New Earth Money Academy 

Uncover the next level knowledge of creation and manifestation, and enter into the realms of happy money, magickal success and beyond...

Welcome home, Wealth Beacon...

It is time for you to step out of the usual grind and embrace the magickal way of creating...It's time for you to put a full stop to the struggle, the fear of lack, and the sadness of not being able to create your wildest dream lifestyle...

Tell me, when did your dreams become too big to achieve?

When did making money become a
never-ending struggle?

When did
sacrificing happiness become the number one way to make a lot of money?

I know you are a big dreamer with big visions. I know that you want to be bigger, and I know that you have this yearning of creating a completely different, almost seemingly impossible lifestyle for yourself.

And I absolutely take those big dreams, very seriously.

Because, those big dreams are not just some visions, they are the magickal blueprints of your soul. And these big and boldly chosen realities are what play a major role in creating a prosperous earth.

Yes, it is through your individual wealth and prosperity, that the world is going to change.

Yet, you are stuck in a forever struggle, the biggest struggle in the world, MONEY.

Is this you?

Woman working in computer
  • You are an entrepreneur who started her dream business, hoping to build your empire and create a path to your dreams. People say that doing your dream business is the key to financial success, but your reality dictates otherwise. It is a never-ending struggle. Day in and day out, you fight for clients, and the money is just not coming into your life. You are afraid that your loved ones will ask you to apply for a job. And this feeling scares you to the very fabric of your existence.
  • You are a hard worker and you give your best to your work. You have big dreams to achieve, and you do your best to achieve them. But it is just that, money doesn't seem to come in, and it makes your life really hard. You don't know what else to do. You go to bed at night worrying about tomorrow, and you don't want to spend the rest of your life worrying about money.
  • You are an open-minded person, and you consider yourself a spiritual person. You have been taking part in many spiritual circles, clearing the trauma and healing, working on the self blocks, and gone through so many death-rebirth cycles. You are busy doing this work and feel intense, but there is no actual increase in your abundance is happening. You are only busy practising spirituality.
  • You've been trying everything to invite more money into your life and to create a happy, abundant lifestyle. You have been bouncing from one business course to another, one money mindset course to another, and you have been reading hundreds of manifesting books, the law of attraction books, doing meditations, journaling, and watching so many youtube videos with no significant results. You are very busy doing all this stuff and paying for all these programs, but it is just not working. Nothing seems to be working for you and you are frustrated, sad and angry.
  • You want to be independently wealthy and rich, you love creating a first-class life for yourself, yet, you don't know how without working your life out.
  • You don't consider yourself as a "spiritual" person, but it seems like all those magickal stuff is happening in the spiritual circles. You wish that there would be a way that people like you to use the manifesting powers and magickal skills easily, without having to learn all the spell works, spiritual work and practices.
  • You are not born rich, but you want to be rich, and you wish you could be living in a world that is similarly easy for everyone to get rich, make money and create the lives of their dreams.

This is the thing.

We've been practising a system of making money & wealth for centuries. And that system was hard. It is so hard, that not many people could win.

It is not our fault, because we didn't know what exists beyond.

We didn't know that money is one of the easiest things to create and that we humans have the power to access the magick of reality manipulation to create our desired realities.

And most of all, we didn't know that money is a happy force, and there is a magickal part attached to it, and that we have the power to become the magician who can summon this happy money into our lives, easily, happily and joyfully.

Because we didn't know that, we kept rocking the boat of the hard-earned money, letting it destroy our true essence, and letting it stand between us and our dreams.

But now, we are expanding, and the magickal way of creating money and prosperity is here, and available for you.

The place where the actual magick meets money... where the struggle ends and the happy money takes place...where EVERYTHING changes in your life...

And this is called the New Earth Money Creation, the next step of human evolution, where the creation becomes unlimited, easy and magickal...

Welcome to the New Earth Money Academy

the magickal art of summoning happy money into your life

It's time to say goodbye to the wait, the struggle and the hustle.
And it's time to welcome happy money into your life.

wealthy woman

While each of you may have different goals for a wealthy life, here are some of the results our clients have created as a result of practising New Earth Money.

Radically yet joyfully increasing the money flow and income and creating an easy, abundant and happy life.

Changing the way of creation, work and life and finally becoming the person who can easily summon all their goals, money and wealth into life without having to have a ton of ingredients, spells or reading a ton of manifesting books.

Worry free, fear free super successful launches that break all of your old launch records.

Highly increased self-power, psychic abilities and confidence that reflects through their wealth creation.

