21 Dec

Can Holidays Control Your Destiny


Can Holidays Really Control Your Destiny?

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas...Indeed it is. And it is the best time of the year for many of us.

Making Christmas trees, doing the decorations, meeting friends and family(even though it is a bit different this time), drinking Gl├╝wine, some of us wearing that once a year ugly Christmas jumper, sharing presents...Oh, isn't it wonderful?

Although this season has to a lot of magic to bring to our lives, there is another side to it, a hidden side that effects us and our success in a very subtle but very sharp way, even without us knowing it.

Many of us are too busy with the season and all the wonders it brings, so we let our lives go completely autopilot during this season.

But there is one thing you need to pay attention to, one thing that can totally sabotage your money success, your business, and your whole world.

Many of the people are not aware of this, and that is the secret reason that most of them have to struggle all through their life time for money, for wealth and for any sort of success.

Are you aware of that?

In this episode, I talk about,

  • The hidden social program that is running all the time during this season, which is rewriting your money journey every year, making sure that you stay where you are.
  • The secret that the commercial companies and the film industry know, which comes at the cost of your success.
  • The difference between the truth and the fake story we are shown.
  • The difference between the rich and the struggling.
  • How the society is divided into financial classes in a very subtle yet basic level.
  • How to overcome these unwanted patterns and learning and how to save your success throughout holidays.

I genuinely think that this is a MUST LISTEN TO episode by every person who wants to create greater lives and to who dream to belong to the wealthy and successful percentage of the world.

After all, being wealthy and successful in your life, is one of the noblest things you can ever do towards the world.

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My mission is to create as many as wealthy women in the world, and every word, every share and every thought from each of you helps to expand our mission around the world.

After all, you have the power to create the reality you want to have, you have the power to change the world, and it is only a matter of when, that you are going to fully embrace that powerful self.

Don't forget to share this episode with your community, with your best friend, with your sister, with your mother and with any powerful women you have in your world. Because that is how we are going to create that wealthy vibe around the world.

I love you all from deep within my heart, and I wish you a very, merry and a jolly Christmas.

xx Iresha

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