Reality coding- Video Masterclass- New Earth Money Creation

The way to liberation from all systems, and head towards inserting happy money into your reality at warp speed.

Iresha Tschunke

When did your big dreams become too big to achieve?

When did going from one manifesting program to another, one money mindset course to another, one business course to another become the general gist of life?

And why did all those programs, attempts and courses never work for you, despite your dedication, good intentions and hard work?

Why can't you just make it all happen magickally? Really, why?

The truth?

Your dreams are never too big to achieve. (If you have big and bold dreams, cheers to you, you will be delighted when you walk away from this Masterclass)

There is a hidden reason why all those hours of learning and reading, all those courses and programs and all those attempts of manifestation haven't worked.

And you CAN make it all happen magickally! No dream is too big, and every single individual dream, individual item, event and situation as well as whole realities can be inserted into your reality, easily.

And there IS a simple way.

In this brandnew,unique & magickal live master class you will learn never spoken before information about reality creation, and I bet you, that this will shatter all the structures and knowledge you've known before about manifestation. And with that freedom, you step into a whole new place where reality creation happens in the warp speed.
Iresha Tschunke

Live Event

Reality coding- Masterclass- New Earth Money Creation

Let’s first talk about money. Why has it become such a hard-to-get thing? Was it always like that?

No, it was not always like that.

The secret is the knowledge to happy money. Happy money, is what we could say, the original money, the original way that the type of energy which makes money is supposed to be. This is the kind of money that was practised on earth at a different level, long ago, the times before human recorded history.

This is the thing. Everything we are shown and told, even our history, is the result of structuring.

And in this structuring, the actual money, the happy money was lost, and the original knowledge and awareness of creation were buried away.

Instead, a distorted version was birthed. This is what we can call “dead money”, or a version of money, in which the most lively part was stripped off, so it can exist and even thrive on misery, suffering and pain.

This is also what most of us know as “how to create”, the work hard, logical, external first, method.

This is the thing. Your reality, is a play, that you have created, and our world is not just one big reality where everyone gets to live. There are almost 8 billion realities in our world, just from humans, and there are a lot more realities that are unknown to us.

It is a matrix, a highly constructed one.

So, what if you could work on it, like thought to screen computer?

What if, there is a way to insert every single thing you want into your reality?

And what if, you could insert the happy money frequency into this matrix, and get rid of the distorted version?

And is it possible?

It is.

And when you do, your life turns into one happy story, one that you wake up with curiosity every day, being excited to see what is being created.

And it is time, for this knowledge to access your life, and let the magick happen.

Reality coding- Masterclass- New Earth Money Creation

The way to liberation from all systems, and head towards inserting happy money into your reality at warp speed.

Are you ready?


Lab Consultant,Germany


" All I have to say to anyone who keeps thinking whether to work with Iresha or not, just do it, seriously! You won't regret it"

After this live experience, you’ll: 

  • Learn and experience what reality really is. You will discover never spoken parts of reality and creation, and you will realise what are we really playing here, and how to turn that play in your favour.
  • Learn how to insert individual items, incidents and events into your life, as well as change whole realities into different ones.
  • Discover the hidden truth behind karma, religions, existing money structures and the ways of life as you knew, and their connection to your money creation.

  • Have your old beliefs shattered, and you will be standing at the door of a new awareness, that will create a new dimension for you, that you never saw before.
  • Open yourself to a new version of “alive” money, and learn how to work with it, enjoying each day towards wealth.
  • Learn the power of “magick”, why everyone can do magick in reality creation, its connection to actual money manifestation and the importance of acquiring this skill in your prosperity and wealth creation.
  • Learn how to summon money, and anything into your life and change your reality radically..
  • Have an extraordinary experience into the dragon realms, and activate your pure wealth activation nodes.
  • Open your eyes and be free from all the wrong knowledge, even the ones that look very good, and will start creating your happy money journey as a free, unlimited and happy multidimensional being, and this will change EVERYTHING for you.
  • Have so many aha moments, and I assure you, this master class will keep you on your toes!

This is the summary of what you will receive inside this Master Class

  • 60-90 Minutes masterclass, with live exercises, discussions and so much fun stuff. This is an interactive experience, not on the webinar mode, so you can turn on your camera, and show your beautiful face (if you like of course) and the ones who would like, will be given an opportunity to speak and interact. 
  • A live wealth activation from the dragon realms
  • Live Q & A and the opportunity to speak at the end of the class.

  • The opportunity to learn with a group of like-minded, wealth-activated women who are taking part in becoming the pioneers of the wealthy new earth.

  • A chance to win a partial scholarship of 3800 Euros, to my upcoming New Earth Money Creation VIP 1:1 container - Wealthy Empress. (Once you purchase the Masterclass access, you will be sent the instructions on how to qualify for the scholarship)

What is your ideal financial freedom worth to you?