Highly upgraded lifestyle - from average to first-class.

Highly upgraded social life - from average to first-class social, and upgraded friends and communities around them.

Change of identity, personality and self-image - from average to your wealthy, dream self.

Become debt free and create a surplus of money.

Expansion of business, hitting the first 6,7 figures.

Create a wealthy and rich lifestyle for your children, and create the right wealth memories and education for them, so they grow up into naturally wealthy people.

Expanded extrasensory skills, magickal skills, and the miraculous idea downloads.

Last but not least, becoming proud, happy, magickally super powerful rich women on earth.

The New Earth Money Academy...

Step into the magickal art of happy money creation.

The doors are currently closed for the enrollment of the New Earth Money Academy. But don't worry, you can sign up for the waiting list, and be the first to be notified when the doors open for the next round.

What is happy money?

Money originally is a happy frequency. It is NOT a struggling or suffering frequency. And that is exactly why, many people around the world are stuck in a struggle loop, trying to make money, stressing about it, suffering for it, yet no much money is staying with them longer.

Happy money happens as a result of being happy. This is the thing. We as living beings are designed to live a happy life. Happiness is the ultimate goal of life.

So people strive and struggle to create this happy life, but they can't create this happiness because they lack money. So in order to make money, they have to struggle, work hard, and do things they don't like to do, which brings them away from the original goal, the happiness that they seek.

This is a cycle that which humans have been trapped for centuries. The ones who manage to win the money did so by involving and inviting a different kind of money, the kind that demands sacrifices, the old money that was intentionally created within the old matrix. That is why, to succeed, people had to work all day, went through divorces, have no family, no love, no health...

And right now, we are rising above that old matrix, and we are rediscovering the actual money, the happy money that awaits us, beyond our old matrix, the 3d bubble.

Just imagine, what if happiness becomes the key to magnetising money?

What if you can create actual earthly money, accomplish your goals, create your desired lifestyle, create miraculous projects, and expand your limits to a luxurious life without having to struggle for money?

What if you can achieve all you want, happily, without having to do things you don't like, without sacrificing yourself?

What if you could learn a magickal art, that summons happy money into your life, while you practice happiness?

And that Now, that magickal way of creating money and prosperity is here, and available for you.

You are NOT supposed to be small, mediocre or struggling.

Becoming Wealth and utterly prosperous is your destiny, and that is why you have those big dreams.

You are not given those big dreams, just to dream.

It is our duty towards the world to create unlimited wealth, become rich and create our heavens on earth, as that is how we weave the wealthy matrix on earth.

Tell me, how much is your dream worth to you? Is it worth going all in?

woman with computer in pool

Why is it important that you figure out the new way of making money NOW?

  • Because we are living in an age of endless possibilities, accelerated transformation and unlimited potential, there are so many easy ways one can create her path, and choose who she wants to become. This is the time to master the easy and magickal way of making money, as the opportunities are unlimited to combine it.
  • Because humanity has passed through the age of "born rich" and we are now stepping into the new age of "self-made rich", and it is your time!
  • Because we are expanding our consciousness in big ways right now, and we are ready to receive the knowledge from beyond, and we are in a state of heightened skills that we can teach ourselves to actively change our realities, easily.
  • Because it is our duty, and one of the noblest things to do right now, to create copious amounts of wealth and money, to become the prosperity of the earth, and to support the transformation of our world.
  • Because you are the answer to millions of dreams and prayers of your ancestors, grandmothers and great-great-grandmothers who wished they had these mechanics, powers and opportunities to create their dream lives.

This is what you will receive when you enrol in the New Earth Money Academy

6 months of comprehensive learning consisting of 12 live sessions + with advanced course material

Module 1

Happy money + Opening ceremony with dragons

In this module, we will create the grand entrance for you stepping into this journey of a lifetime. We will be creating a solid foundation and begin enhancing your ability to create happy money, to get you ready to create and receive enormous amounts of change and prosperity in the coming 6 months.

You will:

  • Start practising a solid and fun plan of happy money creation and will be able to see the changes right away after this week.
  • Clear all the confusion about manifesting, creating and everything about money, and begin to expand your money manifesting abilities, tangibly.
  • Attend the live dragon ceremony, and will begin to receive the favoured dragon aid in material wealth creation, throughout this journey.

Module 2

Meet the power source

Here you will find answers to the questions of "Why am I like this? Why can't I make good money?" and "Why don't I get clients when I am even better than my competition, and others who are even newer than me getting all the clients?". This is where the truth comes out. The work you will do in this module will change your life! This is where you unlock the flood gates that have been keeping all your goodness locked away.

