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Do not step into the new decade without doing these two things(This is gold)

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It is snowing outside, and our Christmas tree is smelling divine like Christmas (We have a natural tree), Christmas music everywhere and people are running everywhere in the city buying gifts for themselves and for the loved ones and the whole world is a feast!

At my end, our home is smelling divine from the mincemeat I have made, and we are all getting so much sentimental baking the traditional mincemeat pies, and our Christmas pudding is laying there waiting to be flamed at Christmas! Among all these going on, I sat down with a fine glass of brandy next to our fireplace to write this down.

It is the most beautiful and most exciting time of the year, in fact, I would say it is the best time in the decade! Did you notice, that we are leaving a decade and moving into a whole new decade in 2020?

Now is the perfect time for a quick look back into this decade and to evaluate your life events and to find out what we are carrying to the next decade with us.

If you haven't thought of it before, sit down for a while, take time for yourself and have a pen and paper with you. We are going to do two lists which will provide you with your golden substance for the next decade.

Go back down your memory lane, and ask these questions from yourself. We are going to do a very important evaluation now.

In life and relationships

  • In 2010 where were you and what were you doing?
  • In 2010 what were your plans for the future? What was your thought like?
  • With whom you were surrounded with? Are they with you right now? If not why?
  • Were those the people you would have had with you in your current life?
  • How have those people help you or support you in your goals?
  • How distracting were they for you to reach your goals?
  • What are the relationships that didn't work? And why?
  • What did you learn from them?
  • Look at how these breakups have to lead you to a better state of relationships and life. Write down if they haven't broken up, how different would life be. Write down the goodness those breakups have brought to your life.
  • Think about those people who left you or whom you left, and think about any hurt feelings you had, and deep within yourself, let them go. Remember, those hurtful memories are hanging in your brain and soul as long as you keep them, and they are blocking your golden future. Now think about them and let them go one by one. Imagine that those memories are disappearing from your head to the thin air. Say this as you do "I let you go, thank you and I am now free..." And take a big breath, as a free person.

In lifestyle

  • Think about where you were living in 2010. What kind of a home? How comfortable was there? What are the luxuries you had there? What are the things you wish you had at that time?
  • Think about your journey throughout the decade. Think about all the homes you lived in. Do you see any development of living style? Or is it the opposite? If that is the opposite, don't feel bad, just think very deeply and honestly why is that. What are the decisions you had taken to go down in that way? And what do you think you may have to do differently?
  • What were your expectations for life in 2010? Have achieved them or come closer to them? If not why?
  • What job were you doing by then? How is your career evolved throughout the decade?
  • What are the developments you have made so far?

Money and wealth

  • What was your income in 2010?
  • How has it changed (Plus or minus) throughout the decade? Draw a chart.
  • How intensive has your wealth increased or decreased?
  • Have you accomplished your wealth goals in this decade? If not why?
  • What are the wealth decisions that have worked well?
  • What are the wealth decisions that have not worked well? And why? Who was involved? And what was your part in it?
  • What were your saving patterns in 2010? How has it evolved throughout the decade? If not, think why.
  • What was your net worth in 2010? Has it increased throughout the decade? If not why? What efforts have you taken to increase it? (Remember, this evaluation is not for you to feel bad, but to be very honest to yourself. The truth can be ugly, but that is the only way we can start changing it. Once you know what happened crystal clear, then we can start making changes in the new decade. So don't skip doing this, as this is crucial for your wealth future)
  • What was the biggest amount of money you earned per month? And in which month?
  • What was the biggest amount of money you earned per year? And in which year?
  • If you see a pattern of failing to earn money in the same way, write it down. What are your money patterns?
  • How freely you could talk about money with your friends and family? And how confident have you become with money throughout the decade?

