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Etiquette and the mindset

Etiquette and the Mindset

Etiquette, the utmost social norm which shapes one’s life and the society itself, which is bestowed from generations to generations and is the glue that holds the society at it’s best. Etiquette and the mindset which go inevitably with each other is a crucial part of a highly civilized society.

As much as it is spoken quite a lot lately, many of us are still confused with the word “Etiquette”.


What is Etiquette?


What is etiquette? In short, etiquette is a code of social graces and behaviours which is made to smooth the social interactions and communications in both personal and social lives.

For quite a percentage of people, the word “etiquette” has rather unfairly obtained outdated overtones that implicate the ladies with white gloves and the gentlemen with hats, that once was the golden oath of proper behaviour.

But this the wrong perception.

Etiquette is just as important and relevant in today’s society, as it was by back then.

The word “etiquette” is derived from the French. The etymology of the French word is “prescribed behaviour”, coming from the Old French word “etiquette” which means “label” or “ticket”. In 1670, it was recorded as “card or piece of paper that gives its holder a right or privilege”.

In today’s world, where the life has evolved at it’s highest in the technology which has made the world a global village, etiquette still plays a huge role and even a bigger role than it has before.

Etiquette is a must-have in one’s life today, in order to sustain better interactions and therefore to maintain a well mannered and highly civilized society.

Etiquette is a code of rules that guides our society and our social interactions and is always evolving and adapting itself as society changes.

The main purpose of etiquette is to sustain a polite behaviour towards each other, and mainly it is a set of ethics that guides the respect and the consideration towards others in society.


The importance of etiquette


The purpose of etiquette is to avoid fraction or confusion between people and to ease the interactions. It is not about being “Silent”. It teaches people about treating others with courtesy, and how to be polite at all the situations, which is crucial in today’s fast-changing and very competitive world.

It helps people cultivate good manners, therefore being a success in their lives. Etiquette will increase one’s confidence, it will benefit in one’s career, and it enhances the life opportunities with other people.


What has it to do with the upper class?


Yes, the second you hear the word “etiquette”, the next thought coming to your mind is the class that it involves with or represents. And it is the upper-class that comes to your mind isn’t it?

Etiquette is not only for one class. It is designed for all the fields of the society, and if you really want to go into classes then yes, there might be a difference in some certain people of how they obtain the right etiquette between classes of the society.

But I believe, no matter which class a person is in, one can always be better and better with no limit. And that should be like that.

Let me explain to you what is this so-called difference of the etiquette or in behaviours of the so-called different classes of the society.

Being classy is not an equal definition of having lots of money. Having elegance, Class and charm doesn’t necessarily mean wearing couture. It is all about the right education. Kindness to others, a well-modulated voice, the social graces such as right etiquette in dining, hosting, etc. makes and defines a person’s class.

In most of the cases, the well-born people usually get the right education from a very early age of their lives while most of the others don’t. And that is what makes this huge difference between classes, the education, which anybody can achieve at any stage of their lives.

Being that said, the Class is not inherited. It is earned and learned. You don’t necessarily have to be born with it.

The way you behave will show your class. It is indeed a huge advantage when someone has learnt the right etiquette as a child, where the right etiquette comes very naturally then. But if you didn’t, that is OK. You are never too late. You can start learning today.

The most important thing here is the mindset. The mindset makes all the difference.


What is the Etiquette and the Mindset?


I would like to share a true story.


My mother was an etiquette instructor and was working for a private girls’ school. Once they decided to start a non-profit project. They picked some students aged from 15-25, from low-income families. the purpose of the project was to do a full etiquette and social graces course with them, so they can find better careers and to have better lifestyles in society.

This course would cost a lot if one takes private, and the whole course was free of charge for the girls. And it included well-furnished accommodation with all the other facilities.

The food was supplied, every meal was carefully made and was served in formal and semi-formal settings. Basically, they were living-learning etiquette in every possible way.

The course went good at the start, but something very unexpectable happened.

The students did all the lessons during school time, and then? Then they went right back into their old lives, although they were living in completely living conditions at the time.

Whenever you talked to them, most of them talked negatively. Instead of learning, they were laughing at the well to do people. They never believed that they deserve or they can have better lives. Only a few of them got the real thing from the course.

In the end, very, unfortunately, they had created many troubles in the school, and many of them had to leave.

And today? Yes, the ones who had to leave, they never made it to a better life. They are even in worse conditions today. But the ones who stayed? I will give you one example. One of those girls who came to the school as an orphan, now has her own business, own house, number of quite expensive vehicles and two dogs.

So what I want to point out here is, it is the mindset that matters. Why did most of them never learn anything? Because their minds are all made up very strong with all the negative things about well to do people, and that blocks them from achieving a well to do life.

One of the reasons they were making jokes about well to do is, they feel secured by laughing at them. But actually, they were fooling themselves and went back to their old lives.

That is what makes the difference between the classes. The classy people have the right mindset. They don’t hate other people who are well to do, instead, they make connections with them. But the non-classy people, keep hating others who have better lives, so they feel comfortable about themselves buried in their miserable lives.

Be that classy person. Embrace the right Etiquette and Mindset. It doesn’t matter how you are born with. What really matters is what you are going to do with your life. What matters is your mindset.

The mindset is what makes the difference between social classes in this society, it is not the way you are born. You can create the life you want, and NO ONE or NOTHING can stop that.

If you decide to make your life better today and achieve that first-class life, NOTHING can stop that. That is our mission in The Elegant Luxurious Living, isn’t it?

So start designing your upper-class life today, and be the owner of your dream life…

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