You will:

  • Discover what has been happening, and where is your money.
  • Address the personality that has been playing out, and will discover which character have you been playing.
  • Be reborn a new, and design the plan of going from old to new.

Module 3

Money essence coding

In this module, you will discover something that will TOTALLY change your money journey! You will learn how easy and simple it is to let copious amounts of money come into your life, and how simple it is to practice letting money come in. This will change your game!

You will:

  • Master the simple yet fun and super powerful art of magnetising big bundles of money into your life.
  • Create fun plans to practice letting money come in, and will start getting used to becoming a "naturally prosperous person".
  • Start being selective about things you do in life, and will automatically be creating a life filled with the things you love and that make you powerful.

Module 4

Magickal Money + Metaphysical reality cration

The work in this module will transcend everything you have known about reality and your capability of creating realities. This is where you will become and understand your role as a powerful magician. This is where all your extra-sensory skills practising which you have been doing from the beginning of this program (see in bonuses) will come into play.

You will:

  • Tap into a different dimension of seeing your reality, that changes everything for you afterwards.
  • Know beyond the pattern of life as many know it, and will realise how to manipulate it, simply yet powerfully.
  • You will finally crack the meaning of when people say "surrender and let go". You will finally realise what that actually means, how that works, and how to correctly do that with ease, confidence and joy, without scaring your core out of you or being forced to do so.

Module 5

Success coding

By the time you arrive at this module, things have already shifted and changed for you, and this is where you go even deeper into success creation. Waking up to a day knowing that money usually comes in, clients are finding you, launches are going over the roof and you are creating and living a prosperous life was a dream for many of you, wasn't it? Now, this is where you actually are going to learn the exact way to have that.

You will:

  • Discover the hidden pattern and the trick to step into the circle of success.
  • Rediscover how success has been there all these times, without you getting to access it openly.
  • Learn how to stay in the success circle, and to turn every single act in your life into a success, easy and fun.

Module 6

Quantum leaps

Oh, this is where it starts to take really off! What if you can create ten years of worth of success and wealth creation within just 1 year? What if you can change realities in ways that no logic can explain?What if you can magickally change realities, and eliminate the time factor from it?

You will:

  • Learn the new earth mechanics of the actual quantum leap creation, and will begin to start practising them, immediately.
  • You will discover a whole new world of existence, the one that exists beyond our usual world, and you will master both worlds in your favour.
  • You will establish a clear and fun-filled practice of quantum leaps in your life, and you will learn the tips and tricks to accelerate it even more.

Module 7

Magickal feminine powers + Rediscovery and redesigning of existence

With all the knowledge and wisdom you have been mastering and applying successfully until now, you are going to open another door that will explode your power and will accelerate your success in warp speed!

You will:

  • Discover another secret layer to your wealth creation, and will find where those portals have been closed and blocked, that have limited your ability to create, and you will unlock them.
  • Open your red and white feminine personalities, and unlock all the facets of both sides, letting the fire rise! Oh, this is going to be an explosion of power, rising to the top!
  • You will discover skills and abilities that were hidden from you, and that are going to be important assets of your money making, and you will be ready for the world stage!

Module 8

Magickal money managing

The work in this module will collapse your old money systems and will introduce you to the joyful way of practising and managing money. Money will become happiness, joy and a fun game you play that you know you win, all the time.

You will:

  • Discover a new way of looking at money, and will find new characteristics of money, which will change your money game.
  • Learn how joyful money practices, which makes working with and on money a super fun experience, therefore being able to receive unending prosperity, clients and actual money.
  • Address the fake money practices and fake abundance practices that trigger you to lose money and spend on unnecessary things. You will know exactly how to distinguish the joyful art of practising abundance and building wealth, and impulse spending and debt creation.

Module 9

Wealth Identity

This module is all about creating, designing and upgrading your wealth identity! You have done so much work up to here and you are not the old person anymore, so it's time to take that to a whole new level!

You will:

  • Be creating a new wealth identity profile, and will learn how to practice to live that upgraded wealthy personality at every level in your life, and become this new, wealthy and upgraded person.
  • Rediscover your amazing unique wealth skills that have been dormant all those times, and will integrate them into your money making process.
  • Intentionally create your identity that suits your dream lifestyle, and will be practising, anchoring and living that, right now, letting the opportunities from the future reach you, right now.

