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Is having money and alot of it a choice

Iresha Tschunke

Is having money and a lot of it a choice?

In a world where its major species are all in a race to make money, competing with each other in fear that someone else might take it all away, struggling to succeed, and where money has become the very reason for every single effort in life, this question may raise irritation, and I am well aware of it.

But let me ask you, what if it really is a choice?

One might say, "That would be great and easy."

But is it? Is it that easy?

Let me tell you a secret then, it really is a choice. Having money and a lot of it, is really a choice, a choice that you need to make, a plane of existence that you need to give significance to, and a choice that plays on many different levels, physically, mentally, emotionally, unconsciously, subconsciously, ethereally, quantumly.

I can explain this in a hard and complicated way, but I choose to explain it in a simple way, as everyone who reads this will understand.

Wealthy Empress

Our existence is playing at a much larger scale than we can usually perceive. Every single thing that exists in our realities, every single incident that happens, and every single person who exists or crosses paths with our realities are parts of a major, vast and fine process.

And creation, I mean the act of creating anything into our realities, is the process that species at different levels, different dimensions and planes of existence are mastering at their speed of evolution, at their stage of growth.

Right now, we are living in the 3 density reality, as the earth is currently resonating in the 3 density frequency of existence.

Let's first talk about this 3d story. What does it actually mean? What is 5d? How can we cross from 3d to 4d to 5d? Are there walls or barriers that we have to cross?

Thinking of walls and barriers is a concept of human perception. That gives us a perceivable image of what the other dimensions are. This is also a result of our duality mindset, the existence of separation, as we tend to separate everything, to understand.

In truth, there is one whole universe, one whole, vast and comprehensive unit. And within this unit, there are gradients of frequencies, and different species are growing at these different gradients of frequencies, according to their stage of evolution.

So there is no actual border from 3d to 4d to 5d or further. It is a gradient of frequencies.

How to end the year goal friendly

We are living in the 3D, with the systems and stories that are being created within it.

There is nothing bad about it. But the oddity here is, that we are not supposed to be staying in 3D for this long, as we were originally created as 5d creatures. Humans have the 5d sensory skills, magick, the creative abilities that exceed far beyond our 3D abilities, and a long time ago, humans were in 5D.

Then we descended into 3D, for many reasons, which I am not going to talk about here.

So when we descended, we also lost so many of our 5d abilities, in other words, those skills went dormant.

And as in every civilisation, within this bubble, systems were created, and as a result of us descending, human consciousness had reduced to a lower frequency. So within this descended consciousness, many systems of manipulation were created, figures and authorities of control happened, and humans became a whole different species than they originally were.

Now there are many reasons for these manipulating systems to occur, why and how they happened, who are they, what are their purpose etc. As I said before, our existence is much more vast than we perceive or think. So I am not going to go into that details here. Because what is important for us is not those questions, but how we can get over them, and to claim our true creative powers of prosperity back.

Tell me, what is the best way to manipulate a species? What is the best way to create polarity, poverty, and struggle and to keep people under the control of fear? The answer is, to limit and cut off their creative powers, tell them that there is only so much of XYZ in the world but they need it to survive, shut them down to free creation and let them all believe it, and let them create a civilisation based on those foundations.

This is how a civilisation or an entire species is kept away from their true powers and makes it very convincing as their reality.

So this is exactly what happened.

In my channelling sessions with my dragons, I was told this.

"Making money is a human goal. And money, being the reason for all the efforts that they make in life, is a human story and a structure, which has blocked them from accessing the unlimited creation that exists out there"

Money is like the air that we breathe. It is unlimited, and it is available for us, at any time, in any amount. Money is a currency, a name that we have given to the energy of abundance. The energy of abundance is the potential energy, the life force energy, the liquid energy that exists in the universe, infinitely. Out there, I mean, beyond our bubble, this is common knowledge, and any species have full access to this, and they can create their realities, their worlds, their desires into their realities, very easily.

And at that point, money becomes not the main focus of a species, because it is like air, available for all. Do you think about the air when you breathe, do you fear that there won't be enough air for you, so you breathe as faster as you can, taking as much as the air? No, we don't even think when we breathe. The same applies to money, beyond our bubble. The species who are just one step beyond us, are not focusing on making money anymore, as it is available for all, and their focus has become something else like science, gaining psychic abilities and mastering the skills of higher dimensions.

Why do I keep saying "Beyond our bubble?"

Well, in our 3D bubble, obviously, this knowledge has been shut off, for a very long time. Fake spirituality, fake stories about money, and fake abundance rules have been created in a very convincing way, and humans have agreed to these rules, and they are recreating their realities according to these agreements, from moment to moment.

Reality is not made solid. Each moment is chosen by you, by giving significance to a certain probability out of the infinite number of probabilities. And these moments are chosen according to your beliefs, according to what is "real" to you.

The problem is, those fake old stories about money and spirituality have become so "real" for humans, that they are very reluctant to see or perceive reality in any different way because they are stuck in this concept of what is "real".

As a result, they have closed down the bubble, closing the doors to the beyond, the beyond where money creation is actually unlimited.

