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Scared of holidays? – An honest story

Christmas dinner

Holidays are just around the corner.  And while many are getting ready for the feast with the festive time with family and friends, the gift wrapping, the cosiness of sitting around the fireplace with a hot chocolate and your family, some of us are absolutely dreading the holidays, I mean, the ones who have taken a different and new path in life, a new venture, a new creative adventure.

You might ask, why the dreading?

This is the story behind that dreading.

You used to be one of those people who did all those festive activities mentioned above, being excited to meet with family, relatives and friends whom you mostly meet only once a year. You used to be one of them. Back then, everything was good and easy, you all had similar topics to talk about, you all complained about similar things, you all had somewhat similar visions of life and you all were in a somewhat similar state financially. Those were the smooth days weren’t they?

And now, you have done something terribly different, you have taken a new path!

You had realised that you want to make a change, so you woke up to your creative adventures, you listened to your voice, you embraced those visions of a greater reality, a wealthier reality, and a more desirable one.

Some of you have taken a spiritual awakening path, and have begun to expand the psychic faculties within you, and now you have passed what you used to call the “normal” state of living, and your new normal now includes a whole different kind of living.

Now right there, is the agony, when it comes to meeting those old family, relatives and friends.

Iresha Tschunke

I used to be one of you, dreading even the thought of meeting those “muggles”, or the people who not only don’t understand you but also throw a bunch of unsolicited advice and judgments at you.

And I felt that way, because my way was definitely different from theirs, in almost every single way.

Back then, I thought I couldn’t be more different from everyone I knew, and there were times that I felt waves of anxiety, the feeling of being left alone someday.

I truly wish I knew back then, what I know now.

I have come a long way since then, and I am a whole universe apart from who I was, and that also means that I am even further away from the world that I knew those days.

But ironically, I am not dreading meeting family, relatives or any other person who doesn’t understand my world anymore, for that matter.

This is what happened. In my journey, I learnt that personal and mass existences are not what we think they are. Each person is embarked on a personal journey to be fulfilled, and at birth, each individual chooses a template, where he or she can best perform it.

To our bare minds, it might seem like someone is so behind, or someone is far ahead, but actually, every person chooses what is the best, in their personal learning process.

And there is another very important understanding that changed me totally. As I sank deeply into my psyche in the exploration of its creative abilities, I have come to the understanding that the true being who I am, I am not talking only about the physical role I am playing as Iresha, but the being who is playing Iresha, is made out of pure energy, what we also can call as love. In that perspective, I am nameless, I am free from all the judgments, struggle, and paraphernalia that we think is important. I am presenting myself as Iresha, because I am choosing to play a beautiful role, and I have a mission that I am fully equipped to succeed. And in my personal journey, I have a certain way and speed of learning, creating, desiring and awareness.

Just like myself, every other human being is also a god-like being, who is also playing their chosen roles.

When you understand this, at this point, you lose that urge to want to explain yourself to others, prove yourself to the world, or wanting that others agreeing to your vision. When you come to this understanding, you tend to live in your own reality, and if you design your reality with intention, you can very well create one where people are actually supporting you, and not against you.

In the officially accepted line of consciousness, unfortunately, we are taught that the human race is flawed, that humans are not to be trusted, that people are not supporting you etc. As long as you subscribe to that line of consciousness, that is the world you will receive. Unfortunately, there is a whole civilisation that is built upon this line of consciousness, and so people keep creating that loop over and over.

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So here are my steps for you, to change your mind, and change your environment with your family this December.

  1. 1

    Take a few minutes and tune inwards. Close your eyes, and pretend that the physical reality is now disappeared. What is left inside you, that essence and feeling, is the true you. Tune into that essence, and get to know yourself. Feel that godliness in you. You are completely independent of the world around you, as you are going on your own journey. Feel that love towards your journey.

    And know that every other person is also a godly being, who has their own journey. Feel that love towards them. Feel empowered towards your desires, your wealth creation goals, and your vision, and at the same time empty yourself from wanting to explain or prove. Practice this many times a day, during this holiday season, and you will notice the difference when you meet people.

  2. 2
    Work on your assertiveness, and build self-awareness, and confidence in your existence, vision and dreams. Be proud of who you are, and be happy to be you. You, are the character you are choosing to play in this physical lifetime, and as yourself, you are here to go on great creative adventures, in your own time and speed. You are a godly being, and you are not to be proven or explained. If you have any difficulty standing strong with your vision in front of others, work on it. Journal your beliefs about this, and why you think it is difficult. Work it out. And when you finally meet your family and friends, stay true to that assertive self.
  3. 3
    If you are meeting people who only know the old version of you, don’t go back to your old version in order to relate to them. Instead, give them an opportunity to meet your new version. Of course, some will be shocked, startled and even resistant to your new version of yourself. This is quite normal because, in the unit of the family or friend circle, your old version used to play an important role, which added certain qualities and colours to the unit. When you have moved forward, you are threatening that structure, and you are putting their vision in question. So some people might feel the need to defend those old frameworks, and some might even try to sabotage your new efforts, directly or indirectly. The most important thing is, for you to hold on to your new path, and the ones who are not a match for you anymore will have to fall out. This will happen automatically and treat this whole process as a part of your creative adventure, because it really is. Once you have worked on the first 2 suggestions I have given above, this step will come quite easily.
  4. 4
    Do not compare yourself or your success to others. You don’t have to become a millionaire by 25, 30, or any age like others. You don’t have to create your first 6 figures in the first year of your business. And you definitely don’t have to meet others’ standards of success. Only you know what you are learning, and which path you are going. Be very straightforward about that, and don’t forget to share that with others when asked.
  5. 5
    Last but not least, enjoy the time. Every day is a part of your creative adventure, and use those festive moments to practice your energy and reality manipulation skills. And you can experiment with this in a fun way. Practice sending certain conversation topics to the group, telepathically. Practice sending joyful energies to certain people, and make them laugh. Use this time to receive gifts, to receive joy and to practice receiving, if you are not used to it. Let yourself go, loosen it up, and have a jolly good holiday time.
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