Module 10

Wealth and prosperity practices

What if life could be an experience filled with the excitement of receiving money from everywhere in every form, and the joyful experiences of practising the ultimate abundance and luxury? What if your life is a continuation of wealth upgrades, joyful money experiences and the weaving of the luxury matrix into your life?

You will:

  • Learn how to strengthen your connection between yourself and money, with simple and joyful practices.
  • Master the arts of receiving the happy money.
  • Discover the difference between the money and luxury matrix, and how to enter into the luxury matrix, that will enhance your money receiving.

Module 11

Nail every launch/project

In this module, you will learn the five-step strategy for super successful wealth creation projects such as launches, which will take away the fear and stress when you launch and will replace it with joy, excitement and the knowing, that will create explosive and best launches that you have ever had in your life.

You will:

  • Learn how to turn every launch into a joyful experience of abundance, and eliminate that worry, fear and doubt that you get before every launch.
  • Experience how to let happy money happen in launches, with very little effort.
  • Learn how to be the centre of abundance, and to receive help from the dragon realms for successful launches.

Module 12

First class coding - Social upgrading

This is the module where you are taking all this work, into the society, and putting yourself out there, shining at the next level. This is where you literally upgrade yourself, to the next level of your desired reality.

You will:

  • Be walking into new environments, realities and places, for the first time, with a natural feeling of belonging there.
  • Be making next level friends, practising the next level of success, and wealth and making your new upgraded activities your new normal.
  • Be living as a completely upgraded person, on many different levels, and will be opening doors to so many new opportunities.

Wait, that's not all, there are some juicy bonuses!

To make this a truly VIP experience I have created some juicy bonuses for you.

Bonus 1

Pre Psychic Training
Wealthy Empress

The reason why so many manifestation programs don't work is, that they only give you a plan, and steps to follow, but do not take into consideration enhancing your manifesting powers. This is like looking for a place, without a map.

And we have solved this issue for you.

Once you enrol, you receive this preparatory psychic training with 15 short, fun and easy to do psychic practices (made for total beginners, as well as the ones who are familiar with this stuff) that will bring you to a whole new league!

As a result, the work you will be doing during the next 6 months will succeed tenfold, creating masses of growth, abundance and so much power.

Bonus 2

Pre Introductory training

This is your welcome training, where you will be led through elegant, fun and joyful practices to prepare for this extraordinary journey. From the time you enrol till the time of the first session, you will have enough time to prepare your environment and yourself in the most joyful way, for the radical changes you are about to unleash in the next 6 months.

As a result, you will already enter the first session as a woman who thinks, treat herself, and practice life as a queen. And this makes our work so much easier, effective and opens the doors to miraculous results.

Bonus 3

The Celebratory Session

Once you finish this extraordinary journey, you receive another extra session, where we will be celebrating each and every one of your successes. In truth, this is not an end, but a beginning of continuing your new life. You will receive the plans, tips and steps for the future, and about how to keep maintaining your new reality, as well as creating the larger, bigger and better dream as you go forward.

We will celebrate this session as a virtual party, well, there may be some surprise gifts too!

Bonus 4

The Private FB Mastermind community

This journey is a happy journey filled with fun, inspiration and radical transformation, and it is crucial that you are being held accountable, and that you have a place to always come to, to talk about what's going on, to get inspired, to share your practices, to get support and ideas about your money practices, to celebrate and much more.

This Private FB group will be your cocoon, filled with like-minded women who are going on this journey together with you. You will have lifetime access to this group, so you can enjoy the comforts, courage, and the inspiration of this community, always.

Not only that, but you will also benefit from some of the upgrades and changes of topics that may happen in the future, through this FB group. This is a lifetime of learning, practising and celebrating together.

Bonus 5

Personal dragon support in your name

Many of you may know, that apart from being the initiator of the New Earth Money Mechanics, I am a dragon initiate & priestess. This program is actually a co-creation that I did with the dragon realms.

As a token of my love towards you, once the closing date for the enrollment is over, I will be doing a personal dragon channelling and communication in your names. (the ones who have enrolled)

As a result, you will be personally favoured, your magickal skills of manifestation will be enhanced, you will experience unexplainable events in your favour and much more.

Usually, this is something that will cost a great deal of money if you meet another dragon priestess, and this alone can change your life, in unbelievable ways. I don't do personal dragon readings and magick for individuals, so this is the only time you will get to receive this from me. And I do this with pleasure, honour and unconditional love towards you.

