22 Jul

The Art of Receiving

The Art of Receiving
Are you the one who always pays the bill after a group meal or after friends meeting at a restaurant? Do you feel so bad when someone offers to pay the bill so that you insist that you are going to take care of it? When somebody compliments you do you say things like "No no that was nothing at all" or "Come one, don't say that" ?Ok, we have some work to do then.This is a very common problem...
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20 May

Etiquette and the mindset

Etiquette and the Mindset
Etiquette, the utmost social norm which shapes one’s life and the society itself, which is bestowed from generations to generations and is the glue that holds the society at it’s best. Etiquette and the mindset which go inevitably with each other is a crucial part of a highly civilized society.As much as it is spoken quite a lot lately, many of us are still confused with the word “Etiquette”. What is Etiquette? What is etiquette? In short, etiquette is a code of...
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6 May

The 4 Easiest Ways to Achieve Your Dream Life

4 Easiest Ways to Achieve Your Dream Life
  "When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change" - Max Planck, Quantum physicist (1858-1947) This was "The" phrase which hit me so intensely, and I read it almost every day even today.This is the phrase that helped me to go towards my big dreams, "The" life I want to have and most importantly, to be who I really am and to be who I am meant to be in this world and to go...
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11 Apr

Get rid of Negative Energy, Create your Dream

Get rid of Negative Energy and Simply create the Elegant Luxurious Living
 " No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it " -  Albert Einstein- How many of you woke today with the heavy burden called " Life" on your head? How many of you kept wondering about the piling debts and the never-ending bills over your sleep last night? How many of you sulked at the rich lady you saw on the street wearing expensive clothes? How many of you felt angry seeing the rich people...
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