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“ To unlock the real way of creation, you need to step out of the official line of consciousness. And what you'll find there is, that the creation is easier, as easier than you were never told before”

-Iresha Tschunke-

Watch the replays of this magickal 3-Day Live event, that carries the key to changing the direction of your life, for good.

Here's what is waiting for you

Day 1

How to end the year goal friendly

Reality Creation

  • Experience the next level of knowledge about reality creation, the hidden truths about money creation, the new and cutting edge knowledge from beyond about the easy creation

  • Understand the true connection between your psyche and your reality, how realities are made, and the real connection between your psyche and money
  • You will no longer have to read all those manifestation books, do force visualisations, thousands of manifestation efforts, unsuccessful journaling, endless meditations, watch thousands of law of attraction videos etc., as you get to learn the core knowledge of reality creation
  • Learn the easy-to-understand steps to start taking the grip of your reality, and let go of all the confusion about manifestation
  • Learn the truth and let go of the false teachings, the beloved spiritual traps, the praised psychological false knowledge and limitations, and step into the full “YOU” within yourself

Day 2

Money & Money Managing

  • Learn the secrets to money abilities, and the reason why many of us are not able to step into the next level, despite all the work, manifestation work and the knowledge

  • The magick of money - Learn the reality of money, how it is connected to your psyche, and where to apply the change
  • Learn how to say goodbye to those old money parts of yourself, and meet the parts that you have never met before
  • The importance of magickal money managing
  • Learn the joyful way of inserting actual money into your reality and the the ways that this knowledge and skills were blocked and hidden

Day 3

Art of giving

The Luxury Matrix

  • Learn what luxury matrix is, and its importance to you if you are one of the big goals

  • The connection between the luxury matrix and the money
  • How to enter into the luxury matrix, and completely change your money energetics, your money-making abilities, and your whole identity
  • Learn how to make friends with the luxury matrix, climb your way up within it, and use it in your favour of the big dreams to achieve
  • Learn how to make your money creation abilities and the journey a real fun, luxurious and magickal one, including the daily practices

What else is included:

  • Live activations in cooperation with dragon realms and other supportive energy presences in prosperity creation. (If you have participated in my activations, you know that these are super powerful activations that bring results almost on the next day)
  • Live wealth creation upgrades that are designed to accelerate your opportunities, skills and abilities to reach your biggest dreams.

    (I channel and ask for support and direct those support directly to each of you, that are happening in real-time. I do lots of work in the psychic realms, I receive information, I get myself upgraded, I create my containers with the new information and the knowledge,  and I am doing these wealth creation upgrades for you because I truly want you all to start getting wealthy. I do this because I carry the power and abilities to channel these and send them to you. I do this because I love you, and the vibration of each of your big dreams, the big plans for luxurious, wealthy personal realities are beating in my heart and I feel them, and I am here to help you succeed in it, and to create the wealthy new earth)
  • A FULL Scholarship grant for my upcoming program Wealth Coding, a magickal container with so much new knowledge, methods and systems to code you with wealth.

    (You will receive the information on how to take part in winning the Scholarship upon registration)

A small letter to you, from me...

Iresha Tschunke

If you are here reading this, then it is most likely that you are one of the women who carry blueprints for big dreams, for prosperous realities in the world. And I cherish that. I cherish your dreams, I adore the great, luxurious and super-wealthy realities you are here to create. These are the realities that are supposed to happen on earth, to initiate the wealthy new earth.

And I want it to come true.

You have those big dreams, the seemingly impossible ones because you are to learn the magickal way of creating them. The old ways do not enable you to achieve those big dreams easily, because of all the psychological and physical knowledge of the last century, which has shut down our true nature of creation. 

But you are here, to initiate the new earth's wealthy generations, so it is only your destiny to learn the new way.

You are precious, and your dreams are the building blocks of the new prosperous earth.

So wealth beacon, your dreams must come true.

It is your duty to get wealthy.

I am on a continuous journey of discovering more and more about myself and my mission, receiving more and more knowledge to fulfil that mission.

Creating wealth and prosperity is my natural essence. That is what my true soul’s song sounds like. And I am going all in, in top gear to learn more and more about it and to channel the knowledge and bring it to humanity.

I am in very close touch with my psyche, and through layers of my psyche, I connect and communicate with other realms, teachers from other realms, friendly energy presences who bring me into various resources of knowledge, psychic libraries and information that I then work into systems and containers to give you.

Right now, I am expanding my capacity of doing this at full speed, and that means, I am committing to this mission even more fully, with all my heart and soul.

I do this because I remember why I came here as Iresha. I remember the over-pouring love I have towards humanity, especially the ones who share my essence, the ones with big dreams. I came here to this life to do this work, because this is a crucial time in humanity, and this information is very important.

I do this because I want to help women like you, the magickal beings who came here to share their magick, to achieve their big dreams. Because with you, we are going to create prosperous earth.

I do this, because I have realised that each of us became human, to experience a world of incredible richness, to create dimensions of realities that represent the full capacity of physical luxury and to express ourselves fully with joy, vigour, and exuberance within the context of space and time.

I do this because I am able to do this. I do this because I have the ability and power to do this.

I do this, because I love you wealth beacons, in ways that I can’t express in words.

This is NOT another law of attraction workshop. This is where you uncover who YOU are...This is where you uncover the truth...This is where you uncover your power of creation, on absolutely anything...

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