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Uncover the next level knowledge of creation and manifestation, and enter into the realms of ecstatic money, magical success and beyond...
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You already know that you are not meant to settle at the average, and you have felt that yearning within you, for bigger creations, bigger visions for life, and bigger possibilities.

That is why you are always on the lookout for new knowledge, that is why you may have started following your passion and creating a reality out of it, and that is why you are absolutely drawn to bigger and better ways of living in this world.

You have tried the work- hard way, the logical & old fashioned way, but you already know that this won’t make your big dreams come true easily, unless you want to work hard every day all day, for the next hundred years…

So you discovered that there is something called “Manifestation”, and boy that sounded so good, so you went right away into the world of manifestation, energy work, abundance creation…

 Your dream...

So in the light of making that Manifesation happen

  • You follow various methods of manifestation, a number of manifestation teachers and their work passionately, trying to absorb it all, spending hours and hours of learning…
  • You do meditation, visualisation, early in the morning, or/and in the night and during the day, sometimes hours…
  • You have done a ton of mindset work, subconscious work, inner child work, shadow work, frequency work, subliminal work…
  • You do the affirmations and read the pages of them every morning, you have started and ended new routines so many times, you are hardcore in adding manifestation rituals, exercises, and meditations into your day and you don't start your work without doing them...
  • You keep saying “I am abundant, everything is right here and right now” although you may have never really understood what that means…
  • You are so eager to get this Manifestation to work for you...because you know that it has to work...but how?

You are exhausted, having to do all that serious work of journaling, meditating, affirmation practising, visualising...You are busy all day every day following these methods and you are so done with it...yet you keep doing them because if you don't, you are afraid that it might get even worse...that you might lose something, that you will go completely off the track…

What if I tell you, that there is another way, an Ecstatic, Natural and extremely easy & powerful way to create, manifest and play the realities you desire?

What if I tell you, that you can create absolutely unlimited amounts of wealth, ever-flowing physical money, abundance in its FULLEST SPECTRUM extremely easily, Ecstatically joyfully, WITHOUT A SINGLE EFFORT? 

What if I tell you that you can have it ALL, and more, really, really, really, easily, using a whole new way of manifestation, a way where you get to be wealthy, as a result of being ECSTATICALLY HAPPY?

Then prepare for magic…

Welcome to

Ecstatic Money Academy

It's time to say goodbye to the wait, the struggle and the hustle.
And it's time to welcome happy money into your life.

wealthy woman

While 99% of people who enrol in this program will begin to experience the synchronicities of their manifestations right from the first week and get instant financial and otherwise wins during the first week, this journey goes far beyond the quick wins. This is a TOTAL LIFE TRANSFORMATION journey.

And yet here are some of the quick results Iresha’s previous clients have received, by following the same methods.

Receiving the "years long waited" money making opportunity just after doing this work for two weeks, which gave her the opportunity to heavily financially invest in her dream career, acting.

After doing the work just for a couple of weeks, deciding to finally start her business, and have clients paying her, even BEFORE she had finished creating her product.

Selling her very first 10K pound product, just after a week and a half of doing this work.

Being invited to a Yacht Party which plays an important element of the lifestyle and goals that she is creating, after working on her personal wealthy reality creation, just a couple of weeks.

Receiving the exact amount of money she needed for her launch, and receiving 50K+ Dollars as a result of the launch, within one week. Before doing this work, her monthly income was zero dollars, as a stay-at-home mother.

Become debt free within the first four weeks of doing this work, for the first time ever in her adult life!

Apart from those quick results, people have received the below transformation.

  • Gone from poverty to absolute wealth
  • Highly upgraded lifestyle - from average to first-class.
  • Highly increased self-power, psychic abilities and confidence that reflects through their wealth creation.
  • Highly upgraded social life - from average to first-class social, and upgraded friends and communities around them.
  • Losing weight automatically and creating a totally different appearance and identity that matches their newfound abundance and wealth.
  • Worry free, fear free super successful launches that break all of your old launch records.
  • Become debt free and create a surplus of money.
  • Change of identity, personality and self-image - from average to your wealthy, dream self.
  • Radically yet joyfully increasing the money flow and income and creating an easy, abundant and happy life.
  • Expansion of business, hitting the first 6,7 figures.
  • Expanded extrasensory skills, magickal skills, and the miraculous idea downloads.
  • Create a wealthy and rich lifestyle for their children, and create the right wealth memories and education for them, so they grow up into naturally wealthy people.

