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How to end the year properly towards your dreams

This is how to end the year goal friendly

It is a very special time of the year, the end of a period, and the beginning of a new period. And this affects us in many different ways, at many different levels.

On one hand, it is the festive time, Christmas is coming, so much to do, so many gifts to buy, so many people to meet, so many discussions to be part of, and for some of us it is a magickal time filled with ancient magick, filled with abundance, and it is a portal of extreme manifestation, a time of the renewal of our connection with the earth, with cosmos, and of course in both cases to enjoy the seasonal food, the freshly baked biscuits, Christmas pudding, yule log cake and much more.

On the other hand, this marks the end to a long period of time in our businesses, in our money-making ventures, in your dream achieving journies, in our careers and we are stepping into a new cycle.

I know that many of us are very busy at this time of the year with so many things such as visiting people, cooking, cleaning, shopping that the last days of the year slip through our fingers even before we think, and there we are already in the new year.

But what many doesn't know is that this last few days of the year, carry magickal powers of manifestation.

So many of us let these last few days slip by, and then we start the new year with big new year's resolutions. New years resolutions are great, but what's not great is that most of us are just continuing to loop the cycle that we already were looping in the last year, and we carry the struggle, the stress, the same methods, the same personality, the same old to the next year, and from that same state, we are making new year's resolutions!

This is not a renewal, this is not starting new, this is not going forward.

How to end the year goal friendly

Now when you look back at the year, you may see the successful goals and unsuccessful ones. Some of you may feel that you did the best, and some of you might feel otherwise. Some of you may have thrived, some of you may have been going through a growth period. No matter what happened this year, what is important is that how you design your next year, next chapter, the next cycle.

I keep saying this all the time, you are the root of your financial success, you are the treasure point, you are the centre of your journey. The marketing strategies, the project plans and advertising are the secondary actions. Tell me how many of you are out there, who have spent a fortune on marketing, who have hired the perfect people to run your plans, and yet not making the money you desired? It is never the external things, it is always you, you and you.

So if your money-making ventures didn't work this year, it is most likely you are carrying some issues about making money. If your journey was too slow, it is most likely that you have work to do in your magnetism to draw money, resources and it is most likely that you have unresolved wounds, that you need to adapt and learn new skills, new personality traits, and much more.

Earthly money and material bliss is a direct result of your energy manipulation skills. This also means how efficiently can you manipulate energy into the forms that you desire, and how efficiently energy flows through you, your work, your businesses.

Wealthy Empress

The most common way many people celebrate this last few days of the year is attending to do parties at Christmas time, and having hangovers on the next day, and then sleep the next few days, eat something, watch tv, meet friends, and again partying for Silvester, and then hangover again for the next few days. There is nothing wrong with partying, in fact, life must be fun, but this is not exactly the way to invite a new cycle of your life. So in my life and in my client circles, we follow different practices in this last few days of the year, because we know that these few days of the year is so magickal, is so important and is a portal of manifestation.

It is the perfect time invite stillness into your life, to enjoy being between the old cycle and the new cycle, the magickal liminal space, the still time, and to stop day to day work and completely take time to work on yourself, reflect on yourself, work on your ancient, magickal creating powers.

So in Germany, we have something called Rauhnächte, that is the time between 25th December to 6th January. These 12 nights, are known to be having magickal powers, and a time that our connection to natural forces is heightened. In this time period, we don't do much hard work and instead, this is a time to reflect and to plan dreams and goals, and to influence the next year.

So what I do, and most of my clients do (although most of them are not German), we use this magickal time to reflect, and to go on a self-discovering journey, a pilgrimage to discovering yourself even more, activating your creative powers, creating your next year dreams and goals, evaluating what needs to be cultivated within you to be able to become the dream self you want to be, and we also use this time to do abundance rituals, manifesting rituals and this is a perfect time to do your dragon shakti activation ritual for the material bliss creation, and this is also a good time to redo the wealth codex activation. If you have worked with me you know what I am talking about, and all you have to do is to redo those rituals.

