Sportively abundant

The discovery of the law of attraction is one of the greatest steps of humankind in the last decades. Humanity started to scratch the surface of the next level of understanding of reality and began to realise that there is something else to it.

And I am sure that you have read so many books about the law of attraction, done quite a number of methods yourself, vision boards, journaling, meditating, money mindset work, abundance manifestation work etc.

🤔But tell me, has it satisfied you in terms of the authentic results that speak to your heart?

🤔Have you seen results, that represent your dreams & essence in an efficient manner?

🤔And are you starting to believe that working with the law of attraction is like throwing spaghetti at the wall, hoping something will stick if you are lucky?

Then listen closely my beautiful creator, the version of the law of attraction you know, is only a tiny teeny fraction of how it really works. There is so much more to it.

🤫What if I tell you, you could connect your true essence, identity, and dreams into this mechanism, and become ONE with the process itself?

🤫What if you could let your life explode with the mechanism of synchronicity which brings magical manifestations one after the other?

🤫What if living and creating with synchronicities can become the ONLY way of living, where your life becomes a flowing, effortless, happy place?

These are not some fancy words, these are all 100% true, literal and real.

The mechanism of synchronicity is the life source of our reality, which is by design created to bring each and every goal, dream and event you desire into your life, making your life effortless and joyful, but only if you take that lock away, which you have created to shut this process.

Come along, and learn how to literally unlock this process, become a more and more natural state of being, and let it all happen for you...

😊Just imagine, a way of living, where you know the mechanism and way to connect your truest dreams, essence and goals into what I call the "super computer" of synchronicity, and living in joy, abundance and total stressfree life, where everything happens for you?

😊Imagine, your life be exploded by the magical synchorinicities bringing each and every goal and dream of yours into manifestation, even better than you imagined?

😊Imagine, a natural way of living, that supports your deepest desires, traits and characterisitcs, which are the needs of becoming your truest self in this physical reality?

Welcome to Live Masterclass

Sportively Abundant

The Manifesting Formula

What you will get when you attend this class.

  • You will learn how to access the mechanism of synchronicity, what I call the supercomputer of the natural order of existence, and how to press the right keys to input your desires, your true authentic goals and dreams, and you get to finally live a stress-free life, the end to the kind of life where you have to wonder if your manifestation methods have worked, if you have to push a bit harder or wondering if you are doing enough. That struggle will stop for good.

  • You will learn how to connect your true identity, your natural traits, natural tastes, personality and dreams into the natural manifestation and the law of attraction process, so you get to manifest goals and dreams that are 100% super supportive for your boldest, deepest dreams, and you become one with the process.

  • You will learn in depth, the many layers to the law of attraction, how it really works, how to connect with the automatic synchronicity system and make that the only way to function in life. You will find yourself in the middle of exploding synchronicities of manifesting your goals and dreams, one after the other, even better than you imagined.
  • You will learn how to enter this type of living, the state of total naturally wealthy, naturally abundant and prosperous, and how to function in that way, without going into the confusion and conflict between your logical systems and this new way of functioning. You will learn how to become natural at this, and how to enter this new way of operating and relating to reality. And this will change everything for you.
  • You will learn why your past goals may have not been achieved, and how to step into the naturally abundant state, achieving anything without much of space-time confinement. This will free you from anxiety, the time rush, and the fear. This will unleash freedom and joy that cannot be explained in words.
  • You will realise that getting wealthy, getting super wealthy if that is what you desire, becoming abundant in whatever form you may desire, is truly a happy and exciting process, and you will know that all this is possible for you, and you will know how to let it all happen, once you leave this event.
  • And much, much, much more....

Remember, this is a WHOLE NEW way of relating to life, and you WILL have to be willing for this change, which will also be explained in the Live Masterclass.

My question is, are you ready for this?

Hear from others who participated this Masterclass - Sportively Abundant

Sportively Abundant

"Sportively Abundant !!! What an amazing class! Iresha will give you her all. I mean she just doesn’t give you small pieces of the puzzle, she does her best  in 3 hrs to give you important pieces of information so you can make real change.  She works intimately with you and she honestly wants the best for her students / clients. The class was filled with so many gems, it was great to have the replay to re-listen to certain parts and let me set in.