Bonus 6

Wealth codex
Wealthy Empress

This is a unique Wealth DNA activation, receive through channelling Hathor, (the Egyptian Goddess). I was specifically asked to share this in certain containers, to increase the ability of wealth creation in the world.

This activation has changed my life, in ways that are inexplicable. Once you go through this, it will activate your energetic wealth DNA and will open a portal within you, that magnetises prosperity into your life.

As a result, you will experience an accelerated phase of changes, increased shifts in your consciousness and enhanced manifesting powers. Basically, this has the power to change EVERYTHING for you.

Plus, you will receive,

Workbook PDFs, Worksheets PDs, Guided Meditations and quantum practices, step by step practice sheets and bundles and much more that will make this learning experience a super easy and fun journey...

Aleksandra Velimirovic Janakievski

Spiritual mentor
CEO at Balkan Energy Retreat Concept

Aleksandra - Testimonial

I have been in the private business field for more than a decade before I started my business, and I was pleasantly surprised by Iresha's approach. She successfully tailored the program for me and built it upon female principles, just as I wished. No more burnouts, sense of guilt or doubt. She leads me through a great balance between inspiration and real action, spiritually and very practical money and business steps essential for growth, and this makes her work incredibly different from any other program out there.

Iresha knows very well that just strong will or intention can't do anything without acting together with our subconsciousness. Although her program has a very obvious and strong structure, there is also a lot of space for intuition. And she uses that skill together with her practical money skills, amazingly.

At the same time, Iresha is an excellent life coach, business coach, money & wealth coach and an amazing person. She uses inspirative meditations and a lot of techniques in a way that every session combines time for learning and time for growing.
For me, the most important benefit that I have from working with Iresha is the magical flow of money and life that I am experiencing now.

Iva Kostic

Founder & the Principle of Doremi Music School, Abu Dhabi

"This was a once in a lifetime opportunity sent by the universe at the right moment. Over the years I have been trying things and different theories, but this program is different because it focuses on ACTION - step by step, clearly explained without any difficulty to understand. Iresha was the first person ever to explain what is MY part of this process.
Dear iresha, thousand times thank you for this knowledge, and I am now already experiencing a huge progress in abundance (even half way through). I am looking forward to working with you more and can't wait"

If all the impact that this program can bring to your life had to sum up in just 2 words, what will that be?

Freedom & Happiness

When money shifts from being the primary focus or the reason for every effort in life to something you naturally have which you can change and increase the size of it at will, then you have the freedom to focus on the other aspects of life.

When you have the freedom to live the lifestyle of your desire, focus on the aspects you are interested in and focus on improving as a being without having to worry about money, that is when the experience of happiness starts to flow into your life.

So, ask yourself the most important question of all, how important is this freedom to you?

Take it from me...

Iresha Tschunke - Money Mindset Elite

Hi, I am Iresha Tschunke, the founder of the School of New Earth Money Creation and the initiator of the New Earth Money Creation Methods, an entrepreneur, a dragon priestess, a prosperity coach, and a passionate woman like you who wants to create wealthy realities in the world.

After a lifelong obsession with how to create wealth & prosperity in humans easily and happily, and a long time confusion of about why money, wealth and luxuries are limited to some people, hard to create and a struggle, I was left with no choice but to seek answers somewhere beyond the every single existing earthly system.

So I stepped in, to the beyond. And I changed my life, radically, quantum leaping into many different realities, in a short period of time.

This is the thing. Being able to create actual prosperity happily and joyfully (not in the old struggling, snail mail way) and mastering the art of bringing our dreams into reality fast and easy, is the key to the expansion of human consciousness. It is the next step of human evolution.

And your big dreams are a big part of this process.

Since I've stepped into this mission and initiated the New Earth Money Creation methods, I have helped hundreds of women to discover the easy, happy and magickal way of unlocking joyful money flow into their lives.

My mission is to make this unlimited creative knowledge from beyond, make available to everyone, also to the ones who are left out of the so-called spiritual circles. Because at the core, we are all spiritual, and we all carry the magickal abilities of creation.


Founder of Business And Heels - Personal Styling & Shopping


I wish I had the chance to learn from Iresha's work way before I started my own business, it would give me such a good starting point and the maximum clarity of where I am headed and how to reach there.

The work I did with Iresha is the ultimate foundation for anyone who dreams about a successful business & life ( a premium business and a premium life in my case) and it actually made me re- think about all the systems and the organisation I had been using and learned ever. It exactly helped me to discover what my biggest dream is, my craziest and luxurious goal is, and then to 100% align all the steps,systems and activities in my own business with that.

