To the realms of the dragons

Who are dragons?

Dragons are magnificent, wise and extremely powerful beings, who are living in the etheric dimensions as well as the higher dimensions. They do have a hard matter form in the perspective of their frequency range and perception, and they are real as we are, and the ones who are existing in our etheric realms on earth are intersecting with our realm. They lived in the physical plane a very long ago, and they left from our sight when humans descended to the lower frequencies, and on top of that, the 3 density reality we descended to became a distorted version of that, and as a result, humans were not their allies anymore, so they had to leave.

But they never gave up the hope for humanity.

Iresha Tschunke

They waited over thousands of years until the right time, and they have been working actively in other realms, creating mission plans, asking for petitions for volunteers to support humanity in transcending to the next level of our evolution.

Right now, earth and humanity are going through a major turning point in our existence. We are now passing through the level of shifts that the ancient Atlantians couldn't reach. We are now on the verge of becoming the next level of our evolution, the original human, the magickal human.

In truth, we are not only stepping into the next step of our evolution as a species, but we are also stepping out of the 3 density reality, which has existed too long, creating distorted versions of it, keeping humans away from their natural evolution and their natural capacity. So what we are up to is not another big leap of a species, it is also liberation, freedom, claiming our true power back and going home.

Usually, when a species reaches the point of their evolution to step into the next level, this is known throughout the dimensions and galaxies. So, many beings, masters and leaders volunteer to aid such species and planets, bringing the wisdom and teachings from higher realms. Some incarnate into the planet, some work in etheric levels, some aid by dealing negotiations and preparing help in other dimensions, and some work with the living species, through interdimensional communication.

And dragons, are one of the beings who are actively interfering with human consciousness, bringing specific teachings, codes and wisdom in particular areas, to aid this transformation from 3 density to 5 density, to the next step of our evolution, bringing back the golden age on earth.

What is the connection between the dragons and the new earth money creation?

If you have already read the introduction to New Earth Money Creation, you now know that prosperity and wealth creation plays a major role in our next step of evolution. For so long, humans have separated material creation from spirituality and have created power struggles, fake spirituality, and so much chaos in our lives.

The ability of creation is the fabric of any civilisation, as that determines every single aspect of the species. It is because we have created a limited structure and a perception of creation, we have polarities. As a result, we have people who are rich, then the ones who are poor. The ones who have things, the ones who don't. The successful ones, the struggling ones. The ones who are happy because they have been able to get the things that are limited, and the ones who are sad because they have missed it.


The first step for us to step out of the bubble we live in, and to get our hands on the unlimited creation is the awareness of the true abundance, wealth and creation. To be able to be there, we need to upgrade our consciousness and existence to a certain standard, learning and realising how the reality actually works, what exists out there beyond our bubble. And only then we will understand the new earth teachings of creation.

And this upgrade is the process of new earth money creation.

For so long, dragons have been watching over humans, waiting patiently for the right moment of time to interfere with human consciousness. Dragons exist throughout the vast dimensions, and one difference between dragons and the other spirit guides, angels or goddesses or gods is that dragons are very comfortable and it is easy for them to work with dense dimensions, like ours. Many dragons are still being incarnated in the elemental realms, and they have been physical on earth a long time ago, and they have a strong connection to the physical, especially to earth.

So when befriended and invited, dragons can be a strong and extremely powerful ally in your physical manifestations, in your physical prosperity creation.

Dragons are one of the most impressive gigantic beings throughout the universe, full of power, magnificence and greatness and they hold very strong energy, a different type of energy that you receive from angels or other spirit guides. Dragons also command absolute respect, as they are also very selective.

For centuries, people have been working with dragons, and there were many dragon priestesses and priests throughout history, and you may have already heard of them. There are many stories, records of dragon ceremonies, dragon magick and rituals.

I must mention to you here, there is a difference between how we connected with dragons back then, and now.

It is in my personal experience and opinion, as well as how the dragons are speaking through me as I am writing this (I am channelling as I write this), that I find the methods, ideas and ways we connect dragons nowadays is very different than in the past.


In the past, the earth's energies were very different, and humanity was also very different from now. Humanity went through a long period of restriction, darkness, fake spirituality and much more, so the energies were not very supportive for the next level of magick or communication.

