate success from the beginning, so you are always one step ahead than the rest.
  • Build your authority authentically, as you are building your business, step by step.
  • Structure your business for the growth, from the day 1, therefore being stuck is out of the question anymore.
  • Generate your own money to re-invest in your business, so you don’t have to wait until you have all the money to start your business.

  • Step into the role of CEO of your company, how to plan the success ahead, how to plan the business ahead, so you are not running your business blindly.

  • How to differentiate different roles in a business, and to set the sails of your business for the bigger growth, from the beginning, strategically.

No more 40 module classes  

No more 100 pages books  

No more fluff filled bonuses

You get SUPER SPECIFIC knowledge with EXACTLY what you need to make this happen.

I don’t like to listen to hours long classes with all the “nice to have” information. Because for me, Time is very valuable.

So I don’t want to waste your time with all the Fluffy stuff, and that is why this course is super concentrated, value packed and designed to start your journey in turbo mode.

Here's whats included in Business Cure

VIDEO TRAINING 1 - Foundation for your business adventure

In this training, you are learning how to prepare yourself for your new adventure. Here you learn how to take advantage of the tools out there in your favour, how to get ready to face the new adventure of creating a business, and what is needed to be done, BEFORE you step into business creation. This class will pave you a clear path to entrepreneurship and open your eyes into possibilities, like you have never known before.

 VIDEO TRAINING 2 - Becoming the Entrepreneur

This is where you create the actual foundation to your business, for yourself to become the entrepreneur who succeeds. Here you learn about the differences between a job and a business, therefore how to tweak your tools, how to tweak your skills, and how to start creating the best systems for you, that are unique for you in order to sky rocket your success. Just after this class alone, you will be far ahead than the majority of the entrepreneurs out there, who are jumping into business without knowing what they are jumping into. You will be properly armed that you know how to not only survive,but to take advantage of every single minute of your journey and thrive into your bigger dreams.

VIDEO TRAINING 3 - The long term success plan explained

In here you are learning the basic yet the ultimate plan you need to lay out right from the beginning, which will stay with you forever, even when you play with millions. Basically, you are setting up the bones for a successful business here. This plan sets the sails for your business to grow with no limits. (even to play with multiple millions of dollars oneday, depending on how you apply this) Once you have this knowledge, you are never going to be confused, stuck or be a struggling business owner ever again, as this plan will show you how to run a proper business that makes money, with ease and fun, and how to leave the space for the growth in each system.

VIDEO TRAINING 4 - The step by step 8 week plan

This master class will change your life! This carries the ultimate plan that tells you what to do first, and what to do next, and how to do it, from the scratch. After this class, you will have the perfect plan and strategy of how to build your dream business with ZERO BUDGET, where exactly should you start working on in the exact order, and how to start money coming in just after the 3rd week.

WORK BOOK PDF - Game Changer

This handy book is designed to enhance your learning experience and to give you the exact plans of work that you learn in the class. This will make your journey so much easier, simpler and fun.

MEDITATION - Quantum accelerator

This is where most of our clients go total cuckoo! (I am not exaggerating. I don’t do fluffy talk) Yes, this is a cherry on the top and this will do a very much needed work for your business success. Why to spoil it here for you? You better experience it yourself.


CEO Mastery 1 - Set sails for success - 3 pillar plan

You thought creating your business is the hard part. Well, being in business is not like being in a job. It is a very different role. And that is what most of the programs out there don't teach you. In here you will learn all about how to set sails in your business for the ultimate growth, and how to plan,predict and manage your business as the CEO of your company. You will learn how to do this as a one person business and introducing the hiring process at the right time for the right reason. You will also learn how to apply this as a multi people business (when you have a team). I guarantee you that this will save so much money. 


