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Plan this year to get wealthy

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It is almost halfway towards the end of January in 2020 and if you hadn't plan your year until now, right now is a perfect time. In each year, billions of people are making new years resolutions, and that is a great way to start the year. I do it too. But how many of them actually stick to those plans? And the ones who do, are the winners. They are the ones who are going to finish the year with the success and the satisfaction of achievement.

Today we are talking about how to set your plans to make this year the best year of your life, to get yourself wealthier, to get your self to achieve all your money goals. As a person who grows each year, who wants to increase your self and life in every possible way, having an actual plan for your wealth goals is crucial.

Wealth is not only being able to earn more money. Money is indeed a huge part of it, but to be actually wealthy and to stay wealthy you need to create a wealthy identity. Remember, money is one element of being wealthy, and you need to grow in all the elements to keep that wealth with you. To make it easy for you to understand, it doesn't matter how much money work you do on yourself, if you still have a poor identity, you are not going to keep that hard-earned money with you long. The other elements of your identity will compete at one point, and you are back in square one. That is when you have to do all that money work again from the beginning. Does that sound familiar to you?

Well, I put together a set of a checklist for you to keep your wealth goals going in this year, and to achieve that rich, first-class life you deserve.

1.Plan your money yearly, monthly and quarterly.

Having an actual money plan is one of the best ways to get to achieve your money goals and it is the best way to start with. Not having an actual money plan is one of the common mistakes most people do when they do  their new year's planning. Many people do plan their actions, their goals, what they want to achieve. But to achieve all the other goals, you need to first start from managing your money. Remember, where your attention goes, is where that starts to grow. To start with, here are the list of the question you need to ask yourself. Be very honest when you do this. If you are able to answer all these questions before making your money plan, then you are on your way to success.

  • How much money did you make last year? And how much money do you want to make this year?
  • How was your saving pattern last year? Was it regular, if not why? How can you make it better this year? (Go and read "Do not step in the new decade without doing these two things")
  • Think about which areas should you spend a bit more money this year. what are the areas that need upgrades? New laptop? a VA? A graphic designer? New car? An upgrade to your home?Any investments in your business?Set your upgrade priorities. Plan what are the upgrades that are needed. Decide how much of a cut you are setting aside for upgrade, for fun and for the other costs. Plan according to your budget.
    When you plan correct, you will have no stress and no guilt at the end. 
  • What are your biggest money goals this year?
  • What are your biggest challenges and fears about money this year? And how are you going to face and solve them? What are the steps that has to be taken?
  • How much revenue do you plan to earn this year?
  • To achieve that goal, how much revenue should you earn monthly this year?
  • To achieve that, how much sales should you make monthly?
  • To achieve that, what changes should you make in your services or products? How can you increase the prices?
  • To do that, how can you add more volume or quality to your products or services?
    - Here write down all the steps including talking to your team, schedule meetings, talking to your advisors etc.

These are the questions you have to have the answers. When you have the answers, you have a strategy. When you have a strategy, you have a plan. When you have a plan, you have actions. And when you take actions, you get results. Simple as that!

You need to manage your money. It doesn't matter how small or big the amount is, you need to start managing it. Only then you will get to manage big money.
Remember, where you pay attention, is where the energy starts to flow.

2.Mindset planning

To achieve certain goals, the right mindset is key. Your mindset is the foundation for all your success. The success that you need to believe and live in.

One common problem that happens very often, and that I have seen very often if my clients when they first come to me, is the double mindset.
What is double mindset? Can you even have a double mindset? The answer is yes. This happens when your conscious mind believes and wanting greater things to achieve, but your subconscious doesn't believe the same.
As crazy as it sounds, most of us don't believe that we are capable of actually achieving our dreams. If you ask, everyone will say that they want to get rich. And most of them are working towards it. They are taking actual efforts. Their conscious mind is then satisfied, seeing that they are doing something to go to their goals. But their subconscious mind doesn't actually believe it, nor ready for it. So this kind of people tends to be in that building phase forever. They do many courses, take business training, do launches and all that things you can work towards your goal, but they never get to land on that winning phase, where you actually are successful and earning money at last. So how can we avoid this?

You need to expect that the universe is somehow letting you and helping you to achieve these goals. You need to actually believe that you are getting the best resources that help you to achieve your goals. You need to deeply and subconsciously believe that you are going to live that successful life, where all your goals are achieved.

