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Wealthy Empress

#1st Rated

Wealthy Empress

Discover the ultimate journey to the New Earth Money Creation, a vortex and a container where money meets money. This is a co-creation with many higher beings including the magnificent dragon clans and the Egyptian Goddesses Isis and Hathor. This is a carefully curated program, that acts as a mission with the simple procedures that act as the practical fronts for larger-scale processes of reality creation.

Discover the grandeur of the New Earth Money Creation and become a wealth beacon of the world. This is the next step of human evolution.


#2nd Rated

Business Cure

Although you don't really need to have a business or even a job to receive and manifest money, following your life's work is the best, fastest and most satisfying way to let an unlimited amount of money come into your life. And that is the mode we follow in the New Earth Money Creation.

If you are someone who has just discovered what your passion is, and wants to create a money-making venture, but is overwhelmed with all the big steps, costs and the investment that you have to put in, then this course is just for you.

In New Earth Money Creation, it is crucial that you unplug yourself from the desperate attempts and the stressful pushing to make money, as your frequency plays a huge role in this process. That is why, this program will seriously aid your new earth money creation journey by showing you a way how to start your passion-based business with no budget and to create the path to receive money, even before you finish setting up your business.

This program goes very well when combined with New Earth Money Creation, but just this program alone help people enormously, to build an actual, active passion-based business venture from nothing.

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