You can create ANYTHING you want, you can be ANY VERSION of yourself you desire, you can create abundance in ANY FORM and in ANY AMOUNT you desire…

sky is the limit…

This is a very personalised system, that will work on each person in individual ways, letting THEIR goals and dreams unfold…That is the magic of the Ecstatic Money Academy…

What is Ecstatic Money Academy?

  • Ecstatic Money Academy is Iresha’s signature program created for women with big visions and bold goals for extremely abundant, wealthy and prosperous realities, to achieve these goals in the next level, extremely easy and ecstatically joyfully. EMA eliminates the lengthy processes, rituals and loads of so called manifestation methods that takes so much time and energy, and helps you to master the dirrect manifestation, the natural way of Ecstatic Creation.This is the next layer to natural creation, that goes beyond the known teachings and practces of the manifestsation industry. This is a new way of relating to life, the discovery of YOUR mighty power.

  • This is a 10-month-long journey that you go together with a community of like-minded extraordinary people to discover and experiencing the absolute PLAY in creating ecstatic & exciting wealth, extremely easily flowing abundance and in becoming a conscious shifter through realities you desire.
  • Within the 10-month-long journey in the EMA, you'll master the 1st and 2nd levels of Mastery in Ecstatic Abundance Formula, Iresha’s signature formula that leads you to step into a whole other level of PLAYING with realities. As a result you will master the secret to extremely effortless and unending money flow.
  • Most importantly, through EMA you'll experience the FULLEST SPECTRUM OF ABUNDANCE directed towards your desired realities. This FULL spectrum of abundance that reflects in every area of your life internally and very externally, will in return create feedback loops for you to create even more wealth.

You are NOT supposed to be small, mediocre or struggling.

Becoming Wealth and utterly prosperous is your destiny, and that is why you have those big dreams.

You are not given those big dreams, just to dream.

Tell me, how much is your dream worth to you? Is it worth going all in?

Ecstatic Money Academy Begins…

And here’s how it unfolds…

There are 2 ways you can enrol and benefit from this epic transformation of manifestation. 

1. The Group Programme Access
2. The VIP Access
Here's how this epic transformation experience unfolds.

 EMA Curriculum

Ecstatic Money Academy Curriculum has been carefully created using the 1st and 2nd levels of mastery of the Ecstatic Abundance Formula, Iresha’s unique, miraculous result bringing formula of creating ecstatic abundance. This program structure is designed to bring you in the appropriate speed into these new concepts first, and then to lead you through transformation in your own unique and personal ways, receiving your own personal awarenesses in regarding each chapter, each step.

You can download the curriculum of Ecstatic Money Academy here below.

EMA sessions 

Here's how the sessions are listed.

Orientation session 1 - Map to the 1st level Mastery)- 60 mins long

Module 1-5 - Each module comes with 1 Coaching session (90 mins long) + 1 Learning session (90 mins long) - (10 sessions in total)

Orientation module 2 - The second level Mastery Introduction - 60 mins long

Module 6 - 9 - Each module comes with 1 Coaching session (90 mins long) + 1 Learning session (90 mins long) - (8 sessions in total)

You will attend 20 sessions in total, in the duration of 10 - 11 months.

Learning sessions

These sessions are where you'll learn new information, and will get to discuss it with Iresha. These are very interactive sessions, you will do some of the work together with the rest of the group in the session, you will learn, you will talk, and you will have fun. These sessions can take up to 90 minutes.

Coaching sessions

 These sessions are desinged as FULL coaching modules, where you get to ask specific questions about the module you are learning. This session lasts 90 Minutes, and if you couldn’t get the opportunity to get coached within one session, then you will be prioritised in the next coaching session.

Plus, you will receive extra study materials, access to exclusive video classes upon your enrollment. And you will do these as preparation for the introduction session.


Once you enrol EMA, you enter a community of very special, extraordinary and rare kind of women. These are the ones who hold the biggest visions of the world, wealth and abundance. I personally believe that it is a privilege to be surrounded by women who vibrate at that high level of creation.

You will receive access to a private FB group, where everyone in the EMA gets to share their work, how they apply what we learn, how they exercise wealth & abundance, the upgrades, the work we do and much more…This is truly a place where you can get motivated and inspired by your fellow women who do the work with you. You can support others, get support, feel loved even more, share your challenges, help others with their challenges and be completely free in being you while respecting others. This is s safe place where you can discuss, exercise and talk about your dreams.

The VIP day  

- ONLY applies to the VIP access -

-Your trip to a level further-

When you enrol for the VIP access, you get to experience a FULL VIP IMMERSION of savouring the next-level creation, (once you finish the group program) spending a full day of 1:1 learning, coaching and experiencing a day in the most luxurious, high-frequency social environment.

