12 Jan

How to make a winning CEO plan for your business

Iresha Tschunke

Create your Winning CEO plan / Your Entrepreneurship Business Plan this year for definite success

2021 is here and we are still rocking January! Yes, it is still the beginning of the year and that means, so much potential lies just ahead of you, waiting for you to uncover.

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Although this month is one of the most crucial and important times of the year in any business, not every business is making use of this valuable time.

I have noticed one thing over and over when I talk with beginner entrepreneurs. That is, that most of them start their business with the attitude of "amateur business". Or in other words, they don't focus on seeing the big picture. Therefore, no CEO plan.

Most of the people when they first start their businesses, come directly from being in a job. So without even knowing it, what they create is not a business, but another job, where they get to play the "working clerk" or the "working employee", but in a different name this time.

What they should be creating is a business, where they get to play the role of "Entrepreneur", in other words, the CEO of their company, the master brain of the company, the role which manages, creates and decides the future of the company.

And every beginner entrepreneur should plan his or her business looking at the big picture, taking every aspect of their business, their lifestyle, their dream and aligning them into the business. It has to be planned into different roles, even if one doesn't have people working for her or him.

The trick is, layout the CEO plan just as a multi-million dollar company does.(even if you are just starting out as a one-person business) And then play it at your stage, with what you have, and fill in the gaps as you grow.

And as our primary goal is to
 turn your business into a vehicle that brings you into your dream lifestyle, it is also crucial that you combine your lifestyle goals with your business, combine your inner values with your business, because that is the only way you can plan it for the success that you really want.

I know, this can be daunting, and that is why I have already done it for you. The complete layout is done for you, and all you need is to watch the video and do the planning with it. Or, watch the video from beginning to the end, and then make a lovely cup of tea, sit in a place where you are not disturbed, take a pen and your diary and watch the video again, pause it when you need, and do your plan. Brainstorm, be intentional and creative when you do this.

Good planning! 

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