So if you haven't worked with me and are a bit confused about what to do and how to harness the magick of this portal to manifest your dreams, don't worry, I have created a list of things for you to do, within these 12 nights.

How to end the year goal friendly

So if you are someone who celebrates Yule, like me then you have enough time to be done with the yule festivities on the 21st, and then enter into this still, quiet and magickal rauhnächte period on the 24/25th. If you are celebrating Christmas, like I still do up to some extend, then you can do all your festivities, celebrate and share the joy with your friends and family, and then by 26th, try your best to send your relatives home, and then take time completely for yourself, and for your own family.

Well in my case, although I am celebrating Yule in a big way, we also celebrate Christmas, we do a Christmas dinner, a light one, then we flame the Christmas pudding, which I have baked a few months ago, then we share presents.

And then, the time is just for us, to stay home, to go for walks, to connect with nature, to read the thousands of books that I have to read, to plan the next year, to meditate, to reflect on yourself, to design your identity, to design yourself intentionally and much more. And during this time, we don't do much active work like cooking, cleaning, washing or any sorts of stuff. If you have a maid or cleaner to help you, then it is great, so you can get them to do a full cleaning right after Christmas Day, and send them home for these days. If you don't have any help right now, then do the cleaning before you enter into this still, quite 12 nights, plan for light cooking, or order food, and take this time to completely relax, and work on yourself.

So here is the list of things for you to do.

Now I am not going to tell you to ask yourself what went good and what went wrong, and why did they go the wrong kind of thing. Because of that stuff, I am pretty sure that you can manage that yourself without my help, and you can find so many businesses coaches doing that to help you. But what I am going to do here is to bring you a layer deeper, to do changes to your money-making abilities, and achieve your dreams.

1. Working on dropping the mask

The biggest reason people, especially women are not succeeding at their money-making ventures, at their passion-based businesses, at their dreams and missions, is that they are wearing a mask. Almost all of us wear a mast at least once in our lifetimes, including me. When we are born into this world, we are then immediately subjected to all the structures, energy systems here, and as we grow up, we learn how to strip some parts of us, in order to fit in, in order to be good, to be out of trouble. So nowadays as adults, what we perceive as ourselves, or how we identify ourselves are actually not our real selves, that is us wearing a mask.

I have met clients who identified themselves as introverts when they first came to me. The reason they came to me is that they realised that there is much more to their earthly life here and that their money-making ability should be much more than they know. Once we did the work, they found out that they are actually extroverts, they love to be loud, to be loud about their dreams, to be in the spotlight, to talk about their abilities, their passions and their work. They thrived by speaking about their work passionately. As a result of many incidents that happened to them, they have worn a mask to be safe, to be appreciated, to tame their selves, to fit in, to be the nicer ones, and it has become their personality then. And then they try to achieve their big financial goals, their money ventures, their passionate missions, by being only partially themselves. And when your money-making ventures are done wearing a mask, it always ends with struggle, whatever you do you are not satisfied, whatever you do money is not coming, no clients, and you are exhausted doing this work.

So take this time to discover your mask, and to unmask yourself.

Ask yourself, who you really are, on a deep soul, cellular level? If you had no bounds to anyone in the world if you could start all a new, who would you be? Will you be louder, will you be more passionate, will be a speaker, will you be loving being wealthy more than you do now, will you be audacious? What are the facets of yours, you have tamed? What sides of you have your silence? What is that yearning within you, waiting to be unleashed? Where is your raw, wild, ecstatic feminine being? Where has she hidden?

And ask yourself, why are you wearing this mask?

And then ask yourself, if you took this mask off, how different would you be? What a difference would that make in your journey, in your money-making activities?

How can you allow yourself to be real, today?

2. Work on your money wounds.

One thing that I work on with my clients is to bring them and connect to the purest essence of money that exist within the feminine dimension. That money works differently, and all the distorted energy structures, beliefs and stories don't apply there. Once you are connected to this unlimited supply, you are never in lack or struggle. And you are allowed and asked to love and desire this money, unlimitedly, more and more, no matter you already have a billion dollars, you can have more. There is no guilt, no shame or feeling bad about wanting to have more of this money. This money is not subjected to the wounded paradigms of the money that the majority of us are trying to make.

