27 May

Does a €5 Bouquet of Flowers make You Rich?

Does €5 Bouquet of Flowers make You Rich?


Just living is not enough…one must have sunshine, freedom, and a little flower.
– Hans Christian Anderson –


Flowers, the eternal symbol of love, joy and life itself which are most valued next to diamonds. It was known as one of the most precious gifts from God on earth.

Flowers have been playing a very special and important role in humans lives for a very long time.
Carnations were treated with holiness and used in Greek ceremonial crowns, Violets were considered as a good luck gift, Tulips were for the rich while the Roses, the goddess of flowers became the symbol of love after Aphrodite presented a rose to her son Eros, the god of love.

And yet, how important flowers can be in our lives? Do they bring anything to our lives and should we spend effort and time on them? Especially in our very busy lives, where we have thousands of other things to do than picking up some flowers every week. Should we spend money on buying flowers? Does it really make any difference at all?

YES, it does.
And it cost me only five Euros to change my whole life.

Let me tell you how it happened.

I know exactly how you feel and think right now, after reading the title of this article. I know how skeptical one can feel because I have been there. Trust me, I was right in your shoes.
I was never a flower person throughout my whole life before. We had a very big garden as we grew up, and my mother was quite obsessed with gardening.

I remember her doing all the flower work, buying new flowers and pots for the garden, changing their places etc. Perhaps that was one of those reasons that I never wanted to have anything to do with flowers or gardening.

In our home back then, my mother sometimes had fresh cut flowers from the garden, but in our living room, we had mostly artificial flowers.

Therefore, even as an adult, there was no interest in me for having real flowers in our home. My husband used to bring me flowers in the beginning, and after seeing those flowers rot in a glass for days without water few times, he realized that the fresh flowers were not one of my greatest joys.

It was even a headache for me when the guests bring flowers to the lady of the house, whenever we had dinners or get-togethers at our home. Well, the lady of our house thought the flowers and taking care of them are some annoying extra work, for everyone’s surprise if they knew it.


What made the change


One day, I was performing in one of the cultural evenings in Germany, and my dear friend Renata ( She is a darling) was there in the audience. Right after the performance, she came on stage with a bouquet of white tulips. I was very pleased with the nice gesture and after the event, we went home together for a drink.

After she left, I took the flowers and put them in a vase with water and I put them on our Tea Station in the kitchen.
And every time I came to my kitchen, I couldn’t stop looking at it, as it really made a big difference in the kitchen. It enhanced the whole feeling and lifted up the ambience totally. It actually made me feel different.

And surprisingly, I started taking care of the flowers as I started to love it.
The flowers had created a subtle but definitive luxurious feeling in my life, which has lead to creating a total level of abundance, not only physically but also mentally. I felt more abundant, and I felt very feminine in a luxurious way.

So I decided to keep this feeling for my life. I bought a bouquet of flowers from the supermarket which cost me less than five Euros, and I replaced the artificial flowers in our living room with the fresh flowers.

WOAH! The whole ambience of our home just was lifted so high and it is unbelievable. It had created a whole new luxury which is hard to explain.
Every time I enter our living room, I see those beautiful flowers smiling at me, it is like they are greeting at me.

The fact is, they are alive! They are living flowers, which bring more life to our home. And they fill our lives with positive vibes, creating abundance and luxury.

I then bought more bouquets to other areas of our house, and now everywhere I see, the flowers are smiling at me.

And the most amazing thing is, once I added flowers, everything started flowing so successful. I got brainstorm of ideas in term of business and every step I take started to be working. Something has definitely changed in our lives.

The flowers had added some mysterious enchantment that we feel the happiest at home more than ever before. The flowers had changed my total perception of life, it has enhanced the luxurious living and it has clearly increased the gains of our lives.

I know, some of you out there might be thinking ” who wants to spend money and time buying flowers every week or so?”

Trust me, that is the first step to start that dream life you are thriving for. Those are the simple luxurious in our lives, that add to a bigger goal.
Don’t get stuck in surviving. Start living now.

If you want to be rich, stop acting poor. Gather and create rich experiences. Feel that abundance and be confident. Enjoy the simple pleasures of life without guilt and accept that you deserve them.

For me, every time I look at the flowers, they give me the motivation to add even more elegance, luxury and beauty to our lives. They remind me how life should be, rich and wealthy, happy and smiling, free of stress and full of elegance. And that is where I want all of you to end up, in the bliss of luxury, wealth and elegance.

After all, does €5 Bouquet of Flowers make You Rich? Yes, it does. It did for me.

If you feel rich inside, then your world will turn to rich because once you have that rich mindset, you are going to create that rich world for you, and the universe is in its full power to get you what you want.

Feel that abundance in your life, and know that your life and yourself is enough to be happy every day. And start creating your Elegant Luxurious Living from there, from that happy and positive mindset.

Remember, an unhappy and a complaining person will never be Rich! This person will spend the rest of the life criticizing successful people and complaining of his or her own life. And you, the elegant women know how to get rid of these Negative Energy and create the path to your abundance.

Create that rich state of mind, don’t be stingy to spend in creating abundance, as they are the keystones of your goal, which is The Elegant Luxurious Living.



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