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How to practise abundance

Abundance tips

Your financial situation and your state of abundance have to do everything about your ability to receive and give. We have been raised in many different ways, by different parents, in different environments. I have seen people who are programmed to be obliged to give in to extreme levels, and people who are programmed to only try to take and never put a single effort to give something back. And according to how we are used to, we tend to lean into either one of these groups, in different degrees.

So what do abundance and money have to do with giving and receiving?

As I always say, your money flow has everything to do with yourself. You are the source of your money. You are the centre point of your whole financial reality and your whole destiny. Think of it as that you are the central station of a quantum network of abundance and money flow. You process the information, images, the quality of the images and the quality of the outcomes. And the smallest change of the vibration, well being and the producing patterns of this station creates a huge difference in the images that this network produces. When the station is feeling good and is on a high vibe, the channels and the images produced are of the highest quality. And vice versa.

Creating money is all about tunning into the abundance flow. You are not actually "creating" money, you are rather joining a flow, a galactic flow of abundance that already exists. And for us humans, this flow represents physically, as money, and this current is already flowing around us, and it is a choice to join this flow or not.

When someone joins this flow, this person is automatically agreed with the general laws of abundance. And that is, the flow of coming in, and going out.

The problem that happens with most people is that they are leaned towards either giving or taking, losing the balance.

Many of us are being told that giving is the best part, and we tend to treat giving as the holy of the holiest, and we try to maintain it at every cost. We refuse to receive, as it almost feels like a selfish and bad thing to do.

For many of us, this comes from our parents, especially from our mothers, who spent a lifetime being the holy figure of self-sacrificing, being the epitome of giving everything to others, taking none for them. I know this personally, as my mother played this role, through my complete childhood and my early adulthood. I was known as the selfish child as I somehow managed to say no to the extreme giving, and for making sure that I am ready to receive at least a bit of as much as I give.

If every one of us is only focused on giving and not receiving at all, who will be there to give anything anyway?

When someone is giving you something, no matter in what form it comes, accept it with gratitude. By letting someone give you something, you allow them to demonstrate their abundance. And by sharing their abundance with you, they get more confident about their ability to make more. And by receiving it, you open yourself to receive, and your goals and desires that you are trying to manifest, get your approval, as in you saying that you are ready to receive, in any form as they come.

When you receive something, imagine and wish that the person who gives to you receive it back, multiplied. This is the way of thinking of a prosperous mind, who is in the flow with abundance. When you wish that, you fill yourself with a feeling of unconditional love and the trust of the unlimited flow that is circulating around us, and you actively take part in being in this circulation. When you do this, you also acknowledge that you are a happy person, you are a grateful person and that you want everyone to receive more, which makes the world wealthier.

Art of receiving

Be open and ready to receive with grace and gratitude. If you receive a small amount of money or something minor that will help you in your direction, be happy that you received it and be grateful. Receiving this means, you have already started to magnetise what you want, and each simple thing you receive are building on each other towards your goals. Do not receive anything with the thought of "Oh this is such a small amount, what can I do with this? This is not enough". As you lessen the value and the importance of what you receive, the next thing to be received will be even lesser. As I mentioned above, you are the centre of your receiving, so whatever you demonstrate, is what will be repeated. If you receive money or whatever it is, with the hope and the knowing of that more is on the way to you and with a feeling of gratefulness, you open more and more ways of money and income streams towards you.

When you set a goal for a certain amount of money, or the succession of a certain project that will bring you money, be opened to receive it in any form. I am pretty sure that you have already heard of the law of detachment. When I first heard of this law, I was very confused. I was thinking for months, how can I be wanting something so bad with passion, and then at the same time to not wanting it?

To understand this in deep, you might need to have built an awareness that needs great practice and understanding. And not everyone is practising their way to be a spiritual expert, although we are all on a spiritual journey at different stages. So my advice is, don't worry about this. If that bothers you and put you off the rail, forget about it, altogether. To do this right, this is what you need to understand, simply. When you plan and expect a certain amount of money or the succession of a project that brings you money, be ready to accept it in any form that it comes. Be ready to let it be even unpractical, magical, crazy or miraculous. Tell your higher self, I mean literally tell your soul out loud that you are ready and opened to receive it in any form it comes, and that you are very excited to see how it comes. In this way, you are not controlling or analysing the process, rather trusting the process. This is the general gist of the whole detachment thing. 🙂

And when you receive it, accept it. And yes, it might come in too good to be true ways, unimaginable ways, and when that happens, don't turn it down saying "this is too good to be true". Be ready for things that are too good to be true, because once you join the flow, the magic begins to unleash.