CEO Mastery 2 - Step by all done CEO plan for you

This training will give you the step by step guide how to play the CEO role of your company, how to layout your CEO plan, and basically how to plan and manage your business throughout the whole year, month by month. Not like any other business programs you may have seen, Business cure doesn’t leave you out in the dark, not knowing how to run and manage your business that you just created. Because, lack of this knowledge is one of the biggest reasons that well begun businesses go bankrupt within the first two years. But don’t worry, you are fully covered and supported with all the knowledge to become the best CEO of your business, so your business will grow with a plan, from day 1.


Your CEO Black Book

No need to waste your time in creating and writing CEO strategies for your business. It is all done here for you. All you need is to follow the exact written plan here. 

Your life is a very easy one, once you get your hands on this book.

Total value = €1333

Usual Price = €47

Closing down Discount Price = €47

We respect your privacy and information


Founder of Business And Heels - Personal Styling & Shopping

I wish I had the chance to learn from this course way before I started my own business, it would give me such a good starting point and the maximum clarity of where I am headed and how to reach there.
This course is the ultimate foundation for anyone who dreams about a business  ( a premium business and a premium life in my case) and it actually made me re- think about all the systems and the organisation I had been using and learned ever. It exactly helped me to discover what my biggest dream is, my craziest and luxurious goal is, and then to 100% align all the steps,systems and activities in my own business with that.


Business Cure promise

I am 100% confident that you are going to not only love Business Cure but also to remember it as the "One" program that started changing your life. No doubt in that.

This is not a magic pill though.

This program gives you the blueprint, all done for you, which all you have to do is to follow along and get all your affairs according to this plan.

And you have to do the work of "getting all your affairs according to this plan". This is an 8-week plan, which means it needs your commitment.

The more you commit, the faster and better the results will be.

But what I CAN promise you is that you will be armed with one of the simplest yet most powerful blueprints in the world to start your dream business and to get money come through, and I wish and hope that you will make the best out of it.

And I want you to have this TODAY, and finally create your dream business, and GET THE MONEY COMING IN!

In Business Cure,

You will get all 4 power packed, on point Video Trainings, the "making life easy" workbook, and "not from this world" meditation (according to clients) Plus the crazy good Bonuses for less than what it costs for a pizza night!

Business Cure...

Start the business of your dreams, start getting money coming in and set it for success, in just 8 weeks, even if you have zero budget…

  • VIDEO TRAINING 1 - Foundation training for your business adventure (€97)
  • VIDEO TRAINING 2 - Becoming the Entrepreneur ( €107)
  • VIDEO TRAINING 3 - The long term success plan explained    ( €137)
  • VIDEO TRAINING 4 - The step by step 8 week plan ( €237)
  • WORK BOOK - Game Changer (€27)
  • SIGNATURE MEDITATION - Quantum accelerator ( €297)
  • BONUS 1 - Video Training - CEO Mastery 1 - Set sails for success - 3 pillar plan (€87)
  • BONUS 2 - Video Training - CEO Master 2 - Step by step all done for you CEO Plan(€287)
  • BONUS 3 - Black Book PDF - Your CEO Black Book (€57)

Total Value = €1333

Usual Price = €247

Closing down Discount Price = €47


Lab Consultant,Germany

" All I have to say to anyone who keeps thinking whether to enroll in this program is, just Do it, seriously. You will never get anything like this ever, and for this price"


Frequently asked questions

How much time is required?

I did my best to give you the exact information you need to create your dream business and get inside the game, with having NO Big Budget, and to start getting the money coming in first. I included no more and no less. There is no fluff, no space fillers included. Every class gets straight to the point and gives you exactly what you need to know, delivered in a way that’s easy to understand and implement. You can consume all of the content in less than 7 hours and start implementing immediately. This is, if you watch all in one before getting into the process. Once you have started the work, I would recommend to go through the lessons once again, pause it, and do the week's work that you are assigned to. The total process of creating your business needs minimum of 8 weeks. And this can differ according to how much time you need to complete each week's task in building your business. Feel free to take the necessary time, after all, this is not a competition, but a journey.