So how can you get closer to that state, by working within the paradigm you are in right now?

Think and write about all the beliefs and stories that you have about money. Now you might think "Well I don't have many stories about money". So let me ask you this. How much money do you want to have in your life? If you are living in a fantasy world, where do you want to end up? Is it being super-rich, or is it becoming a billionaire, someone who has an endless amount of abundance and money? Ok, now forget the fantasy world, apply that same goal into this current world. How do you feel? Do you have the urge to change that, or put a notch down to it? If you do, then you have a big money block, which is called the guilt to have more money. This happens because you have stories built inside you, that too much money is bad, riches are bad, money is evil, money corrupt people etc. Money is never bad or good. Money is pure energy and depends on the person what to do with it. What we need in this world are people who have this pure money consciousness, who are aligned with the natural forces and who understand that there is absolutely no limit to this abundance supply. So you can have any amount of money as you want, and that will only strengthen the world, it will not take money away from anyone. Once we eliminate this bad feeling for money, we start to turn back to our original wealth consciousness.

So that is just one example. What are the stories you carry around money? And how have those stories affected your money making journey?

And think of that big bold goal that you imagined for the fantasy world. For that goal to happen in this world, to be a person who lives in that reality, what beliefs would one have to have about money?

3. Measure your success.

This is an important task. Think about every little success that you have had this year. This could be your business successions, this could be you changing your personality in the right direction, taking a new path, learning a new skill, upgrading yourself, or anything. Mark all those events as a success. All these little things are part of your success journey.

For every success step, take a moment to celebrate, these are your achievements. The essence of success is what magnetises more success. The essence of success is what needs to be familiar with, in order to create a path of success. The challenge many people are facing is that they don't identify themselves with this essence of success, so they are not familiar with it. The question I get asked often is "How can I get familiar with success when my money ventures have been failing over and over?". This is the thing, the problem here is that we have tied success, with money. So we need money to feel successful. So we put ourselves under enormous pressure to make money, and just because of that pressure we are not making money.

Success comes from taking one step higher in many different directions. Learning a new skill is a success, going through a spiritual awakening is a success, starting a new venture is a success and much more. Compare yourself to yourself five years ago. How much has changed? How far have you become? Now that is a success.

The more you acknowledge how successful you are, the more you are drawing success into your life. If you can acknowledge success in other areas, it makes it much easier for you to succeed in making money. Your body keeps a record, and it is a very effective manifesting machine. If you feed your body with the feeling of success, every day, if you practice success, if you practice being abundant, that is when you automatically become good at manipulating the abundant energy, and drawing it into your life. Remember, this is where it starts. The marketing, projects, are secondary, and they are tools for you to anchor that abundance that you have already drawn into your life, into your physical reality.

If you don't do this work and try to get the secondary steps done only, this is when people are stuck in a loop of hard work, yet no results.

So take time to breathe the essence of success into you, and let yourself sink in this new feeling. Identify yourself as a success. Make it your new normal. Step into the next year as an already successful person. When you seriously do this, you create new neural pathways, which actually makes you a different person.

Wealthy Empress

Now, these are just 3 things you can do in this magical time, and of course, you can set a plan for the next year, take this time to dream, dream big, and intentionally design your personality, your identity of how you want to be. List down the books you want to find and read next year, which will help your journey, the resources you want to get, the schools you may want to enrol in, the courses you may want to take, the self-image changes you may want to do and much more.

And my clients and I also use this time to do abundance rituals, to give birth to new creative ideas at an energetic level, to dive deep into the dream realms, the quantum realm, to walk in altered realities, receiving the best downloads for our content, money-making ideas, to plant new income methods and much more.

This is actually very personal, how you spend this time, so get inspired, but do what feels right to you. Don't feel bad if you couldn't do any manifesting ritual, because you feel you have to do as others are doing it, just do what you can, and what you feel like doing.

But please take effort, and reserve this time for you, not for the people outside. It is your time, really it is your time.

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