In Social life

  • What was your social life like in 2010? 
  • Who are the people you were going out with? What was their attitude about life? About money?About the rich? What was their average income?
  • Think about the changed happened in your social life throughout the decade. Do you see any development of the people you are surrounded by? Did you feel always that you are surrounded by the right people? If not write how and why.
  • In which kind of places you were hanging out? Do you see any evolvement of those places throughout the year?
  • What kind of things you were talking with your friends in 2010? How did you see life? And how has your vision of life evolved or changed throughout the decade?

In Self Care

  • How much self-care were you doing in 2010? And how has it evolved throughout the decade?
  • List down the ways you treated yourself throughout the decade. (spa, gym, manicure, pedicure etc.)
  • What kind of food you were eating in 2010? Did you feel great?
  • Has your food style changed or evolved? Do you feel great in 2019 with our food habits? If not why?
  • What kind of clothes were you having in 2010? What was your style like?
  • Has your style evolved? Are you satisfied with your style now?
  • Do you have the style that you always dreamt to be? If not why? (Write down every single reason)
  • How often did you take time for yourself in 2010? And throughout the decade? And in 2019? 
  • Is your freedom or free time for yourself increased, or decreased? And why? And how can you change it? How important it is for you? And what stops you from having it?
  • How much confidence did you feel at receiving things for yourself in 2010? And has it increased? Do you feel utterly worthy of receiving? Or would you rather give more and feeling guilty to receive for yourself?

In Luxuries

  • What were the luxuries you were having in 2010?
  • How has it evolved?
  • What luxuries do you have today? (It could be a luxurious bath gel, a designer lipstick, or diamonds and a Mercedes Maybach)
  • How much effort you are taking to upgrade your life and add more luxuries into your life?
  • Do you feel luxurious, do you feel first-class, or is that you wish to have? (Don't give the answer you think that is socially approved, think really deep within you if some magic wand can give you a million-dollar and bring you to a first-class society, will you like it? If that is yes, then you wish for a first-class life, even though you don't want to admit it right now or even though you think that you don't need lots of money and are happy where you are)
  • Are you happy with what you have achieved in the last ten years? Or do you think you could achieve more? And write it all down.
  • What are the things you think you could have done differently?

Now the answers you got here is GOLD. These are the golden substance you have right now on your hand which is creating your wonderful, successful and wealthy future. Once you know what happened in the last ten years, that is when you start making changes.

Once you have finished the list, you can start to think about your new goals for the new decade.

  • Think about all the goals you want to achieve. It doesn't matter how impossible they sound, you need to write them down.
  • Write three things that you can do in the first half-year to get closer to your dreams.
  • Write the things that have to be changed from your life.
  • Write the resources you already have which help you to go towards your dream life, and write the resources that you need to learn.
  • Write down a plan of how you are going to get these things down, and how you are going to stick to these goals. (This is really important. You need to have a plan for you to remind to stick to these goals)
  • Create and plan new habits you could have in your life.
  • Write down what are the simple luxuries you can add in the first half-year.
  • Write down what you will be doing differently in your ideal First Class Life, I mean the life you have achieved all your money goals. And start doing some of them in the first month.
  • Be grateful and joyful for the life you have created so far, and be happy thinking that you will be in your ideal life very soon.
  • Start act like you belong, today.

Once you have completed these two lists, you are on the right track to your First Class Life. And from there, you will create myriads of opportunities which lead you to go faster to your goals. But remember, you need to do these two lists first.

Knowing what you have done and where you are exactly can be brutal. I have seen many of my clients having a very hard time writing their money story in the past, and most of the times they end up in tears. And these tears are actually good because you can cry and cry and wash those mistakes away, as we are starting to create a wonderful journey next.

So be honest to yourself, and take this seriously. You are the creator of your life. If you want anything, no one and nothing can stop you.

I wish you all a Merry Christmas and an amazing new decade where you will be shining in your dream life, where you will achieve loads of money, loads of wealth, many many new friends with the right mindset who shift you up to the next level of life, loads of success, an extraordinary lifestyle, and a happy happy happy life filled with loads of love.

Merry Christmas All!

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