This event takes place in Germany at Ritz Carlton or Adlon Kempinsky and your accomodation in the same hotel for 2 nights are included.

More information about your VIP day upon your application call.

 You will enter your VIP day as an already wealthy person, and leave it as fully initiated Queen. 


"Iresha will give you her all. (no matter what container you take part in with her) I mean she just doesn’t give you small pieces of the puzzle, she always does her best to give you important pieces of information so you can make real change.  She works intimately with you and she honestly wants the best for her students / clients.

I’ve worked with Iresha for a while now, and I can go on and on about her and her work and how wonderful it is. Iresha is really tapped in and she is giving information that you’re not going to get anywhere else.  

If you get a chance to work with Iresha, consider yourself very lucky."

Sportively Abundant

"I did a personal coaching session with Iresha (and I have been taking her classes often) and she worked with me, on me about my blocks to receive abundance, connected to my husband, son and my father.

There has been an amazing shift, literally right after the session, between me and my husband and my son. He is so much calmer and suddenly taking responsibility for his emotions!

Right after the session my father also showed up to my house with my sister, and he gave me the biggest hug and my dad never hugs anyone! He likes to only shake hands! This work is absolutely immediate, and I feel like there has been a big shift, and this is a huge step for me"


"Iresha's passion for uplifting women and nurturing their limitless potential shines through in every moment. I have engaged in a few events with her and enjoyed each one. In her work, I learned incredible new things about myself and the way I relate to my dreams and aspirations. When Iresha teaches, she is kind, thought-provoking, and authentic. I especially enjoy the meditations she does in her work, and her work help to foster my belief in our era of new wealth consciousness. It is 100% possible! I will continue to work with Iresha and I will be inspired by the power of our time together. Thank you from the top of my heart, Iresha!"



"The work I did with Iresha was an exceptional experience that left a profound impact on me. I was captivated by the amazing knowledge she shared in abundance and how we exactly experience our reality.

The effort she takes on shifting the mindset and focus of humans on positive circumstances is absolutely incredible. There is so much energy throughout her and she is such a gifted soul in this work.

I highly recommend the work by Iresha Tschunke for anyone seeking a better prosperous and joyful reality , inspiration and a deeper understanding of living a life of abundance. And one thing I came to definite understanding by working with her is, EVERYTHING is actually not only possible, but also very easy to achieve, I mean EVERYTHING"


"I have absolutely loved working with Iresha over the last few months. She has helped me transform my money mindset and to see patterns of behaviour which have affected me over the years. She has helped me understand how to take control of my logical 'evidence' based thinking which has held me back and to see that a lot of what I think are actually stories I have told myself that aren't true! I now celebrate my successes and see my achievements rather than just brushing them to the side. I have 'happy' money and know that there is so much more to come. Thank you Iresha"



"Working with Iresha gave me new perspective and different angle of achieving my dream life through my business, and gave me answers to questions that I didn't even know that I had to know to create a successful, money making business.

Her working materials go really deep into the making of money flow in ways you don't ever anticipate, and her trainings really rock."


"I wish I had the chance to learn from Iresha's work way before I started my own business, it would give me such a good starting point and the maximum clarity of where I am headed and how to reach there.

The work I did with Iresha is the ultimate foundation for anyone who dreams about a successful business & life ( a premium business and a premium life in my case) and it actually made me re- think about all the systems and the organisation I had been using and learned ever. It exactly helped me to discover what my biggest dream is, my craziest and most luxurious goal is, and then to 100% align all the steps,systems and activities in my own business with that."

CEO at Balkon Energy Retreat Concept

"I have been in the private business field for more than a decade before I started my business, and I was pleasantly surprised by Iresha's approach. She successfully tailored the program for me and built it upon female principles, just as I wished. No more burnouts, sense of guilt or doubt. She leads me through a great balance between inspiration and real action, spiritually and very practical money and business steps essential for growth, and this makes her work incredibly different from any other program out there.

Iresha knows very well that just strong will or intention can't do anything without acting together with our subconsciousness. Although her program has a very obvious and strong structure, there is also a lot of space for intuition. And she uses that skill together with her practical money skills, amazingly.

At the same time, Iresha is an excellent life coach, business coach, money & wealth coach and an amazing person. She uses inspirative meditations and a lot of techniques in a way that every session combines time for learning and time for growing.

For me, the most important benefit that I have from working with Iresha is the magical flow of money and life that I am experiencing now."