I’ve worked with Iresha for a while now, and I can go on and on about her and her work and how wonderful it is. Iresha is really tapped in and she is giving information that you’re not going to get anywhere else.  

If you get a chance to work with Iresha, consider yourself very lucky."

Kimberley Peterson

Actress - Los Angeles, USA

"I'm writing this to express my gratitude and share my feedback with you regarding the enlightening session on sportively abundant which was held a few weeks back. 

The session was an exceptional experience that left a profound impact on me. I was captivated by the amazing knowledge you shared in abundance and how we  exactly experience our reality. The content of the master class was not only inspiring but also provided insights and guidance for achieving a life of abundance. Highly appreciate the way you handled the session from the beginning up until the end with the stories, personal experiences, meditations and discussions, making the concepts easily understandable and applicable to our own lives. 

What particularly stood out for me was the meditation done by travelling into the exact same situation and changing the reality. The effort you took on shifting the mindset and focus on the positive circumstances was absolutely incredible. It was so much energy throughout and you are such a gifted soul for this amazing skill. I was truly inspired by that.

I would like to express my sincere appreciation for your passion and the amazing ability to deliver such a transformative session where I'm certain that almost all the others in the audience share the same sentiment. 

In conclusion the sportively abundant master class was an eye opener and a transformative experience for me as a strong independent woman. I am truly grateful for the knowledge gained and the positive influence it continues to have on my reality. I highly recommend the classes by Iresha Tschunke for anyone seeking a better prosperous and joyful reality , inspiration and a deeper understanding of living a life of abundance. 

Thank you once again for organizing this incredible event. I look forward to future opportunities to engage with you and continue my journey towards an abundantly lived life."

Inoshi Fernando

Engineer & Executive Manager - Colombo, Sri Lanka

"Iresha's passion for uplifting women and nurturing their limitless potential shines through in every moment. I have engaged in a few events with her and enjoyed each one. In Sportively Abundant, I learned incredible new things about myself and the way I relate to my dreams and aspirations. When Iresha teaches, she is kind, thought-provoking, and authentic. I especially enjoy the meditations. During Sportively Abundant, the inner child meditation and the empowerment meditation were incredibly powerful and inspiring. These events help to foster my belief in our era of new wealth consciousness. It is 100% possible! I will continue to work with Iresha and I will be inspired by the power of our time together. Thank you from the top of my heart, Iresha!"

Luna Lauren Henry

Career Witch, Tarot Reader & Intimacy Coach - Mount Shasta,USA

" (After the personal coaching session I did with Iresha in Sporitvely Abundant, where Iresha walked me through to find that the routie for my current situation is me holding onto the past family - childhood issues) There has been an amazing shift between me and my husband and my son. He is so much calmer and taking responsibility for his emotions. The day of your session my father showed up to my house with my sister he gave me the biggest hug and my dad never hugs anyone he likes to only shake hands I feel like there was forgiveness completed in this time line. I have so much work/healing but feel this is a big step in the right direction."

Josie Surrett

Managing Market Partner at MONAT - California,USA

Effortlessly abundant

What does Sportively Abundant mean?

Living an abundant life, full of your desired definitions & amounts of it, such as physical wealth & money, opportunities, health, satisfaction, material accomplishements, travel, experiences, communication, connections etc. IS a state of continuous excitement, curiosity and fun. This process is BY DESIGN made that way, full of joy, excitement and effortlessness.

If your process of acquiring your goals is not a joyful state of being, if it is not filled with curiosity and excitement that you can’t wait to wake up in the morning to live your life, and if it is not an effortless and happy process that is built on ultimate trust, knowingness and flow, then you are not living as your "whole" self, as your natural self.

The definition of abundance is, “The ability to do what you need to do, when you need to do it.”. Now the question is, do your desires fall into the category of “needs”?

The answer is, YES they do. Forget about what mainstream manifestation gurus say about “wanting” and “needing”, and how “needing” is bad and “wanting” is good. The real and authentic process of manifesting goes much deeper than that. If your desires are what represent your authentic feeling tones, if that is what represents who you truly are, if that is what sparks the original essence of yourself, then they are your “needs” which your self needs to have in order to expand authentically.