What type of business are being supported by Business Cure?

Business Cure works for almost any online service-based business – ideal for coaches, consultants, fashion designers, stylists, doctors/chiropractors, health & fitness experts, influencers and leaders, as well as those selling infoproducts, challenges, or live events. Basically, anyone who has a dream of creating a passion based business.


Is everything available immediately?

Yes, as soon as you click the purchase button and complete your purchase, you will get an email with the link to the resources page, where you can find the complete course, with all the bonuses.


What if I have technical problems opening the course?

Usually, there should be no technical issues and you should be able to view and use the complete course with No problem. But in the case if any technical issues are occured, please send us an email to or You will have this email address in the course page, in the email you are sent with the program details, and the purchase success page. So you always have access to this contact details in case you don't remember the email address.


How long do I have this course with me?

You have life long access to this program! Eventhough this program will not be found on my webpage and not available for purchase anymore after 17th of September 2022, you will have lifetime access to the course page. All the contents are and will be available to you, life time.


Are you ready?

To Start Your Dream Business Today and finally start making that big impact, fulfil your dream and to start getting money coming in, even if you have no budget?

To finally get your business idea moving and to see your dream starting to happen?

Can you see yourself living your dream lifestyle, being the person who you always wanted to be and creating a massive impact in the world?

And is there anything in the world that can stop you from achieving this?

Why buy NOW rather than Next Week?

As you know already, the events happened in 2020 has changed the whole economy and business industry enormously. More and more people are quitting their jobs and starting thier own businesses, every single day.

That is good indeed.

But that also means, there are so many entrepreneurs out there, who are just having the same plan of starting a business like you.

The customer is rewarded with the option of huge “Choice”

So the sooner you start your business and establish your self in the market, the better it is.

I know I know, people will say that time doesn’t matter. But trust me, it does. The later you are, the harder it will be.

And I want you to start yours TODAY.

Enough being mislead by the big budget programs to start with. It is time for you to make this happen, NOW.


VIDEO TRAINING 1 - Foundation training for your business adventure ( €97)

VIDEO TRAINING 2 - Becoming the Entrepreneur     (€107)

VIDEO TRAINING 3 - The long term success plan explained    ( €137)

VIDEO TRAINING 4 - The step by step 8 week plan   ( €237)

WORK BOOK - Game Changer ( €27)

SIGNATURE MEDITATION - Quantum accelerator       ( €297)

BONUS 1 - Video Training - CEO Mastery 1 - Set sails for success - 3 pillar plan (€87)

BONUS 2 - Video Training - CEO Master 2 - Step by step all done for you CEO Plan(€287)

BONUS 3 - Black Book PDF - Your CEO Black Book (€57)


Founder of Doremi Music School, Abu Dhabi

This was a once in a lifetime opportunity sent by the universe at the right moment. Over the years I have been trying things and different theories, but this program is different because it focuses on ACTION - step by step, clearly explained without any difficulty to understand. Iresha was the first person ever to explain what is MY part of this process.
Dear iresha, thousand times thank you for this knowledge, and I am now already experiencing a huge progress. I am looking forward to working with you and can't wait.


Are you ready to discover the ONLY way to build your business in 8 weeks with ZERO BUDGET, and to start earning money even before you finish setting it?

Aren’t you tired of being called into enroll in fancy programs to start your business, and feeling sad and stress because you don’t have that budget?

Aren’t you tired of investing in fancy programs and end up being stuck with a fancy website and some knowledge about business, yet with NO CLIENTS, NO MONEY and NO SALES?

So lets do this, TODAY.

Total Value = €1333


Closing down Discount Price = €47


Transformation Empowerment Coach for conscious living for Empaths and Highly Sensitive Persons

This program gave me new perspective and different angle of achieving my dream life through my business, and gave me answers to questions I didn't even know that I had to ask my self in creating a successful, money making business.
The workbooks PDFs are going really deep, and the training rocks it.


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