Why is this program a one of a kind?

New Earth Money Creation methods are a comprehensive combination of actual happy money making methods, the next level metaphysical methods and the knowledge from beyond, channelled from the other realms.

This particular program is a result of the work together with the dragon realms, as well as particular beings who are helping New Earth Money to be created in individuals' lives, and they are also known in our realm as goddesses, specifically Hathor and Isis.

By enrolling on this program, you are not only learning and applying the New Earth Money Mechanics and making radical changes in your life, but also being part of this galactic mission of bringing the next level wealth on earth, and you will be hugely supported and favoured, in a deep personal level.

Throughout this program, as you go from module to module, you will experience the magick in these teachings, and you will experience accelerated growth, ability and inspiration than you usually do in any other kind of learning.

By enrolling on this program, you are not just learning about money and creating big changes in your life,  you are taking initiative for becoming a wealth beacon on earth, by creating your dream lives on earth, easily, and happily.

What is your ideal financial freedom worth to you?

We all have different goals, and when it comes to wealth creation, we all have different ideal realities to create.

And I want to help you to understand your true potential, and I want to teach you step by step and bring you along the journey of becoming the powerful person who can summon money into life easily and happily and achieve those ideal goals of yours.

It could be becoming a successful entrepreneur with a small business with big money, living in your own cottage in the countryside, or having access to successful and first-class communities and friends.

Or, it could be creating your empire, making absolute big money, living in a mansion, travelling around the world flying first class, or living an extravagant lifestyle surrounded by like-minded people.

Whatever it is, this program will pave the way. Once you walk away from this program, you will have a system for life, and you will have become a naturally prosperous person, who can easily summon all your goals into your life, step by step, at every stage of your journey.


  • When you start to notice for the first time, that the wheels are actually now in motion...
  • When you receive the confirmation for the time in life, that you are actually summoning money into your life...
  • When you go through a launch miraculously happy and relaxed with no fear for the first time ever in your life, and end up creating exploding success, you can't believe it's real...
  • When you have tripled your income with half of the effort...
  • That you don't have to separate your business/work from spirituality practices, meditations and stuff because welcoming money is now a part of magickal creation, spiritual art of wealth creation...
  • Being able to live your first class life, having the freedom to do whatever you want to do, to be whoever you want to be, without having to ask permission and without having to worry about money...
  • Being able to create a wealthy environment for your family, for your kids, so that they grow up as prosperous kids, create the right money memories, growing into prosperous adults.

How great does this feel? How much importance do you give to this to be accomplished?

Who this program is for

  • She who dreams big and seriously wants to create that seemingly impossible dream reality.
  • She who truly believes that creating wealth and a lot of it in her personal life is a duty towards our world, towards creating a wealthy world.
  • She who is ready to go beyond the common frame and ready to step into the untouched territories of creation.
  • She who has a true desire and knack for the next level of metaphysics, the mystery of creation and wants to master it, in actual life.
  • She who is tired of going from one money mindset course to another, one manifesting program to another and reading hundreds of law of attraction books with no results, and wants to step into the real magickal world of creation.
  • She who truly wants to get rich, happily, not stressfully.
  • She who believes that life is supposed to be extremely happy, luxurious and abundant, being able to be whoever you want, do whatever you want and live the life you really desire.
  • She who is tired of worrying about money, and wants to become a naturally prosperous person, who has the space and capacity to focus on other great things.
  • She who believes that she is meant for much bigger things, she who believes in seemingly impossible realities and she who never wants to settle for less, normal or ordinary.
  • She who wants to become considerably psychically powerful and aligned with the universal forces, AND to become a crazily wealthy and successful person.
  • She who wants to become a wealth beacon in this world, and set the example for her children, community and the world.

Who this program is NOT for

  • The ones who are not open to the new territories of knowledge, due to any personal restrictions, religious restrictions etc.
  • The ones who hate rich people, prosperous people in the world.
  • The ones who are trying just to make a certain amount of money, and not a lifestyle.
  • The ones who don't want to have "TOO MUCH" of money, or to get "TOO wealthy", and the ones who want to stop people from getting too wealthy.
  • The ones who are not ready to do the COMPLETE work, and themselves decide to skip the parts of the work as they seem "unnecessary".
  • The ones who don't believe in supporting the creation, of every human being.
  • The ones who are not ready to enhance their extrasensory skills, and super manifesting powers, due to personal reasons.
  • And anyone who will not suit this mission of wealth creation. (This is a group program, and every member must be pre-qualified. Each member will be a part of intense yet joyful learning and practising process, it is vital that we all are on the same page)
Iresha Tschunke - Money Mindset Elite

How do I know if this program is right for me?

