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Welcome to entering the Paradise Line Consciousness, where it all began...where it all begins...The ULTIMATE Foundation to Ecstatic Abundance Formula...


The Paradise Consciousness 

The Unseen Prosperous Reality Template

What you will learn and receive in this Masterclass
  • The untold information about the way you create, belong and live in a specific reality, and how deep it goes than you think. Once you discover the truth about this, you will not look at life in the same way, you will not look at creating your dream life in the same way.
  • The never-spoken truth about modern-day spirituality, the global transformation from religious-based spirituality into new age spirituality, and how you are unconsciously still living in a very limited way of living and creating, therefore limited ability of manifestation/creation. Once you have this awareness, you will immediately know how to snap out of it.
  • The hidden limitations and way of living in your day-to-day systems, the prime beliefs you are living by that set you to LIMITING creative abilities, and how you are perpetuating them without even knowing that you are. You will learn how to consciously un-choose this, and to activate your FULL potential of manifesting and creating abundance, money, wealth and everything now WITHOUT the stopppers.
  • The information about the different lines of consciousness that are VERY real in every way, and how to choose the one that you truly prefer, even when you share your life with others who happen to live in a different line of consciousness. This will bring your manifestation game to a whole new level.
  • What is the paradise consciousness, and why that is the natural line of consciousness of humanity, and how to recognise it, accept it, and operate through it. You will learn how to master your godliness and practice the easy, natural and spontaneous way of creating your dreams. ( a method that goes against almost everything you have believed about the world - the official framework of the consciousness)
  • How to step into the Paradise Line Consciousness, the beginning of the Ecstatic Abundance which is a WHOLE ANOTHER WORLD...The simple steps and exercises to start this.
  • How to live in a safe world, a safe reality where every facet works in your favour, where you don’t have to create defence systems, where you don’t have to predict the worse and prepare for it, where you don’t have to live with anxiety not knowing how your future will be. You will learn how to operate through the paradise consciousness, living in a safe and magical reality that creates your prosperous personal reality. (This changes the whole game for you, I say this with 100% confidence)
  • Actual readings of the channelled learning sessions with an energy presence whom I call “the teacher”. (more on this phenomenon in the class)
Kathy Pescador, Canada

I am honored to have met Iresha and bring her into my life bubble. She has a very sincere and pure energy I can palpably feel whenever she speaks. I really get activated by her channelings and teachings. I can feel the change hours and days after, as if there is something new in the air and my timeline reality has somehow shifted. I trust her messages because I feel her powerful heart of service, her confidence in her True Self, and lastly, her wisdom totally aligns and adds even more to the truths I get from my own Higher Self channelings. Iresha is totally living her purpose and is the one of the best mentors to help you live yours.

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Imagine, living in a world where you are absolutely safe in every way, where everything works in your favour, where your attempts are welcomed and brought into a flourishing, and where nothing works against you…

Imagine, where you have understood the godliness of yourself for real this time…Imagine the moment you start to realise that you are not the physical person you thought you are, you are not weak, evil or bad as humans tend to think, you ARE a real god, like the ones you used to worship…

Imagine, knowing exactly how to achieve absolutely anything with a natural & spontaneous approach, full of joy and happiness…

The moment you realise this, you change the cause of your life, your dreams become a real possibility and you are reborn.

And that is the moment you begin to TRULY realise that creating ANY amount of abundance, wealth & money in ANY amount is REALLY, REALLY, EXTREMELY easy...


Rachel Harvey, United Kingdom
FB ad strategist

I have absolutely loved working with Iresha over the last few months.  She has helped me transform my money mindset and to see patterns of behaviour which have affected me over the years.  She has helped me understand how to take control of my logical 'evidence' based thinking which has held me back and to see that a lot of what I think are actually stories I have told myself that aren't true!  I now celebrate my successes and see my achievements rather than just brushing them to the side.  I have 'happy' money and know that there is so much more to come.  Thank you Iresha ❤

Renata Zolnoska, Poland

All I have to say to anyone who keeps thinking whether to work with Iresha or not, just do it, seriously! You won't regret it.

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Iva Kostic, Serbia
Founder & the Principle of Doremi Music School, Abu Dhabi

This was a once in a lifetime opportunity sent by the universe at the right moment. Over the years I have been trying things and different theories, but this program is different because it focuses on ACTION - step by step, clearly explained without any difficulty to understand. Iresha was the first person ever to explain what is MY part of this process.
Dear iresha, thousand times thank you for this knowledge, and I am now already experiencing a huge progress in abundance (even half way through). I am looking forward to working with you more and can't wait.

Silvia Cernac, Slovakia
Founder of Business & Heels

I wish I had the chance to learn from Iresha's work way before I started my own business, it would give me such a good starting point and the maximum clarity of where I am headed and how to reach there.
The work I did with Iresha is the ultimate foundation for anyone who dreams about a successful business & life ( a premium business and a premium life in my case) and it actually made me re- think about all the systems and the organisation I had been using and learned ever. It exactly helped me to discover what my biggest dream is, my craziest and luxurious goal is, and then to 100% align all the steps,systems and activities in my own business with that.

Are you ready and open to discover the cutting edge, contraversial & knowledge beyond the knowledge?

These are the true information & knowledge that has been only availble to a very limited and priviledged group of people in our world for a long time. It is time for people like you, the wealth beacons to have your hands on this and to discover the  true nature of yourself, the easy path to big creations, and the true nature of existence.

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