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Iva Stankovic

Founder of Doremi Music School, Abu Dhabi

"Knowing you Changed My Life"

"Beautiful lady with a beautiful Soul, knowing you has changed my life" 

Camelia Botoroaga

Reiki Specialist, Former Lawyer, USA

"I will recommend her to anybody who wonders why they are not moving forward financially in their businesses and lives, and who want to turn their lives to a whole new First Class world."

"Iresha took time to allow me find out what was there for me, she was present holding the space, questioning softly yet making radical changes in my life, my inner realm, in order to get the real answer I was looking for. She is professional, pleasant and warm personality. She made me feel secure and confidant"  

Renata Zolnowska 

Lab Specialist, Germany

"I am finally living the life I always wanted"

"Iresha is an amazing person with an amazing knowledge about how to shift one's life. After working with Iresha, I am finally living the life I always wanted, and most importantly I am not wasting loads of money trying to do all the money mindset seminars and courses which has brought me nothing. I am so glad that I met Iresha. Thank you."

what you get

Here’s what you’ll learn in this Master Class!

Are you just starting up and worrying that the recession will stop your dream right at the beginning, or have you been running your business for months or years with no significant sign of you achieving your ideal lifestyle, that you planned before you started your business? And how can you make sure that your business survives through this recession? And even if it does, how can you make sure that you get to achieve your biggest dreams just by doing your business? Is it even possible? Here are three of the many things that you will discover in this master class/Webinar.

Lesson #1

How to crack the code of success as an entrepreneur - the proven system to shift your life and business to your desired level without wasting time and money

Lesson #2

Why all those mindset work, learning technical skills in business, money mindset work, affirmation, meditation didn't bring you any real difference, and what to do instead

Lesson #3

How to turn your business into a wealth supporting system that aligns with your ideal life and how to create a system that makes your brand stands out in your industry, so you get to earn real but fast profits.

About the Author

Iresha is the Founder of The Elegant Luxurious Living, the Creator of "Money Mindset Elite" - the VIP Program for female entrepreneurs that specialises in wealth identity creation, and a Former University Lecturer who has worked in many different countries, specialising in educating young women to create wealthy and better lives.

Her philosophy is that every woman deserves to live the life of her dreams and that every woman can achieve what they want, no matter what. She also believes that the world needs more rich women, successful women and happy women who can run the world at its best, and therefore she is dedicated to transform the lives of women into their highest capacity of living, which she is being doing very successful among a myriads of women around the world.

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