Aleksandra - Testimonial
Founder & the principle of the Doremi Music School, Abu Dhabi

"Getting to work with Iresha was a once in a lifetime opportunity sent by the universe at the right moment. Over the years I have been trying things and different courses & concepts, but this program is different because it focuses on MAGICAL ACTION - step by step, clearly explained without any difficulty to understand. Iresha was the first person ever to explain what is MY part of this process.

Dear Iresha, a thousand times thanks to you for this knowledge, and I am now already experiencing huge progress and abundance (even though I am only halfway through with your work at the time I write this ). I am looking forward to working with you more and can't wait."


"I am honored to have met Iresha and bring her into my life bubble. She has a very sincere and pure energy I can palpably feel whenever she speaks. I really get activated by her channelings and teachings. I can feel the change hours and days after, as if there is something new in the air and my timeline reality has somehow shifted. I trust her messages because I feel her powerful heart of service, her confidence in her True Self, and lastly, her wisdom totally aligns and adds even more to the truths I get from my own Higher Self channelings. Iresha is totally living her purpose and is the one of the best mentors to help you live yours"

For whom is EMA

EMA is for the woman who deeply desires resonating in wealthy, abundant and extraordinary ways of life, and who TRUSTS this feeling, to take action, and at the same time, who craves the knowledge of the next level, who is open to see beyond the known.

This program is NOT for the woman who

  • Settles for less and the average.
  • Automatically excludes herself from the “riches” or “wealthy realities” and often tricks herself into believing that this is noble. (This is not the same as choosing modest realities in full alignment with zero desire to have more.)
  • Responds to the circumstances, creates life according to them, feels often at the mercy of the circumstances, and never takes actions that contradict them.
  • Never gets to experience the FULLEST SPECTRUM of abundance and to live that magical overabundant life, and every moment is yet filled with “wanting” it.
  • And most of all, NOT taking any actions to change these, or having no intention to change this.

How is EMA different than other programs out there?

One of the major differences in EMA is, we eliminate the need to follow processes, routines, rituals or any so called manifestation structures that one must follow in order to have manifestation work. EMA will not give you a set of guidelines or rules to follow, it will open you to a whole new facet of yours that holds that mighty power of creation, which needs NO TOOLS to manifest your goals.

Tools ONLY tools, and every tool is only a permission slip. And as we realise more of our power, we need fewer and fewer permission slips, if you know how to ride the wave of creative power.

And that is what we do, we tap into YOUR power, your true, natural state of being which is absolutely ECSTATIC, UNCONDITIONALLY HAPPY, inherently abundant. Once you learn the real mechanics of reality creation and your role in it, you will know that you are a MIGHTY powerful being, and that great power needs only the slightest touch to manifest, create and change.

And you will need no more manifestation riuals, programs or rules to follow. 

This is POWER. This is the FORCE OF CREATION itself. This is the TRUE YOU.


"All I have to say to anyone who keeps thinking about whether to work with Iresha or not, just do it, seriously! You won't regret it."


Your investment in this journey

Group program access

Current investment for this 10-month-long journey is,


Payment plans available upon your discovery call with Iresha

Included in your investment

  • Full access to Ecstatic Money Academy - the 10-month-long epic group learning experience that leads you to Ecstatic Abundance, Super effortless & unlimited wealth and radical upgrades in every area of life.
  • 9 core interactive EMA modules taught live by Iresha
  • 9 ecstatic group coaching calls held live by Iresha - Each person who comes to the front will be coached personally in front of the class + question answering and topic-related discussions9 core interactive EMA modules taught live by Iresha.
  • Access to an Ecstatically Extraordinary Community of Women - Access to our Private FB group where you can share all your work, exercising abundance & wealth, applications of our teachings and motivate others as well as get motivate, and much more. This community is priceless.
VIP Access

Current investment for this 10-month-long journey is,


Payment plans available upon your discovery call with Iresha

Included in your investment

  • Full access to Ecstatic Money Academy - the 10-month-long epic group learning experience that leads you to Ecstatic Abundance, Super effortless & unlimited wealth and radical upgrades in every area of life.
  • 9 core interactive EMA modules taught live by Iresha
  • 9 ecstatic group coaching calls held live by Iresha - Each person who comes to the front will be coached personally in front of the class + question answering and topic-related discussions9 core interactive EMA modules taught live by Iresha.
  • Access to an Ecstatically Extraordinary Community of Women - Access to our Private FB group where you can share all your work, exercising abundance & wealth, applications of our teachings and motivate others as well as get motivate, and much more. This community is priceless.
  • Access to the VIP day, a FULL day of immersing in the energy of unlimited possibilities, highest frequency wealth environments and having ecstatic conversations and coaching experience with Iresha, in the places where the ECSTATIC abundance has been experienced from the dawn of the time… This takes place in Ritz Carlton or Adlon Kempinsky in Germany.

