Congratulations! you've made it! Here are your trainings and resources to prepare the program.

Bonus 1 - Introductory video

Bonus 2 - Training - Pleasure Blocks

IMPORTANT! - Take sometime for yourself, and to attend to this training fully. Make a cup of tea, go to your favourite corner of your house, or infront of your alter or your sacred space of you have any, close the door, and have a private space to watch this training. Prepare and hold space for you, and for a fresh start of the program.

Download the PDF, watch the video, and take notes of any insights or ideas you received during the training. Any personal traits of yours, any changes you may want to do etc. take notes of them. Watch it with a beginners mind, which means, being open to every bit of it, even if you think you know these stuff.

After watching the video, take some silent time for yourself, and write, plan or create any new structures you feel need in your being, in your life. Ditermine that you are going to give your 100% to this program, and by the end of this program you will be living in a different reality. Set that intention.

Bonus 3

Basic Psychic Training

Welcome to your Basic Psychic Training, where you will be taken in a journey to enhance your psychic abilities and to expand your sensory skills.

The purpose of this training is not to turn you into a seer or a merlin, but to sharpen your extra sensory skills, which is the key to any sort of reality creation, manifestation and any other magickal work. 

These skills are not something foreign to us, as we are born with these skills, it is that in most of us these skills stay dormant, as we never get to use them. In this brief training, I am guiding you through a set of exercises, which are the basic foundational exercises in the mystery school trainings. These will sharpen your ability to create, and will open doors for a whole new way to reality, which is the key understanding to the new earth money creation.

This training is very necessary to reap the very best out of this program, as this will enhance your capacity to receive and create.

Once you start this program from this place, nothing can stop you from claiming your boldest dreams, the unlimited flow of abundance and the realities you desire.

And by activating your psychic skills, you take the first step to being the new earth avatars.

Have fun, and all the best.

What to do next

  • Start with the first, and go in the right order. DO NOT skip.
  • You don't have to do all in one day, or even in a week. Take as much time as you need. Make sure that you do each exercise fully. You may not finish the whole training before you start your 1:1 sessions, and that is OK. Keep practicing these exercises at your own phase.
  • Set some time aside each day to do these practices. These practices will become a part of your life, and the more you do, the more powerful you become. Once you step into this path, more discoveries, initiations, activations will happen in the perfect timing. And the more you become magickal, the easier it gets to receive and create anything you desire.

Module 1 - Introduction training to psychic abilities

Training 1
Training 2
Training 3

Module 2 - Introduction to Psychic Training Tools & Practices

Module 3 - Psychic Tools

IMPORTANT! - Do NOT listen to these audio trainings while you drive, or while you are operating any sort of machinery. All these audio trainings should be listened when you can give your full attention to it.

Training 3.1 - Achieving a relaxed state - The key foundation to enhancing sensory perception

Training 3.2 - Holding Focus

Training 3.3 - Creative visualisation / reality designing

Training 3.4 - Basic sensory development 1

Training 3.5 - Basic sensory development 2

Training 3.6 - Handling Energy 1

Training 3.7 - Handling Energy 2

Training 3.8 - Grouding and tunning into terrestrial energies 1

Training 3.9 - Grounding and tunning into terrestrial energies 2

Training 3.10 - Getting used to celestial and other dimensional energy 1

Training 3.11 - Getting used to celestial and other dimensional energy 2

Hello dear magnetic soul, priestess, creator, pioneer of the golden age, star seed, light worker and abundant beautiful soul, I wish you all the best in practicing and learning through your bonus trainings. Remember, you are never alone on this path, and I as your mentor will be always traveling with you and beside you holding your hand.

You being here, is not a coincidence. This is what you have planned originally in your blue print, and I am honoured to be a small part of your magnificent journey, and to show you and guide you the way to the New Earth Money & Prosperity Creation. 

You are a pioneer of the New Earth Wealthy Generation, and that is your destiny. And I can't wait to see you unleashing the masses of transformation, actual wealth, identity upgrades, social upgrades and to see your dream lifestyles are falling into your lap, in the next 6 months.


You mentor and friend, Iresha

Here is what to do next

  • Take a screen shot of your bonus training.
  • Snap a photo of you, with your cup of tea digging deep into this work, or snap a photo of your insights, your journalling and you commiting into this work.
  • Share in Instagram, and don't forget to tag me! Let's have some fun. :)

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