So the practitioners had to use extra energies, extra steps in rituals, and use quite a lot of physical ingredients in making the connection between realms. Also, according to where the humans were at our evolution journey at those times, we were still living in the systems of separations, where we had lost our power and where we were always looking up to a God who exists somewhere up there, somewhere out there, and we had got used to the act of worship.

That is why you may find in the ancient texts the dragon rituals were very complicated.

But right now, as the energies are extremely supportive, and we are on the verge of stepping into the next level, how we connect with dragons are very different.

Dragon clans are now showing themselves to many individuals, and initiating connections directly, where we can just communicate and work with them, at an etheric level, without having to have any complicated rituals. As humans are more and more aware of their own power, of their own holiness, we are able to connect with dragons in a very loving yet respectable manner and to work with them on our dreams.

My journey with dragons

Iresha Tschunke

As a child, I was always so fascinated by dragons, and the dragon was my favourite animal. I can't quite explain it, but there was always something about dragons to me. Anyway, long story short, as an adult, after a spontaneous spiritual experience, where my first actual initiation happened with the Egyptian goddess Isis, I entered into a whole new world of realms beyond our perception. That is where my journey started.

And then after many many many months, where I already was channelling other beings and working exclusively with the Egyptian goddesses on the prosperity codes, one day, I started seeing dragon images everywhere. After about four times seeing dragons coincidently from everywhere, I knew that this is not a coincidence and that something is being prepared. It is such a feeling that I have no words to explain.

And then on the same day, my husband and I were out in nature to go for walk, and as we drove back home, I saw another banner of a dragon in the most unlikely place, and I knew that this is a calling.

I went home, sat at my altar, and I indicated that I am ready to channel whatever it is that I am expected today.

And there, a magnificent being, a reddish-brown earth dragon appeared in front of me, talking to me for the first time ever in my life! I was speechless!

Iresha Tschunke

He introduced himself to me, as Ethusia, the lord of the dragon realms. He explained to me that they were watching over me all these times, waiting for the perfect moment where I am ready to carry the dragon codes.

He said that I am a very important part of a galactic mission and that I have volunteered to incarnate as a human, to carry on this mission. (And I discovered the rest of the story later, activating my memories and connections to dragons, and many many many other lifetimes where I carried this same mission) He said that they, the dragon council love me so much, and they are actively working on making this mission, my journey and my dreams to happen easily so that I am able to succeed in this mission easily. He mentioned that they are now working together with me.

I was first confused, and I asked "How can I be in service to you, what am I supposed to do?"

He smiled gently and said, "It is about how can we be of service to you. You will receive the codes, wisdom at the right moment, doors will open at the right moment. Our dragon council is actively working in your favour, and making it possible and easy for you to carry on your mission, achieve your dreams. We love you very much."

Of course, it was not all known to me back then, and even if I had no idea, I let myself be in the mystery, and be willing to see how it unfolds.

And it had taken me through a beautiful journey where I have strengthened my connection with dragons, and where I know exactly who I am, and who the dragons are to me. We now work very closely, and at this point in time, I am connecting with them almost daily, and I have accustomed so much to their strong energies.

So that is how I was first exposed to dragons, and in this journey, they have taken me through various stages, given me access to metaphysical libraries and wisdom containers, have directly given me whole chunks of information, classes, live activations and are actively helping me in my work, business and in my mission. Some examples are, they have created a special link to me to the violet flame dragon libraries on the 9th dimension, where I can get my hands on one of the most sacred knowledge and wisdom information. I also have access to another dragon library within the dragon heart portal, where I receive the quantum knowledge, which is coded to my heart space, which will be coming through when I access it. I am also continuously connecting with my past life selves, where I have been doing this same work extensively, preparing species to the next level of prosperity creation when they had reached this certain level of their evolution. I receive the training, practices, skills and knowledge from my past and parallel selves, so I can gather all those powers in this lifetime, to serve you, to give you the best.