Imagine having conversations and experiences on your new upgraded wealthy reality in the places where Maharajas have had conversations, where the royalty has spent their happy times, where the most joyful celebrities from history to now are enjoying their wealth spending…And as the time is simultaneous, all these events are happening right now, all at the same time…And you are having your VIP day with them, at the same place, at the same time…

These places are selected with great intention, as there is a profound importance and effect in these environments, frequencies and vibrations. As a part of your learning, you will learn how to connect with those other wealth frequencies, people and their experiences that are happening right now, and to get unbelievable information, activations and abilities from their realities.

And that is why you should go for the VIP access, if you are called to do so.

Ecstatic Money Academy has already begun, however, you can still enroll, and you will receive FULL access to all the previous session replays. You will receive access to all the resources including the bonus trainings (apart from the replays) that is dedicated for the people who enrol this program.

About Iresha

I was born to a middle-class family in Sri Lanka, where possibilities looked not quite limitless, and definitely not ecstatically abundanct. (at least in my family) If you don’t know Sri Lanka, it is a third-world country, a small island in the Indian Ocean.

Today, I am a business owner, investor, published author and philanthropist who lives in Germany, in one of the most expensive and beautiful areas in the country. I have multiple-figure net worth, many streams of income, I travel luxuriously many times a year whenever I feel like to, I support the courses that I love (I support the education of young girls in Sri Lanka) and I in the most literal meaning I spend almost EVERY moment in my life in an ecstatic state, a state quite difficult to explain here, a state that is independent of all that I mentioned above, in unconditional love, in unconditional happiness and bliss.

Iresha Tschunke

And I don’t do meditation every day.

I don’t do journaling every day.

I don’t sit every day working on the limiting beliefs, subconscious beliefs and all those so-called manifestation work.

I don’t have to do visualisations every day.

I do not listen to “I am wealthy” affirmations or any such exercises anymore.

Basically, I am FREE of all of them, and I resonate in the vibration of the frequency of the eternal celebration, which is the frequency of the creation itself.

Now my energy is spent, on discovering more interesting stuff, things that I am passionate about doing, discovering more about the creation of realities, experimenting and playing with the energetic geometrical building blocks of the realities, experimenting even easier and more powerful ways of multiplying wealth without putting a single effort.

That being said, my current obsession is studying higher-dimensional polyhedral physics and playing with the building blocks of creation itself, as well as learning and experiencing the art of tea, as drinking tea is one of my biggest passions. (perhaps I will become a tea sommelier, just for the fun)

And I am very passionately active in teaching all these to amazing women like you and guiding you to achieve your dream life. It is my absolute passion, and this business for me, is not a business to make some money, this is my passion project. I adore women with big dreams because I believe that we belong to the same rare species, the ones who aim high.

And I want to show you the easy way, the ecstatically joyful way, the natural way.

If I can create my dream life, then you definitely can do yours, trust me.

I can’t wait to have you inside Ecstatic Money Academy, because I know, that this is the beginning of your legendary story of becoming wealthy.

I know that for sure, do you?


  • When you start to notice for the first time, that the wheels are actually now in motion, without you putting a SINGLE EFFORT...
  • When you receive the confirmation for the time in life, that you are actually manifesting money, abundance and all you desire into your life...
  • When you go through a launch miraculously happy and relaxed with no fear for the first time ever in your life, and end up creating exploding success, you can't believe it's real...
  • When you have tripled your income with half of the time, and no effort...
  • That you don't have to do hours of so called manifestation work, endless visualisation, endless affirmations and journaling, yet you have become a manifestation powerhouse...
  • Being able to live your first class life, having the freedom to do whatever you want to do, to be whoever you want to be, without having to ask permission and without having to worry about money, or anything at all. The worry is over.
  • Being able to create a wealthy environment for your family, for your kids, so that they grow up as prosperous kids, create the right money memories, growing into prosperous adults.

How great does this feel? How much importance do you give to this to be accomplished?

It is time to choose the life you want to build and experience. So listen to that call, create that dream life, create those wealthy and financially abundant realities, take those steps, and be who you dream to be.

So, take the steps, take the steps, take the steps
I already believe in you, do you?

Ecstatic Money Academy

Where legendary stories of Ecstatic Millionaires begin…

What say you, Ecstatic Wealthy Woman?

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