Once you have access to that unlimited creating power, that is when you awaken your true abilities of creation, that is when making money, or anything at all becomes easy, and you realise that creating anything in your reality is not a problem, and it never has been. This is the realm where quantum leaps are the normal mode of creation. This is the realm where you only need to know what you want, and you know how to create it. And this is our true right, this is where we actually belong and this is the golden age that was prophesied a long time ago, a time when they predicted that humans are finally ascending back to their natural powers.

Right now, the 3d bubble is fading away, and more and more people are getting aware of what is out there, beyond the scope of the 3D world.

Tell me, why bother struggling and suffering for making money when money is unlimited out there?

This is the trick.

The moment you perceive anything as "real" it becomes your reality. Those stories that money is physical, money is hard to make, money and spirituality go in different ways, all those stories are man-made fake systems, that are capable of keeping humans within the limitations. When humans are limited in their powers, they are easily controllable. When poverty runs the world, it is easy to manipulate.

Right now, earthlings, I mean we humans, are on the verge of breaking that old matrix and stepping into the 5d. And so many of us already have, creating quantum leaps, achieving our best lives on earth very easily, in ways that no logic can explain. This is a very important point in time for us as a species and a planet. This is the moment we ascend to the next level. This is the moment where poverty is about to cease to exist, where human existence will take a radical turn into the next level of living and awareness.

Usually, when a planet and a species reach this point of stepping into the next level, this is a famous incident throughout the universe. So many beings from different dimensions and planes of existence are watching this event, and are volunteering to aid this transformation. Usually, they are working on this mission for decades, in subtle and radical ways.

Masters, ascended masters, dragons, angels, beings from other planets and many more are interfering on earth right now, to aid this mission.

And prosperity, is the major theme of this transformation, as it is the limited powers of creation that have kept humanity stuck in the 3d, bringing poverty and manipulation to the world. Getting your hands on the new earth's prosperity is the key to filling the fake gap between spirituality and material.

So, in other words, getting rich, getting wealthy and getting your hands on unlimited prosperity is the key to ascension. I know, many thought ascension means going to the sky, leaving all the material here, but let me be the one to tell you in that case, that story is a result of fake spirituality.

I personally find it fascinating that there are so many figures, who are famous in some ways, cultivating the fake spirituality stories, the fake money stories even in the midst of the mass awakening, and this happens as a result of the old matrix giving its best to stay stable.

My advice is, do not give in, to the old stories.

You don't have to work hard to make money. You don't have to sacrifice to make money. Making money is not a stressful activity, it is not a tiresome act. It is a bliss, and you can create tons of it, super easy. You only need to know how to travel beyond the 3D bubble, and to enter into the existence beyond, where the true creative powers exist.

And of course, this is a great power, where you can create anything in any size, easily. And great power comes with great responsibility. This knowledge, when given to the hands of the people who are not ready for this, can be dangerous.

To achieve this state, one needs to achieve a level of a certain combination of spirituality and the new earth money knowledge and mechanics, which grants you access to this type of creation.

Once you are upgraded to this level, your consciousness, your being is upgraded, so you are in no need to use these creative powers to harm anyone or the earth. Basically, you become the human 2.0.

So how can you enter this process?

This journey is what we call the "New Earth Money Creation Journey".

This is the journey where you expose yourself to the beyond, where you activate your true magick, and where you unplug yourself from the old matrix.

The purpose of this journey is to initiate you as a wealth beacon of the earth, who will bring actual, material wealth into your reality, and by doing that, bring unlimited new earth prosperity on earth.

We don't need to bring the masses into this type of prosperity creation. There are key people, who are to upgrade themselves to the level we are speaking of here. They are a vast amount of people who are incarnated on earth right now, to be the key people who will become considerably wealthy by using the new earth technology, and by doing that they are anchoring the 5D creation on earth. This is what was prophesied as the golden age.

And as a result of their perception, the rest of the population will be unplugged from the old matrix and will be led to the 5D existence.

This is the mission, the galactic mission on earth, to bring unlimited prosperity back to her.

New Earth Money

So if you are having crazily big dreams, to be rich, to be wealthy, to accomplish the impossible, this is not because you are crazy. These are the ways your soul shows you your destiny, the original plan that you have signed up for.

So I ask you to step forward, be bold and become a wealth beacon of the world.

Get rich, and do that in the magickal way, not the old, fake and work-hard way, and weave the golden age back on earth.

We are the pioneers of the prosperous golden age, and we are the first ones to experience it, and we are the first ones to get wealthy magickally.

If you have a calling for this, I invite you to step forward and introduce yourself to this mission.

It is your time to go bigger and let the impossible be possible.

Remove yourself from the convincing old, and step into the exciting new.

You can do this.

This is your homecoming.

PS - If you are ready for this or have a deep yearning or a calling, please go ahead and apply for "Wealthy Empress". This is the portal and the container where we initiate people into the new Earth Money Creation knowledge and to become the wealth beacons of the earth. Please step forward and book your FREE application call, where we will talk all about it, see if you are in the right alignment for this in your life right now, and if you are ready to step in.

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