Iresha Tschunke

Are you ready?

Iva Kostic

Founder & the Principle of Doremi Music School, Abu Dhabi

"This was a once in a lifetime opportunity sent by the universe at the right moment. Over the years I have been trying things and different theories, but this program is different because it focuses on ACTION - step by step, clearly explained without any difficulty to understand. Iresha was the first person ever to explain what is MY part of this process.
Dear iresha, thousand times thank you for this knowledge, and I am now already experiencing a huge progress in abundance (even half way through). I am looking forward to working with you more and can't wait"


Founder of Business And Heels - Personal Styling & Shopping


"I wish I had the chance to learn from Iresha's work way before I started my own business, it would give me such a good starting point and the maximum clarity of where I am headed and how to reach there.

The work I did with Iresha is the ultimate foundation for anyone who dreams about a successful business & life ( a premium business and a premium life in my case) and it actually made me re- think about all the systems and the organisation I had been using and learned ever. It exactly helped me to discover what my biggest dream is, my craziest and luxurious goal is, and then to 100% align all the steps,systems and activities in my own business with that."

Why should you spend your precious time on this work

Because this Masterclass is the answer to all the failed attempts of manifestation, all the sleepless nights worrying about your financial future, all of the hours spent reading and studying about the money mindset, law of attraction and getting wealthy with confusion and no results, and for all the big bold dreams that you carry without knowing how to achieve them.

Because this is the next step of human evolution, the New Earth Prosperity Creation, and it starts by liberating from the learnt fake knowledge, and discovering what lies underneath, just a breath away, the truth to creation.

Because you dream big, bold and extraordinary. And YOU are the visionary of a prosperous world, and YOUR dreams are the building blocks of the New Prosperous Earth.

Because YOUR big dreams must come true.

Reserve your seat now

Wednesday, 24th August, 2022 at 8.30 pm Berlin/2.30 pm EST/ 11.30 PST

For whom is this class

  • She who believes that she is meant for much bigger things, she who believes in seemingly impossible realities and she who never wants to settle for less, normal or ordinary.
  • She who is ready to go beyond the common frame and ready to step into the untouched territories of creation.

  • She who is not afraid to let go of the convenient, convincing world’s structures, and beloved traps and to start creating her reality as a liberated, free and multidimensional being.
  • She who has a true desire and knack for the next level of metaphysics, the mystery of creation and wants to master it, in actual life.
  • She who wants to step into the New Earth Money Creation, and get a quick taste of it.
  • She whom this class is supposed to activate into her accelerated happy wealth creation. This is for the woman whose call has activated this class to happen.
  • She who believes that life is supposed to be extremely happy, luxurious and abundant, being able to be whoever you want, do whatever you want and live the life you really desire.
  • She who is tired, confused or lost with the current manifestation industry, and is seeking something more, something unspoken of.

This program is NOT for

  • The ones who are not open to the new territories of knowledge, due to any personal restrictions, religious restrictions etc. (If you are highly religious, or if you are fixed on any particular spiritual structure or practice and not open to see beyond it, then this class is NOT for you)
  • The ones who are against big amounts of prosperity, wealth and riches

  • The ones who don't want to have "TOO MUCH" of money, or to get "TOO wealthy", and the ones who want to stop people from getting too wealthy.
  • The ones who don’t want to see people creating easy, happy, and effortless wealth unlimitedly.

Take it from me...

Iresha Tschunke - Money Mindset Elite

Hi, I am Iresha Tschunke, the founder of the School of New Earth Money Creation and the initiator of the New Earth Money Creation Methods, an entrepreneur, a dragon initiate, prosperity coach, and an energy presence/consciousness in human form whose primary essence is creating prosperity and abundance in plants and realities.

After a lifelong calling and an obsession with how to create wealth & prosperity in humans easily and happily, and a long time confusion of about why money, wealth and luxuries seem to be so limited and hard in the world and only available to a certain type of people who do a certain type of work, I came to a realisation that the answer must be found beyond what know as reality, somewhere beyond the very existence as we know it.

So I stepped in, to the beyond. And it changed my life, radically, opening doors into quantum leaps, and unexplainable manifestations, bringing the most magickal, easy, fun and unbelievable results in my existence in this realm.

And I keep diving further and further into deeper layers of consciousness that connect us to different realms, to new knowledge of creation and to the truth of our existence. My mission in this lifetime, (as well as many other lifetimes/probable selves) is to bring humanity into the true creation awareness and to bring prosperity, abundance and wealth into individual lives as well as onto earth.

I adore prosperous living. Prosperous living, is the default way of living, in the universe, and it is incredibly easy to create. Anything different is created artificially and is imposed on people. I am bringing in the knowledge that was hidden from us for too long, and that is my duty, and my essence, that I bring into the world in this form, as Iresha.

