11 Apr

Get rid of Negative Energy, Create your Dream

Get rid of Negative Energy and Simply create the Elegant Luxurious Living


” No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it ”

–  Albert Einstein-


How many of you woke today with the heavy burden called ” Life” on your head? How many of you kept wondering about the piling debts and the never-ending bills over your sleep last night? How many of you sulked at the rich lady you saw on the street wearing expensive clothes? How many of you felt angry seeing the rich people driving in those expensive cars?

Sounds familiar?

Well, now imagine your self doing the exact opposite of those things.

Waking up early, being grateful for the beautiful day. There are no debts for you to worry about and all the bills are paid up to date. You don’t have to sulk at the rich ladies, you just have to embrace them, and enjoy and celebrate with them, because you are one of them. You don’t feel angry about seeing rich people, because you are one of them, and you want other people to be rich too.

How did that feel? And now think, which one of these lifestyles you want to attract?

You are not alone. We as humans, it is natural to have those negative feelings and even negative periods of life. It is how to turn them into what we want in our lives.

Like anybody else, I had my fair share too.


My biggest Negative cycle…


I was once working as an Instructor for one of the top private institutes of the region. This was one of my first jobs in Abu Dhabi and I was quite young.

It was quite stressful to work there, lots of overtime working, having very little time for myself didn’t make it easy.

There my colleagues and I used to gather and talk at our lunchtime, after work or even on our off days.

What did we talk? It was always about the school, how bad the things are, how fed up we are, how tired we are and how difficult life is an endless complaining. Even the jokes we made was based on some difficulty or on a problem.

It took quite a while for me to understand, we were actually looking forward to hearing each other’s problems.

In order to carry on the conversation, we were adding more and more negativity into it. As long as everyone is having problems, all were happy.

The worst part is, I was actually living it and enjoying the bitching about life! Yes, I said it correct, I was enjoying complaining. It is a vicious cycle and not easy to get rid of.

Only by being there, I became totally sunk in the darkness, and it was always something is not right, no matter what.


From darkness to the light…


And then two things happened.

One year later, another lady joined our company. She was new, full of energy and was always smiling. Well, I thought, yeah I ‘ve been there too, it is always good at the beginning.

But something remarkable happened. She actually kept that smile and the positive view of life always, no matter how harder life got there. And she avoided sitting there at the cafeteria too long to keep chatting with others. Whenever we chat, it was always about something nice.
She reminded me about who I once was. And we became actually very good friends. And I reduced the time spent with the complainers. Things were then starting to turn better.


My Light bulb moment…


And after some time, there was my destiny call. I met my husband! (boyfriend that time) He became a big eye opener and by then, that was exactly what I needed.

He pointed out a few things to me.
Whenever we met, he never actually talked about his work. Guess what I talked about? work, how stressful the day was, and what did other fellow colleagues did and say and on and on. I never actually talked about anything more important in life. Twas sad because I used to be the most positive person who smiles at the world no matter what.

My husband noted out this negative habit every time I started to complain about life. At first, it was hurtful, because for me (being trapped in that cycle) it was normal and fine to bitch about life, and it was a part of me.

But I was very eye opened with his positive zest of life, how bright and shine the world is no matter how day to day life runs, and how confident he is deserving all the happiness in life.




After some time, with a great deal of trying and thinking and listening, I came to the light. I realized how toxic the surrounding was and how badly it has changed my beautiful personality into a dark cloud.

As soon as I realized it, I took actions. I resigned from the job. Yes, I did it, without even bothering to think about, and that was the best feeling I ever had. It was such a positive and happy feeling to be back my wonderful self. (Thank you, darling husband)

I stopped contacts with almost all from that job, except the lovely lady I mentioned before. ( She is called Iva, and after working another year there she resigned and found her own way and now she is the founder of her own school, breaking all the very difficult barriers she met. Hats off to dear Iva, the brave and classy lady)

So, what do you get from this story? I can sum it to 5 easy steps for you in order to overcome the negativity in your worlds and to open the path of the elegant luxurious living you always wanted to live.

Let’s get rid of the Negative Energy and Simply create the Elegant Luxurious Living…


Here we go…



1. Recognize the Negative cycle, and take immediate action.


if you are too trapped in a Negative cycle, you need to recognize it. The earlier you do it, the better it is. And you need to take actions to escape it.

You need to be brave. There may be people who will make it hard for you to escape this cycle, well leave them altogether. You don’t need such people in your life.