I know, I understand the tug at heart when you stand right before a new decision that you deeply know can change your life. I also know the feeling that when you want something so much and when you are so excited about a journey, sometimes we second guess ourselves if we are worth it if we are good enough to make it happen, and sometimes we just don'T take the action, for no reasons.

This is an inner block, that comes to the surface when you are ready to step into a new level. If that is the case, please don't beat yourself up, and I want you to know that I love you very much and that I hold your dreams very carefully in my heart, and I am there to help you.

If you keep second guessing if you should take action or not, please go ahead and book the qualification call, and consider that as your Free coaching call, where you can talk with me about your fears, doubts and so we can find out a solution, and work through your blocks together, and make this happen for you. Or, if you are really not ready for this journey right now, we can agree to that, and we can still be in touch.

I also understand that investing in yourself takes courage, but in the end, that is the best way to invest. My mission is to make the New Earth Money Mechanics available to everyone who is committed to achieving their big dreams of creating money and wealth. So that is why this program is set to a price point that everyone who is committed can afford. And there are so many payment plans available, and I invite you to book the qualification call, and in the call, we will talk about the best payment plan for you, if that is what you need to make this happen for you. Again, I want to help you, and I love you very much, and I am here to make this happen for you. All you need is to take the first action step, which is to book your qualification call.

See what the women who have done this work in the past have to say...

Camelia Botoroaga

Reiki Specialist & a Former Lawyer

testimonial - Wealthy Entrepreneurs Academy

I would recommend her to anybody who wonders why they are not moving forward financially in their businesses and lives, and who want to turn their lives into a whole new First Class and aligned world.

I've met the most important and critical needs of my journey through working with Iresha. She found out exactly what stays in my way to accomplish what I wanted professionally. I was stuck with no idea at all, and she managed to not only to unstuck me, but also to bring me to the magical path.
In one session she was able to guide me towards an incredible journey to discover where I was trapped, I mean this was unbelievable. I was trapped in my father's projection about what he wanted for me, which I never ever thought the reason.

Iresha took time to allow me to fine what was there for me, she was so present holding the space, questioning and guiding softly yet making radical changes in my life. She is very professional, pleasant and amazing personality


Lab Consultant,Germany


" All I have to say to anyone who keeps thinking whether to work with Iresha or not, just do it, seriously! You won't regret it"

What people experience after attending to Dragon Wealth Activations


Do I have to be a super spiritual person to enrol on this program?

No, you don't have to be. My mission is to bring this knowledge to everyone, especially people who are left out of the called spiritual communities. But, an initial interest in spirituality and metaphysics is required. For the methods we use in this program, basic enhanced extra sensory skills are required, and that will be accomplished by doing the pre psychic training that you receive once you enrol. So you don't have to be a practised psychic, a super spiritual person, but the interest in these subjects is important.

I don't have much of a big budget for this right now.

You actually don't need a big budget right now, we have a variety of payment plans. You can start the program for a small price, and pay in instalments as you go.

What happens if I miss one session?

This is not recommended, as it is quite important that you attend live. But in case you really can't, then the recorded replay is always available.

How fast will I see changes happening, once I start the program?

Usually, after the first week of practice, people start noticing changes in their lives. And as you go through these six months journeys, a lot can change, and you will walk away from this program as a whole different person. This program gives you a system for life, a magickal way of creating happy money at every stage you reach in your business, in your life. So this is a never-ending journey, you will be applying the same methods, over and over, to go from 5 figures to 6 figures, and to 7 figures and more.

How are the sessions done?

Sessions are done via Zoom, a virtual meeting software, which can be downloaded completely Free of charge. We will meet on Wednesdays, every two weeks, at 7 pm Berling time and 10 AM PST.

English isn't my first language.

Neither mine! (I am German but I do speak very clear and fluent English) All you need to be able to understand and to communicate clearly so that each of us can understand each other.


This is the unedited script of the massage from the dragon realm, for the people who are interested in this program. Channelled from the Akasha Dragon in one of the communications I had creating in this program.

It is our humble honour and pleasure to be able to see that the mission of prosperity creation on earth becoming a success. In that honour, we have volunteered in distributing, bringing and introducing the knowledge that humanity needs, in order for them to change their old ways of creation, and therefore the art of living.