Our mind is a beautiful thing that can do wonders if we know how to make the best use of it. Most of the people are not taking any use of the mind, rather letting their lives go on autopilot. Why let it go autopilot when you can really control it?

Remember, don't ever think that mind means "YOU". Your mind is a part of you, which is owned by you. You are the owner and the controller of your mind. Think as you are the boss and the CEO of the company called "YOU". And your mind is your biggest, greatest and most loyal worker in your company. And then you let your worker do whatever he wants, and one day, you lose completely the control over "YOU", and your worker is running the place, and even giving you the orders about what to do, and he is deciding the fate of your company. Would you ever let that happen?

So think about your mind, just like that. Don't let your mind take decisions for you, you command your mind what to think and you decide what is best for you. Our mind is originally made to prepare us to be fit for survival. It is a beautiful protective mechanism. But now as we are very well evolved people and we are living in a very civilized society where people have goals and dreams, and our life is a lot more than survival. But what if your mind still stays in the survival mode? Then it doesn't matter what you actually want, you will end up living in the same survival mode, in the same problems over and over, running into the same wrong relationships over and over, making the same bad decision in your business over and over.
Your mind is in its basic version. So when you try using the premium features, it doesn't work, unless you upgrade your mind to the premium version. Simple as that.

So what could you do?

Try to upgrade your mind to its premium version this year. Take some time and write down everything you could do. It could be creating a new morning routine, a meditation routine, writing down your goals every day, perhaps creating new like-minded and positive people with whom you can talk and discuss your new wealth goals, how to increase your profits, and not about all the problems in your life, others' lives and in the world.
Train your mind to be at the winning phase, not in the training phase.

Remember, to be able to help the world, you need to be in a good financial situation. The richer you are, the better you can contribute.

3.Plan your resources

To achieve our goals which you have written down, you also need to recognize the best and easiest ways. The easier it is, the faster it is the better. Don't ever believe anyone who says that the best things have to come hard. It is a lie, made by the people who had to suffer to come to a certain level, and now jealous and scared that the next generation would go higher than them easily. The best things have to come by clever thinking, clever planning and knowing themselves.

Most of us are seeking help and resources from others and external sources when we have some of the best resources with us. We often forget how resourceful we are, how good we are and how much good we can do.

Before getting into the outer world, take some time and think what resources you have with you, that can help you to achieve these goals. Write them down. It could some skills, some special expertise, some tangible resource or some connections. Write them down, and think how exactly you can use them. Write those ways as well. when everything is on the paper, you will see the map, which connects everything and giving you the perfect picture of how and what to do. Do this, and you will be surprised.

The next important thing is, list down the possible resources you can adapt or learn to achieve your goals. And write about how you can learn them.

Then write the habits, skills or any action at all which distract you from achieving your goals. Here you should be very honest. Do not try to soothe yourself down and to pretend like nothing is there. Be very honest to yourself and think deeply. Write everything down. And your determination is, to get rid of those actions. You are not going to continue doing them.

Now you see, when you know what stops you from achieving your goals, and what helps you toward these goals, this is when your real journey starts. Most of us keep working towards the goal, but in the end, they are at lost thinking of what happened. This happens when you haven't recognized your resources and your distractions. So at the start of this year, it is very important to steer clear of it.

Remember, we are all advancing, increasing and growing. We all have to grow each day. We all have to move to make our lives better, in every way. Becoming wealthy and living a First Class Life is not completed with just one element. Our life is with many elements. Money, spirituality, health and many others. Working on just one, will not bring you to your best self. All these elements have to balance. One can be partially drawn towards one element and that is OK, but you cannot have extremes. To be really rich and wealthy, and to stay wealthy, you need to shift your whole world to the next level. You need to create a wealthy identity. Wealth is not an action, it is an identity. No matter how much money you earn, no matter how much money mindset work you do, if you still have a poor mentality, a poor identity you will not keep that money long. You will be at the square one very soon, and you will have to do that money mindset work again from the beginning.

And in this year, we focus on creating that wealth identity and step into the First Class Living, where you are at your best self, where you live an elegant, luxurious and successful life and where you actually belong. Let us work on bringing you to that wealthy society, where you have wealthy and first-class and like-minded people around you, no more nagging, no more complaining and no more competing.

We will talk about wealthy identity in another post, and for today, I leave you into your year planning, and I hope you will have fantastic planning, that will bring you the best in this year.

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