And congratulate yourself, every time when you receive what you have wanted.

Art of giving

Art of Giving

Giving is very much connected to receiving. How you give to others, is how you receive. That is why, giving money to others, putting money into circulation is actually a gift that you give yourself, because by doing that you are creating more ways, money to flow to you.

Giving can happen in many ways. It could be giving money or material things to others, or you are spending money to give something to yourself.

Giving to others

Giving to others symbolises and activates the abundance in you. By giving, you affirm that you have plenty, and every time you give, you are multiplying it back at you. The whole money creation system is like a network, and it is made of a vast web of energies. When you give out of happiness, with a good feeling, you are sharing a bit of your abundance with the person you give, and that feeling attracts multiplied amounts of money back to you. And don't forget, when you give, the feeling you carry is vital.

Some of us are used to the habit of giving, simply out of obligation. When we lend money to friends, family or simply giving things to anyone out of obligation or just because we are afraid that the other person will think bad about us, we are doing both a disservice. When we give out of the guilt, we repel money. We give money away, with a bad feeling, which shuts down a few strings of that money web towards you. Money is the representation of abundance energy, and it is only attracted to positive feelings such as love, happiness, gratitude and hope.

Every gift you give someone can be attracting you ten times more money or repels your money in ten folds.

Giving to yourself

Learning and getting used to the habit of giving yourself is vital in maintaining the flow of money and abundance. Take a minute and think, what was the last thing that you have bought for yourself with feeling great? How do you feel about buying something today, which you were wanting to have for all these times? Do you feel like that it is a waste of money right now? Or do you tend to look for cheaper options? Or is it totally out of the question?

Very often we tend to spend money on others, on our children, families, on charity but we tend to think ten times before we spend money on ourselves. And many of the things that we want to receive, we rule them out as "fun stuff" or "not necessary stuff".

As I mentioned above, you are the source of your money. And one way to support your money flow is to practice abundance. And as mentioned, you do not create money, you are tunning into the flow and the circulation of money. When you create money and get wealthy, you are not taking it away from someone, you become a part of the flow of money. And as you become a part of that money flow, it is natural and important that you participate in the natural order of giving and receiving.

As you spend money on buying something you really enjoy and when that brings joy to your life, you are contributing to the circulation of the money, as well as practising abundance. The more each of us do, the wealthier the societies and this money flow get. And when you do this with self-love, respect and joy, and the more you feel good about giving money to a shop, to an institution, the more attractive and magnetic you become to money.

And by doing that, you confirm that you are worthy of receiving, and you also incredibly shift up your mental status, and by doing that you shift up your subconscious and your overall energy as a being. The more you do this, the more you begin to feel abundant, the more you feel worthy and the more you feel enjoying abundance. Only when you get used to enjoying the abundance, you are ready for more abundance.

Remember, the money flow and the abundance doesn't flow into an unhappy, stressful and full of lack place.

When you spend money, do so with joy, love and appreciation, and not with worry, fear or the feeling that you can't afford. Now think of how you spend money. Whenever you spend money, on yourself or in paying a bill, what are the feelings you have? Do you feel abundant to pay money and grateful that you have money, or do you feel stressed and scared to pay it? Do you feel spending the money is a joy, or an obligation and a burden?

Take a minute, and think of something that you really want to have. It could be anything, a dress, a piece of equipment, a spa appointment, etc. Now decide to spend money on that, this week. And no, don't do a google search for cheaper alternatives. Go ahead, and invest in that. (I am not advising you to spend on a Yacht if you are not yet at that stage financially)

Once you buy that something which means much to you, enjoy it, appreciate it, and play with it like a child with pure innocence and happiness. Appreciate what you have, ask for more of that. Imagine that many more of these joys are coming towards you, and know that it is true. Ask your soul, literally.

Your money journey is completely built around you, and on how you feel. The most important practice for abundance and money flow is the maintenance of the energy and your emotional state. You need to practice being abundant, every day. As you start practising what I have shared with you in this article, you will start seeing a radical shift in your life. You will experience that your money flow changes. And these practices are not new to experience, but being practised by me, and many of my clients over time with great success. So just know that this stuff actually works. Money is all energy, and how to make hundreds of millions of money is all about working with it on an energetic level and magnetising it.

Once you do that, the physical part shows up, and every event that needs to take place in order for you to reach your goals will be lined up.

And it all starts from you, you alone.

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