Quantum leaps

Welcome to The Quantum Woman

A powerful and life-changing workshop where you wake up to your original blueprint, reactivate your original powers of creation and where you get to start creating your material abundance with magick...

Welcome, quantum woman, to the space where you get to meet your original self, the superhuman self and the magickal wizardess of creation. You are a powerful creator, and money, material bliss and all your daring dreams are very much of a part of you.

You are not supposed to struggle, to be mediocre or to suffer in going from A to B to C. This is the result of the long old system that we have been living through, for more than a thousand years. Your original blueprint is to go from A to G to X.

You are not supposed to create small, and you are not supposed to be limiting your creations because that is what it seems like "real", "practical" or "logical".

You are a magician, and you are supposed to create big, massive and crazily unbelievable realities on earth. And you have these abilities, which you once were aware of, yet have been dormant all these years.

Quantum leaps

Humanity has been sleeping in this system for so long, and you came here to this life in this particular time, to reawaken the powers of humanity, to reawaken the superhuman abilities and to bring humanity out of the limiting and old level of evolution to the next golden age.

Believe it or not, every decision you have taken in your life until now has been leading you to this goal.

And you are doing this by becoming it.

You came here to be one of the pioneers of the new age.

You came here to be one of the pioneers who shake the old system and step into the golden age again.

You came here to bring back the original quantum woman, and to bring the powerful female lineages, powerful humans back on earth.

And prosperity, material bliss and limitless earthly creation is the major theme of this new age, and the understanding of the unity of the money, material creation and prosperity with our original existence and its spiritual, magickal & energetic essence is the key to breaking all the limiting barriers to unlimited creation.

These are some of the things you will receive in this workshop

  • The deep truth about quantum money creation, and how to make it the "Major" way of creation.
  • Why the quantum leaps are the major and only way to create your daring dreams, and the role it plays in the new step of human evolution.
  • The connection between money, creating quantum money, and yourself.
  • How to solve the paradox of quantum leaps creation.
  • The original woman - who she is, what are her powers and why she is being called to reactivate again.
  • The importance of activating your original codes and the connection it has towards your big goals, big money creation.
  • The dark and white facets of the sacred feminine existence and how to heal and uncover them after thousands of years of shutting down.
  • The linking of the mystery school teachings and money creation.
  • The missing link to quantum money.
  • Simple yet powerful step by step actions to initiate you into this journey, the journey of new earth money creation, where no goal is too big. (even if they seems impossible and illogical)
  • The ending ceremony - Your rite of passage into becoming a Wealth Beacon assisted by the dragon clans with live channelled massages

Plus an invitation to initiate this magickal journey to prosperity and quantum money...

Welcome home quantum woman, it's time.

Quantum leaps

Wealthy Empress

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About your host

Iresha Tschunke is the mentor to hundreds of women all around the world who seek financial prosperity, material abundance and who dare to dream big, and achieve all those massive goals without sacrificing any facet of your life, rather activating success in every area of life, using new earth money creation where magick and ancient wisdom meet your dreams.

She is a direct initiate and ordained priestess of Isis - Hathor lineage and a dragon high priestess who had been volunteering to bring species into the next level of prosperity and material bliss creation in many planets in many realms when they had reached the time of transitioning to the next level of their evolution. She also has been involved in prosperity creation on earth before, in other lifetimes.

Her sole mission is to bring humanity the awareness, knowledge and methods of unlimited creation of prosperity, and help people to live wealthy, rich and become all they can be. Her purpose is to help humanity to transit, prepare and upgrade to the level where the new age creation is possible for them, as great power comes with great responsibility, and each person has to reach a certain level of consciousness in order to step into this level of creation.

Among all, she is your friend, your loving guiding hand and your support who is always ready to welcome you and to bring you to your dreams.

Iresha Tschunke

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