I love you, and I want you to be wealthy. And trust me when I say, that YOU can be super wealthy, and it is easy, when you know how. And I will show you how, in this Masterclass.

Here is a small part of the dragon channeling that was recieved for the New Earth Money Academy (another program based on the New Earth Money Creation)


"...What you know as money, is a human currency of creation, the measurement of the ability of creation, therefore power and "happiness" in your terms.

Gold is a currency. Money is a currency. And food is a currency too. They all measure your ability to create. You think it comes from the outside. because of your limited perception. But in truth, they all are nothing but a general reflection of your inner choosing of creation. You see things as "stuff", but we see, from the outside of your reality, like a holograph, like a chosen dream, and so we see how your "stuff" is being created by you, into your life, the chosen dream.

And this "way of inserting things to the dream" can be a lot easier, in fact, no hardship at all, in any way. It is because you have only preserved the thoughts that show you otherwise, you don't know exactly how easy it is to create. It's like, a butterfly worm who lives in the cocoon, at that given time of transformation, knows only the cocoon walls, not what exists beyond. It is when it decides to go out of that cocoon it learns to fly, and it experiences that it is a butterfly, that can fly....

.......Just know that your material creation has a deeper connection to a vast degree than you think, to the inner and the beyond realms, and no one is creating alone. You are all connected to all there is, that is why, we can aid you in influencing your material realities, at your choice.

It is never the external work that initiates the external "stuff". I know it's hard for you to understand because you live in the 3D realm, which is also a result of a choice your race took at a deeper collective level. But just know, you can now easily go beyond the 3D, learn how to influence the 3D reality, and learn how to insert money, food, events and all tangible things into your day to day life.

I bid adieu for now, and we, the dragon clans are very happy to welcome you and to be working with you. Adoni."

Why am I doing this?

Because it is the next step for human consciousness, the unlimited creation, the liberation from the poverty consciousness and accessing our true powers.

Because it is the door to the beyond, by mastering our physical plane, the creation and breaking free from the man-made stories and limitations.

Because I love you, I love the world, I love humanity, and my mission is to bring the earth back to the golden age, the prosperous earth.

Because I want that big dreams and visions of you to come true, and I want humans to understand and look through and beyond the 3D bubble, and to learn the knowledge from beyond.

Because I want to melt away the wall between the logical 3D and the magick that exists just beneath that, just a breath away all these times, and I want this magickal creation knowledge to be able to everyone, not just to a limited group.

Because I want to show you how easy and incredibly fun creation is, and how fast we can chnage our realities while enjoying it, fully, despite what most of us are taught.

Because I want to create wealthy, prosperous and rich women in the world, the millionaires of the new earth, the happy and joyful wealth beacons who have understood the art of happy creation, the upgraded human.

Imagine a world where the people like you, the ones who have upgraded consciousness, the ones who carry big honest dreams, and the ones who will learn and have access to the New Earth Creation become the top 5% of the world. What will the world look like?


What happens when I enrol?

Once you click on the button and enrolled, you will be sent an email with all the information about the class, including the link to watch. Please check your promotion, updates and even the spam folder, as sometimes depending on your categorisation of the email, it can end up in those folders. If you haven’t received the email within 3 hours from the purchase, please send an email to iresha @ or, DM me on any of my social media.

How long do I have access to this Masterclass, once purchased?

You have lifetime access to this Masterclass, once purchased.

This is going to be so much fun, magickal and amazing!

Register Now! It's Life changing & Magickal!

Iresha Tschunke - Money Mindset Elite

Forget about the hours-long speeches, boring online seminars and webinars where we fall asleep halfway through. (I know the feeling!)

In this Live Masterclass,  you won't have a wee chance to fall asleep! Because you will be busy doing the work with me live in the class, and learning and taking notes of every single on fire information! And the rest of the time, you will be busy wondering how the existing knowledge, structures and even the most beloved spiritual systems have kept your magickal reality creating abilities locked away! You will discover how easy it is to insert anything into your reality!

Remember, money being the reason for everything we do, and being something that has to be earned, is a human goal and a structure, that many of us have agreed to. Just like that, all the dreams we have, being something that are hard to achieve, that takes long time and lots of effort is also something we have artifically learnt.

And it is time for you to learn the truth, and to start creating in the New Earth way, where your boldest dreams and visions are being created, in ways you never thought would be.

YOU and YOUR DREAMS are a vital part of the prosperous earth, as they are the building blocks of the earthly wealth and the wealthy reality that will be woven.


Because they are the building blocks of the prosperous earth. And YOU are the career, creator and the initiator of that Prosperity.

So, are you ready, wealth beacon?

All Rights Reserved (c) 2022 Iresha Tschunke