New earth money creation

So, what is it really?

Iresha Tschunke

I am very glad that you asked, and I am over the moon that you are here, reading this, and that you are interested in discovering more about New Earth Money Creation.

It is a vast topic, but I am determined to explain you in the simplest possible way.

Tell me, what is your biggest goal that you want to achieve in your lifetime?

Now that goal, I bet that this is what you think you will be able to achieve, manifest or create one day, according to your ability, according to logic, according to what a serious person would think, according to what is capable of, according to how the world works and according to everything that makes sense. It is still a big goal, but when you chose this goal, it naturally went through so many filters which are logical, analytical, proved systems, the general sense of being practical.

Good, now let me ask you another question.

If you were to get a chance where you have the unlimited ability to create crazy things magickally, I mean really big, daring and really impossible things, what would you create for yourself? If you were to live in a perfect and magickal world, if you could create and have anything and everything, what sort of reality would you create for yourself? Think that I have given you a magickal wand, like in harry potter, and you can bring yourself into any reality with it.

I am pretty sure, you have a dream reality in mind, a beautiful dream, something only a miracle can make happen.

Now this is just between you and me, and you can just whisper it to my ear so no one else can hear it, tell me, is your previous goal even existing in this dream reality that you have created using the wand?

Well, that's ok, I understand, I understand. It is one thing when I ask you what is your biggest goal, but it is a whole different thing when I ask you what you actually dream of. Is it really?

Ok, what you just experienced, the difference between the first goal and the second one, is the wall. That is the difference between the creation of the old bubble we are in, and what is beyond.

That magick wand, that miracle, is actually the basic mode of creation beyond our bubble. Yes, the species that have already evolved out of the bubble where we are now, are actually creating their goals on that scale, and it is even nothing special or hard, that is their natural mode of creation.

Woah, what?

I hear you, my beloved beautiful soul, but can you imagine, what if you were to step into that place, where you too can create like that?

Right now, humans are on the verge of stepping into the next level of our evolution. We have been living in a bubble, which was resonating at the level of evolution we were, as a species. In that bubble, we had created systems, methods, beliefs, ways of living etc. And yes, they made sense to us, and that was what we called life or existence. But the universe is not limited to this bubble. Our bubble is just a tiny part of it, where we, humans are living, evolving and learning as a race.

A whole vast universe, a whole long way of evolution awaits out there for us, which brings us new wisdom, new knowledge, a new way of existence.

We were quite comfortable in our bubble for thousands of years, and now, the walls of this bubble are fading away. Earth and humanity have reached the time where we are now making the first contact to the vast possibilities out there, our first step out of the bubble.

New Earth Money Creation

Within this bubble, we had created a certain way of living. And by the way, we were not always living in this bubble, actually, we were already evolved and earth had its last golden age aeons ago. That was a time when humans were superhumans, where we were creating with magick. And that era ended when humanity descended into the lower frequencies, which marked the era of the beginning of all the systems, problems and limiting structures we have today. We stepped into a very dark time, and we went through very difficult times. This happened not because of just one or two reasons, this happened because of so many reasons that played together.

So all through these times, there was a time that was prophesied, a time where they have foreseen that humans step into the golden era again, where humans step into the next step of the evolution again. There were many ancient civilisations that many thought would be the ones to achieve this, but no, they were not the ones.

We are the ones. We are living in the prophesied times, and it is us who are going to bring humanity to the next level and weave the golden age back on earth.

Wealthy Empress

So within these old systems, within this old bubble, we have created a very different concept about money, from what it actually is. Almost every human on earth are doing their work, their businesses and every single effort they take in their work for making money. You can be doing your dream job or business, but the true reason behind it still stays as money. We have created a concept and given it life, a concept that tells and shows us that money is scarce, and there are limits to creation, there are limits to what one can achieve. Like when you answered that first question, in the beginning, all our dreams and goals are going through automatic filers of logic, analysis and so many other very convincing systems, and come out as a limited dream, which one needs to work hard at.

In other words, in our world, there is a system to create. One must start from A and then go to B and to C and so forth. If you really work hard and made it, you may reach G or L at best. To reach Q or W you will need another hundred years.

So, logically, there is a limit one can achieve and create.

