How to achieve your dreams and goals with the help of your home? Is there any connection between your home and your success journey?

I believe it is safe to say that home is where our basic existence is. Home is where we are rooted, where our energy core is rooted and it is where most of our dreams are born, our greatest adventures are planned, where our futures are being dreamt.

It is no wonder that many cultures around the world have given a very special place to their homes, and have treated their homes as holy beings, as a temple, as a container of divine energy. Our ancestors knew the importance of our homes, and how our homes influence our realities, our dreams and our destinies.

Unfortunately, in the western world mostly, we have lost that significance to our homes as we are busy with our fast-paced lives, and by doing that we have given away a strong force that can help us to achieve our dreams and goals.

I have heard from many people including friends and clients, that they have this dream, an image of their dream house, in their dream reality, and they are waiting to achieve that dream, when their businesses, careers finally start to take off.

I have seen people stuck in distasteful homes, homes they hate to be in, and bearing living there, working hard on their businesses with the hope that one day, when they make it in their businesses they will be living in the bliss of their dream homes.

This is the thing, money is not something that will fill a lack in your life. Money is pure energy, that will enhance what you already have, who you already are. Money will increase the aliveness of your life, your passions and will make your identities even more attractive to your dreams. Money will come into your life when you are ready to fill your life with more magnificence, with more aliveness and to step into that dream reality.

But how can you do that? The only way to do that is to practice that magnetism, that aliveness and that passion. What you practice is what you become, and that is what you create.

"Money and all the material bliss are a type of energy, which we call "abundance energy" that vibrate at a certain frequency. To be able to receive more of it, all we need to do is to tune into that frequency."

How can you do that, when you are not yet in the goal states? Isn't that exactly why you want to achieve those goal states? Yes, that is right, but there is a way to do this.

We are creators, in default. So we create at every second of our lives, consciously or unconsciously. When we choose to be conscious creators, that is where we take initiatives towards our goals, we influence our physical reality towards our goals, and we ignite the vibration of that next level, in us, in this current state. The more you do that, the more you become aligned with your goal state. And that means you become practising what you want to achieve, daily. That is when you initiate a serious wave of change, at a quantum level.

This can also be explained in another way. We are being of a multidimensional nature. Although I am not planning to go deep about it here, I would like to mention a bit about how that works.

Although we are predominantly focused on our physical bodies, we actually have six other bodies, that share the same space, at the same time. These bodies are called physical, etheric, astral, emotional, mental, psychic and divine. They exist within their own dimensional bands. These are like radio channels, that vibrate in their own frequency levels, which are unseen to the physical, but we can tune into them to receive them.

How manifestation, magic, spells or any kind of energy work or quantum leap work is by creating or initiating a wave of change with the intention in our physical bodies, which has the ability to influence the other bodies and carry that wave of command towards the divine, our higher self, universe etc. And then it turns back to our physical bodies, to our physical realms with the change, when it is done successfully.

That is the basic rule of any sort of magic work, including manifestation, the law of attraction or any reality creation using energy.

So we use material things to influence, represent other dimensions, or other bodies of ours, and to initiate the command of achieving our goals.

That is why, our current physical state, how we feel there, what does it look like, the vibration of it, the changes you do there are very important in achieving your goals. You can literally initiate strong commands and intentions to achieve fast reality creations.

That was a little and very basic introduction to how energy manipulation works. So that is why, we can definitely use the help of our homes, to influence our dreams, to set and send commands to the universe for our goals and to do much more.

So it is crucial that we prepare our homes, and turn them into places that support, influence and pushes us towards our dreams, and this must be a high priority.

No matter in which state you are, or no matter how your feelings are about your home right now, in the video, you will learn the five steps to start turning your home into a dream influencer, right now.

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