That is why, connecting your personal essence and identity into the manifesting formula is CRUCIAL. And when you do this, you will manifest like a magnet, and nothing can stop you.

And this process, IS sportive, fun and full of excitement. And this IS your natural state of creation, as individual, unique beings. And this process is effortless, automatic, and joyful.

This essential process of natural creation is what is called becoming sportively abundant, which you will learn in extensive detail in the class.



"I am honored to have met Iresha and bring her into my life bubble. She has a very sincere and pure energy I can palpably feel whenever she speaks. I really get activated by her channelings and teachings. I can feel the change hours and days after, as if there is something new in the air and my timeline reality has somehow shifted. I trust her messages because I feel her powerful heart of service, her confidence in her True Self, and lastly, her wisdom totally aligns and adds even more to the truths I get from my own Higher Self channelings. Iresha is totally living her purpose and is one of the best mentors to help you live yours"


CEO at Balkon Energy Retreat Concept

Aleksandra - Testimonial

"I have been in the private business field for more than a decade before I started my business, and I was pleasantly surprised by Iresha's approach. She successfully tailored the program for me and built it upon female principles, just as I wished. No more burnouts, sense of guilt or doubt. She leads me through a great balance between inspiration and real action, spiritually and very practical money and business steps essential for growth, and this makes her work incredibly different from any other program out there.

For me, the most important benefit that I have from working with Iresha is the magical flow of money and life that I am experiencing now. It's truly unbelievable, magical."


Transformation Empowerment Coach For Empaths


"Working with Iresha gave me new perspective and different angle of achieving my dream life through my business, and gave me answers to questions that I didn't even know that I had to know to create a successful, money making business.
Her working materials go really deep into the making of money flow in ways you don't ever anticipate, and her trainings really rock.




"All I have to say to anyone who keeps thinking whether to work with Iresha or not, just do it, seriously! You won't regret it."

So creators, are you ready?

About Your Host

Iresha Tschunke

 "Hi, I am Iresha Tschunke, Entrepreneur, Published Author, Certified Master NLP Practitioner, Certified Life Coach, Certified Hypnotist, Philanthropist, Founder and the CEO of the School of New Earth Money Creation, proudly one of the leading manifestation experts in Germany and your coach in this live event - Sporitvely Abundant.

Today I am known among my extraordinary audience globally, as a pioneer in bringing the hidden powers of consciousness into initiating the material, physical reality creation.

I have dedicated my life to bringing humanity into its most natural state, which is also known as the “super-human” state, where the power of creation exceeds everything you may have known before.  I believe in creating absolute bold, audacious and super wealthy realities in the world, and that this is necessary. And what I am here to show the world is, that this bold and wealthy reality creation is an easy, happy, and natural process, that goes beyond what the mainstream calls manifestation.

I started this journey once upon a time, (when I was a child)  to seek answers for why some people are rich, while some are poor, and this yearning quest expanded to who I am today, in every level of my existence, unfolding my greatest true being, which is to share these answers with you, with humanity, and create a wealthy, prosperous and a happy world.

I believe, creating your most audacious, bold and wealthiest realities is your duty towards yourself, and towards humanity.

That being said, I created this event Sportively Abundant, with some of the latest, most powerful and cutting-edge information, methods and wisdom that I guarantee that you haven’t heard before, and which will bring you into an almost unbelievably effortless state of easy manifestation when you apply the knowledge correctly into your life.

I am passionately excited to be hosting this event, to be sharing this knowledge with you, and to let every person who is meant to be attending this event, experience an absolute game-changing epiphany, that they will leave the event as a whole different person than they started the event."

Epic Masterclass

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How is the masterclass presented?

This is the FULL recording of the Masterclass (3 1/2 hours) that was held as a Live Online Event. Once you purchase the access, you will receive an email containing the link to watch the recording.

What happens next, once I purchase the access?

Once your payment is through, you will receive a confirmation email from Stipe. And in a separate email, you will receive all the details and links to the Masterclass. If any delay of more than 24 hours happens, please contact us at iresha (@)

What do I need to watch the masterclass?

A laptop (mobile devices will also do), a notepad, and your headsets as we will be doing an epic activation at the end

Is there any refund policies?

As this is a one-time class, there are no refunds.

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