We ruled the earth together with humans, and many other species that are known and unknown to you, for a long time ago. This knowledge goes back to the times beyond your recorded history. It is our privilege to be able to see that, that harmony, glory and prosperity brought back on earth again.

What you know as money, is a human currency of creation, the measurement of the ability of creation, therefore power and "happiness" in your terms.

Gold is a currency. Money is a currency. And food is a currency too. They all measure your ability to create. You think it comes from the outside. because of your limited perception. But in truth, they all are nothing but a general reflection of your inner choosing of creation. You see things as "stuff", but we see, from the outside of your reality, like a holograph, like a chosen dream, and so we see how your "stuff" is being created by you, into your life, the chosen dream.

And this "way of inserting things to the dream" can be a lot easier, in fact, no hardship at all, in any way. It is because you have only preserved the thoughts that show you otherwise, you don't know exactly how easy it is to create. It's like, a butterfly worm who lives in the cocoon, at that given time of transformation, knows only the cocoon walls, not what exists beyond. It is when it decides to go out of that cocoon it learns to fly, and it experiences that it is a butterfly, that can fly.

This program truly follows the wisdom that wants humanity to discover and carries the potential to change your chosen dream, your reality. We are working with Drugarus, also known as Iresha in your terms - You can skip this part if you want to - to create easy to follow systems for humans to learn the easy way to creation, to money, in your earthly terms and prosperity, and to change the automatic tendency of following the wrong knowledge of limitation.

Humanity had made risky choices as a race, which some had attracted forces that had resulted in the current structures, knowledge and teachings that have kept humanity from reaching its true capacity. But these risky decisions were necessary for the consciousness to grow, at many different levels.

As I communicate this message to Iresha, she wants me to keep it short and to focus more on the program. The ones who will be drawn to this program will know at a deeper level, as they carry the name, the art and the essence of this program in their blueprint to creation. For them, this is a moment in time that works as a "knot" or a "point" that is marked towards their envisioned realities, where they get introduces to this program. And I say, there are a lot of people whose "destiny" in your terms is connected with this work. - You can skip this part if you feel uncomfortable sharing - and we feel so happy and proud to see the most likely outcome they are being able to create.

Just know that your material creation has a deeper connection to a vast degree than you think, to the inner and the beyond realms, and no one is creating alone. You are all connected to all there is, that is why, we can aid you in influencing your material realities, at your choice.t

It is never the external work that initiates the external "stuff". I know it's hard for you to understand because you live in the 3D realm, which is also a result of a choice your race took at a deeper collective level. But just know, you can now easily go beyond the 3D, learn how to influence the 3D reality, and learn how to insert money, food, events and all tangible things into your day to day life.

I bid adieu for now, and we, the dragon clans are very happy to welcome you and to be working with you. Adoni.

What is Wealth Codex? (You receive this when you enroll the program)


This is the Channelled massage from Hathor, which I received as I was co creating Wealth Codex, for this program.

"The wealth codex is a journey to be mastered, step by step in creating and unlocking your absolute power to ake earthly money and wealth. Once you unlock this and enter into the journey, you will only have to do the light labour work, or as you call it the earthwork, and the results will be overloading. You will realise that the birth of your income, opportunities and lack has to do very little with the manual strategies you make, to earn money.

Those manual strategies will work as a template for earthly manifestation, but the actual money will come from the quantum strategies you do, in your journey.

In your earthly and human bound mind, you always tend to see the manual work first, and then the money appearing as a result of that work. But as beings of higher realms, we see what is really happening, which you could see as well. (If you intend to see)

You first have to create your reality, or whatever desire to create, in the quantum realm. And once it is there, you as the creator has the power to use earthly templates to bring them into physicality.

Each one of you has a quantum field, a large quantum universe inside you. We know, it is hard to comprehend, as you are trained and conditioned to think in a very black and white way, but understanding beyond that, is the point of all. That exactly is the next step of human civilisation.

By using this specific program that we have co-created for your journey, you learn how to unlock your fullest potential to earn more money and create wealth and create the next level realities on earth.

Once you take the lead to step into this journey, you are becoming a part of the golden age of the earth.

And it is our biggest mission right now, to bring back the golden age on earth, and we as a collective as well as individual higher beings together with Sophia, the mother of all creatrix, are supporting in every way, to awaken the human beings to this power, and create a prosperous, powerful, wealthy and sovereign societies on earth."

Wealth codex is the unique DNA activation from great goddess Hathor, which will initiate your magickal ability to call forth your dreams, earthly money and your goals on a physical and spiritual level.

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