These people may come in disguise, you just need to recognize well. They might have their reasons for trying to keep you attached and to avoid you from being your fabulous self. And that is ladies, NOT your problem. DO NOT go near black holes. They suck everything out of you.

You are wonderful and you are meant to be. You deserve to have a happy life, where you are surrounded by happy people. So go for that. Put your bravest self out there, and let no one stop you from being who you are. Do everything it takes in order to go as far as away from those negative surroundings. Show the world that you are a shining diamond who gives shine to the world, not a black hole.


2. Stop worrying about the past.


Everyone has these moments of their lives, trust me I have it too. And it is natural to feel this way as humans. But the best part is, we are a lot more than that to just to stop there. We recognize our emotions, and we analyze them, and we work on getting rid of them all.

worrying about the past is the biggest enemy of your future Elegant luxurious living which you wonderful women deserve and will achieve. In fact, the past is gone. The future is to be shaped. And you, only you are the artist of your life. You have to carve the cameo of life as you want. Don’t ever let your past be in your way.

If there are things that you regret in the past, leave those regrets in the past. The past is gone, there is nothing you can do to change it. In fact, you probably did what you thought the best at those times. So be grateful for the experience, and for the lesson. In life, take every situation as a lesson. Life is like a school. The universe is teaching us lessons from time to time.


3. Get rid of toxic people and surround yourself with positive, charming people


At the moment you realize any person is toxic, get rid of them! Simple as that.

Learn how to say No.

You need to build a circle of people who are positive, charming, whom you can handle quality conversations, who respects personal space, who support others and are kind towards others, who are confident about themselves and most of all who love themselves and this world. You should feel your best with them. You should feel relaxed and happy with them.

Don’t join gossip. Don’t talk bad about people. If someone is encouraging you to bad mouth others, politely refuse to be part of the conversation.

When you start thinking positive and when you start loving the world you, the world will love you back. The universe is made of energy. From a very basic level to an advanced quantum level, everything in this universe is made of energy.

Every cell, every atom has energy. When you turn your energy to a positive one, it starts vibrating in a positive range of frequency. When you are filled with negative energy such as hatred, pain, jealousy, sadness etc. then your aura reflects this bad energy and turns into a complete negative energy source.

And negative energy attracts negative energy. So as the positive energy attracts positive energy.

Have you noticed, when you are so bitchy or angry or having a bad day, even the most unimportant little things go wrong? You drop things, you hit yourself somewhere etc. Or sometimes all the bad incidents happen in a raw. Like a chain, like a cycle.

And have you also noticed when you are in a really good mood or when you are feeling happy, all the other small things work smoothly without any intervening? Have you noticed when something good happens, and then many other things happen well in a raw too?
Why do you think the rich are getting even richer, and the poor are getting even poorer?

This is the law of attraction, which we will talk in details in a later chapter. So all I want to say here is, when you are a very happy and positive person, you attract the other happy people who have beautiful lives. When you are the opposite, you attract the like-minded people, and the negative cloud will even get bigger.


4. Work on finding a solution, fast.


Just think, what if I never took the decision to resign that job I mentioned above? What if I were too afraid to leave the job? What if I were not ready to take the risk? Then most probably I won’t be here writing this right now.

Don’t forget, happiness, luxury and success is a choice. Living elegantly is a habit

.YOU are the designer of your life. Decisions play a crucial role in designing life. Never be scared to make a change. When you want something really bad, the whole world is preparing to help you to get it. If one way didn’t work, try the other way. In fact, that is a way the universe telling us which way is the best for us. Don’t forget the age-old saying, ” There are many ways to Rome”. Just take actions, the rest will fall in line.


5.Create a positive lifestyle


As you have got rid of all the negative vibes from the past and from the present, now it is the time to design your future.

Start creating your life. Design it how you want. Whatever you want, it should keep you happy. Start creating that luxurious life you always wanted.

( Find out more about Luxurious Living here. )

Do at least one happy thing every day. It can be a very small thing as in enjoying a piece of your favourite chocolate. It can be listening to your favourite song. It can be cooking a simple dinner. Be grateful for your life.

Be proud and celebrate your wonderful self.

There you are, with your purified life where no negativity takes place, heading towards the Elegant Luxurious Living.
Look at you, you classy lady…You shine…


Put your heels on, and take that glass of wine and let’s celebrate.

For you wonderful women out there…



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