Becoming The warrioress

The way to your Life's work an your original design on the path to Pure Abundance, More Money & Wealth

Date & time :

28 October 2021

8.00  PM Central European Time 


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Becoming The Warrioress

The way to your Life's work and your original design, on the path to Pure Abundance, More Money & Wealth

Becoming a warrior doesn't necessarily mean saving others or being a hero to the crowds. It means becoming the warriors of your own journey, and to be able to unleash your full power of being, the full power of creation and be daring enough to create your absolute bold dreams.

For so many years, humans, especially women have given up their true journeys, and have said yes to the common frame, the matrix and to the pain and struggle.

We have said yes to a difficult reality, and we have accepted a fake way of existence, where it seems all as a result of hard work, struggle, tolerance and fight.

We have separated ourselves from our original design, which comes with the wealth consciousness and the raw power of creation already inherent.

And in this journey, we have forgotten how powerful, magical and incredible warriors we are, and our ability to create the seemingly impossible.

Recently, I've been gifted with a life-changing experience, where I was taken into the underworld, the earthly womb where the raw energy of creation and abundance are being birthed.

And in this experience, I was anointed as the crone of abundance and prosperity, and I was given so many timed wisdom codes and was asked to share with the world.

The word "warrioress" was emphasized, and later I was guided to do this Free event, a live master class gathering all the wisdom, knowledge and advice that so many of you need right now.

So join me at this Free event, and you are reading this because you are meant to be reading this.

In the class, you will receive,

  • Structured wisdom and knowledge that is created to bring you to your ultimate path, and for most of you, this is the information and the inspiration that you have been wanting in order to take that last step forward, to leave an entire old world, old reality. And for some of you, this is the information you have needed all these times, to take the first step into the next new phase of your journey
  • Live raw abundance energy summoning and transmission to each and every person attending
  • Live activation with the earth creation womb, focusing on the material creation (This one is not planned ahead, as this will be a live channelling activation and will come spontaneously)
  • A Free gift (A bonus recorded training of "Finding Life's Work" + a beautifully made PDF book)

This class may not be for everyone, as it calls the exact people who are about to or want to leave an old reality, or to create a new one. So if you have a calling, please do register.

See you in the class


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Meet Iresha...

Iresha Tschunke

Hello my dear magical woman, priestess, lightworker, star seed, knowledge keeper, powerful soul, powerful businesswoman, teacher, banker, saleswoman and beautiful human in any form you could be.

I am Iresha Tschunke, and I welcome you with open arms, filled with unconditional love and overpouring happiness that you are here. If you are attracted to my work in any way, and if you are reading this, then the chances are that you have been following this path, the path of true wisdom, the path ofcreation, the path of the ancient wisdom of existence and reality creation, the path of mystery teachings for a long time, thousands of years on earth and in other realms. Also, the chances are that we have been acquainted before. And most importantly, you are living in this precious time to be the first ones to experience the new earth realities, because you carry an important mission, which is intertwined with yourskills, your journey and your path that the world needs right now.

So my mission isto help you with the abundance, prosperity and material power and to make sure that you receive the ultimate material creation skills which come with the absolute soul and personal power, so that you get to create your magic without having to struggle with lack of money or any other lack of material comforts. As a result, to live in your ideal life, no matter how big or daring it seems like, and being your truest self, the best self and that ancient self who had already mastered these skills for many lifetimes.

I am an entrepreneur, wealth and abundance coach, a money mentor, a business owner, a quantum leap creator, an oracle, a channel, a high priestess of the order of the divine feminine, a wizardess who works with the natural forces of abundance, an advocate of earth, a mother for all the beautiful women out there who want to go bigger and better and a woman who absolutely love and enjoy the luxurious and material bliss on earth, and wanting to bring everyone to their best life ever.

If you feel attracted to me or to my work, I ask you to stick with me, because I may be the one who is sent to help you to create your quantum leap, and you may be one of the magical people who I am here for. So stick with me and let's begin our journey together by having you in this Live Class.

See you there soon.

Love, Iresha 💖

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