Iresha Tschunke

It is my one and only mission to create unlimited wealth and prosperity on earth in humans and to create as many as wealth beacons, who then will weave the golden age back on earth. It is my mission to bring the ultimate money and wealth consciousness, the new earth abundance to individuals so that we create rich, wealthy people who are already stepping into the next age. It is my desire to see rich women, prosperous women who create using the true universal & galactic mechanics of creation which is unlimited and easily joyful, and who are free to roam in the quantum fields of creation where nothing is being limited.

It is my goal to eliminate the wall between the old world and the new world, and to bring the knowledge of magick, the quantum creation and the wisdom from beyond to humanity, that it becomes normal for us.

It is my dream to see a prosperous world, where people are rich, happy and living their absolute best lives.


There is a lot that I could share with you about dragons, which I am actually planning to do in the future. I am planning to create specific platforms to connect to certain dragons in your prosperity journey, so you can learn about the dragon communication that aids you in your money journey, easily.

For starters, if you have never worked with dragons, a good place, to begin with, is this training "Quantum Woman". Here you will learn what New Earth Money Creation is, and at the end, you will go through an initiating ceremony which is also your rite of passage in stepping into becoming a wealth beacon. This was live channelled with dragons. This was channelled in the non-ordinary realms, where time doesn't exist, so by watching the recording you are participating in it in real-time

New Earth Money Creation journey is a mission to bring actual prosperity to earth, and a myriad of dragon clans are working with you, through this portal.

So stay on, and be ready to step into a whole new world. This is your portal of new earth wisdom.

A note from Iresha...

Iresha Tschunke

As I am writing this, a part of me feels like a fellow human, and another part feels like the multidimensional being I am, as the soul who came here with this specific mission to bring the next level of prosperity teachings to humanity, at this special stage of their evolution.

I am pretty sure that many of you who are reading this, are also already aware or getting aware of the specific mission that you came to this world with, in relation to what your strong soul tendencies are, and you are here to aid the evolution of humanity, at this very crucial phase.

My life and the awareness of my existence started to change when I first had a unique spiritual experience during a meditation, a few years ago. It took to another level when I was visited by the Egyptian Goddess Isis, and then later initiated by Hathor and Khali.

And my life, my being and my whole existence changed completely when I was first visited by the dragons, which was the turning point to all these works, on this level. For me, this was the peak that opened my eyes to a whole new world, to remember fully about who I really am, to remember what sort of work I have been doing throughout the galaxies, what work have I done in the dragon realms, and much more.

Iresha Tschunke

And with this awareness, I totally embodied myself, as who I really am, and I completely dedicated my life to this one mission, which is to bring the new earth prosperity teachings to humanity and to create magickal prosperity back on earth.

What you will discover here and with my entire work is not something I came up with alone. This whole mission, all the teachings, and all my work is being done together with a vast amount of universal beings and I work very closely with dragons. Dragons work together with me, supply me with the otherworldly resources, teachings and wisdom, help me to be on the right track, arrange events in order for the right people to see this work, and much more.

At this point, they have become a major part of my life.

This mission is not my first mission in the universe, or on earth. I have been doing the same work, in other planets at their stages of next evolution, and with humans several times, and one was in ancient Egypt, at the last golden age. My soul's mission is to create prosperity, material bliss and abundance throughout the universe, and to help souls to understand the teachings, rules and new age wisdom that govern prosperity.

What you will discover here in my work are the results of a group effort of my self, the vast amount of loving and supportive dragon clans, Egyptian goddesses Isis, Hathor, and goddesses Khali, as well as powerful planetary spirits such as Jupiter, and many other ascended masters and supportive beings, as I am never doing this alone.

Iresha Tschunke

My purpose here in this website is to provide you with a platform where you can enter into this magickal world of prosperity creation, where you can browse through the metaphysical knowledge of money and other creation, and to make it easier for you to connect with the dragons who are eagerly waiting to help you, and to make it possible for you to connect with the quantum realms of creation.

I try my best to keep things here as clear as possible and as less complicated as possible, yet I apologise if any of the content is too complicated, confusing or in any way offending anyone.

I love you to the pieces, and I want you to become the prosperity and wealth the world needs.

Iresha Tschunke

If you hear the calling for New Earth Money Creation and want to take part of it, then please step forward, because this is a very important point of your journey, and this is you coming home. Discover more  about this journey below.