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Why should you take this 20 Day challenge

You have been dreaming so long to finally start your own business, and say good bye to being in a job, and you have these amazing ideas about  what should you be doing as a business. And most importantly, you want to get into business for 2 reasons.

  1. 1
    You have a skill, passion, expertise or even just an idea with what you can create a massive impact in others' lives, in the world, and help people to achieve their desired income.
  2. 2
    You have a big dream, a dream lifestyle, a way of living that you ever dream of

So you finally want to start a business and create value using this passion, skill or the idea that came to your head oneday, and you want to achieve your big dream by doing that.

You have been thinking about this all these times, day and night. You look at the people who have their own passion based businesses already, you look at their lifestyles and you think to yourself, "This is what I want to have".

You want it so much, but in reality, you just don't get a chance to start it.

It is just too much, too much of work, too much of overwhelming information out there, too much of energy to spend, too big of a leap to take.

Honestly, you don't have time to spend on this "still non-existant" business, when you have a job to do, when you have a family to take care of, and when you have a household to run!

It is just too much of work, and your dream keeps waiting,waiting and waiting...

And this is why you should download this book "20 Day Challenge" without spending another second to keep thinking.

How to create your own business

Here are some of things you get inside this book

Step by step 20 Day guide, leading you towards the transformation from being in a job to a business owner, without stressing you out.

Teaches you to establish your foundation, aligned with your big picture, so every step of your way is designed intentionally for you to reach that big, crazy and daring dream of yours.

How to smoothly yet effectively get into creating your dream business, even if you are a very busy person with lots of other responsibilities

Guides you to not only to create a business, but also to embrace the role of Entrepreneur, so you don't create another job, but a real business.

Step by step plan of how to prepare the right foundation for a successful business, and what information and systems you need to collect and build

Helps you to create the pathway to the big growth, aligning the foundation for the future possibilities, so you always keep an open end for the growth.

And you get all these for FREE! + Access to the main Webinar (You will learn about it once you download the book) and a series of Exceptionally valuable upcoming Webinars that will back you up in creating your business in every way!

Iresha Tschunke

Hello, I am Iresha.

When I first stepped into business, all I wanted in the world was two things. That is, to create a huge impact by changing lives, and to create my dream lifestyle by doing that. And it seemed like there were so many opportunities for me to learn all of it, and to get my dream on.

Although it seemed like that at first, soon I realised that if you don't have a certain amount of budget to start with, it is quite difficult to learn it all and to establish your business with a good foundation. Everywhere I turned asked me a ton of money, and I felt so helpless, angry and very sad.

Long story short, I somehow found money and invested in expensive business courses, thinking that it will teach me how to create a successful business, but unfortunately, that was not what happened. I can confidently say, that 99% of the business programs out there, don't teach you to be successful in business. They only teach you how to create "A Business" which actually acts like another job! And that is the reason that many entrepreneurs stay average.

But I didn't want to be an average entrepreneur. I wanted to be a rich one.

So I started seeing the holes of the business learning systems and was in a constant search to find the one method that explains it all. Long story short, I went on very different and various routes and studied, realised and searched many areas, and finally, I understood, that it is all one. Yes, they show you business, money, money mindset, spirituality, the law of attraction and so many other things as different systems, so we have to learn it all separately, paying again for each one. But what I discovered is, it is all one. It is all one system, one reality, playing inside parts of a successful business.

And what I discovered is, you need to START your business aligning it with all these elements, aligning your business systems with it all, and ONLY then you will be lead to success through your business.

And today, I have created a successful multi-figure business, helping thousands of women to create their successful business, and especially to bring them to their dream through that.

I don't want to bore you with details, (although I think it is quite interesting) so I can create you the basic steps for you to start creating your business considering all of the elements, from the beginning. In this way, you get to create not just a business, but a success machine, guaranteed.

So, go with this 20 Day Challenge, and completed it exactly the way I have asked, and you will see that this is the beginning of your success.

My only mission is to make your dream come true, and I take it very seriously and personally. My heart jumps with joy and victory when I know that another woman is now on her way for her dreams. This is my soul's mission, my life's purpose, to create as many as successful and wealthy women in the world.

And I am honoured to be a part of your success journey.

With love,

Break All The Rules Of Traditional, Work-hard Way Of Creating Business, And Get Into Yours With Success In 20 Days

It is your time to achieve that big dream.

How to create your own business