Iresha Tschunke - Money Mindset Elite
  • But what if there is a way to go from A to K to T to Z? What if there is another way, another force of creation than your mental body or the willpower or any system out there? What if you can be and create any crazily impossible dream, magickally? What if you can eliminate the time gap between your current reality and the reality you thought would take another hundred years to achieve? What if you could be a true magician of your reality and let events occur in your favour, let money flow to you, and be rich, wealthy and all you can be, without trying hard?
  • What if there is a way beyond our current systems, that gives you the power to play with the forces, design at a quantum level and create true quantum leaps? What if you get to be friends with the beings who are already evolved beyond us, and to receive information? What if you could connect with your parallel realities and receive information that only exists there? What if you can tap into the energy of money, and become a money magnet?
  • What if you could actually be that millionaire, multi-millionaire and billionaire you dream of, in a way no logic can explain?

Now, this is what is called the New Earth Money Creation.

New Earth Money Creation

It is called New Eart Money Creation because it exceeds our 3 density human perception, logic and everything we convincingly knew about creation in our old bubble. And being able to receive this awareness, receive this knowledge and wisdom of how to play with this, is the next step for humans, and you only get to receive it once you have upgraded yourself into this new earth human.

In this stage, there are zero barriers to creation, and you can create things magickally. For humans, this is the next step, where they can reactivate their natural magick and creative powers and enter into this new earth creation journey, and create an unlimited amount of wealth on earth. And of course, there are many levels of creation, and there are many levels a species can evolve into. There are levels, where you only have to know what, and you can create it within a snap of a finger, out of thin air. But that is way beyond our evolution journey, and after many aeons from now, humans will reach that point too.

A big and major part of the next golden age is prosperity and wealth creation. It is because of the lack of wealth creation humans have created many other restrictions in the world. It is because we have put limits to money, the polarities have been created, poverty exists, and with that comes the control, fear, manipulation and many power over other authorities. Now this story about money was not created as a coincidence. It was created for a reason, and every single struggle, problem, and pain around money that a majority of humans went through all these times were not a coincidence, which I am not going to talk about here. 

But I want you to know, overcoming this money barrier, is a very important and a major part of our evolution.

This is the thing, tell me, why do you have to struggle and try hard for money, when in truth that is never limited?

Stepping beyond our perception, stepping into the next level of creation, changes the whole existence for us. Once you get this awareness, you become extremely powerful, as you can create anything, easily, and you get to master money.

New Earth Money

And of course, this great power comes with great responsibility, because when this is pursued by the ones who are not ready, this could be very dangerous. That is why the intelligent universe has made us in a way that we only get to step in there when we are upgraded into that state. Upgrading means, becoming the original human, reactivating the magick, and receiving the magickal awareness of money and creation. And that is a process. A process that involves the very tangible knowledge about money, (in the new earth way) unlearning a load of teachings that we have learnt, clearing all the old hidden structures, reactivating our eros and our magickal portals, creating a connection with the realm beyond, working on the wealthy identities, activating our hidden wealth DNA, mastering new earth Money teachings to learning actual quantum creation magick.

This is a process, and one must go through it in order to become an anchor as a true new earth wealth beacon on earth. And once you go through this, you become one of the first humans to step into and operate on the next level, and this changes your whole existence as a being. Although you are sharing the same physical world, your reality will be anchored into the next golden age, and when you are in this state, you will have no need to create any harm, compete or struggle for money. Because you already have an unlimited supply, there is no point of struggle or competing.

The more people go through this and anchor the next step of money creation to earth, the faster the golden era will normalise on earth.

So I ask you, are you ready?

We have talked a lot, and I really enjoyed our conversation, and I would really like to invite you to this world.

You don't need to have a wand to create your crazy dreams, (well, if you want to have a wand, you can have it of course. I actually own one, don't tell anyone!) you can become the wand, you can become the magick, you can become the superhuman who is way beyond the old world.

So I invite you to be bold and step into the journey of becoming this super creator because earth and humanity need you right now. Earth needs more rich people! Not the ones who have struggled throughout their lifetimes to be rich, but the ones who are going to weave the prosperous, golden age back on earth. And humanity needs to have more people who have created crazily big goals easily, effortlessly and magickally.

New Earth Money

So, thank you for conversing with me and listening to the whole lecture about New Earth Money Creation, and now it is time for us to meet in real, so I can personally introduce you to this magickal journey.

You can book your Free call here with me.

I will see you there soon, and happy voyage, you are going to step into a whole new destiny.

Iresha xx

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