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20 Day Challenge

You have finally discovered your life's work, or you are finally identifying the traces of the path in which your real wealth lies. But then comes the question, "Where to start?". And you don't know exactly how to combine your newfound passion, the creation of the right energies and the mindset and the stepping into your new business venture together. If you are there, then don't worry, it doesn't have to be a big scary step or an expensive beginning. What is most important is, you are creating the foundation in the right way, with the right frequency and the right vision for a magickal path. You neither have to invest a fortune nor hire expensive mentors to tell you where to start.

You may hire people on the way, but how about starting with this simple 20 Day challenge? I assure you, your picture of where to start, will totally change once you are done with this book.

New Earth Money Creation

CEO Black Book

This book was originally a bonus download in my paid VIP circles, which has helped hundreds of women to outline their work, as we worked purely on the New Earth Money Creation. In my work, I am not teaching how to do business, but how to create money. If I am, to be honest, you don't even have to work to have money coming into your life. But it is one of the best, fastest and the most satisfying ways to let the money reach you through your life's work, through your ventures of passion. And that is the path we follow.

So this CEO black book is the ideal plan for you if you have your own venture or business, and to work on that while you study New Earth Money Creation. Both combined, my clients were making unbelievable results.

As I had mentioned in the introduction to this library, I have included many paid stuff in the library, all FREE of charge for you, because I want everyone to have a chance to introduce them into the right way of creation.

Download the book, and let your fullest potential meet creation.

CEO Black Book

Change your life by changing a few words - Downloadable book

I created this book a long time ago, long ago before I stepped into the path of New Earth Money Creation. This book is based on pure human psychology, and the true and done methods to trickily change the direction of your life, fast and easy. These methods have helped me enormously to reach where I am today. I started this journey when I was confused, lost and didn't know what to do with my life. There was a calling that I heard from far distant, somewhere from the unknown, and I decided to step into that unknown. It is a beautiful journey, yet it was not always smooth. I had to do an enormous amount of work on myself, had to let parts of me break and fall apart, had to experience that I had tons of fake structures on creation and money, had to go through rapid personality changing and had to learn how to open my self to new territories, new knowledge, to receive and much more, in order to become where I am today.

And this book gives you one of the shortcuts I used to bring life back on track.


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Are you someone who has the natural yearning, feeling the natural "entitlement" of living a wealthy, extremely abundant realities which are the representation of your FULLEST EXPRESSION? And do you believe that you can achieve that naturally, automatically WITHOUT A SINGLE EFFORT? Do you believe that you are a being THAT POWERFUL that you can exist beyond what you thought is possible of manifesting?

Then go ahead and have a look at ECSTATIC MONEY ACADEMY

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