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The 4 Easiest Ways to Achieve Your Dream Life

4 Easiest Ways to Achieve Your Dream Life



“When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change” – Max Planck, Quantum physicist (1858-1947)


This was “The” phrase which hit me so intensely, and I read it almost every day even today.

This is the phrase that helped me to go towards my big dreams, “The” life I want to have and most importantly, to be who I really am and to be who I am meant to be in this world and to go to it’s the best potential.

This is also the phrase that helped me to achieve the inner and outer luxuries in my life and to convert my dreams into a reality.

And this is the secret phrase for my whole life.

Excited? Me too. I am really very enticed to inspire you to achieve your big dream life, to help you to live the luxurious life you want, and to help you to be who you really are, who you really meant to be.

Most probably you have already heard hundreds of motivational talks or you have read hundreds of motivational books. They all say ” be positive and be yourself, listen to your self”. Yeah and then what? Are you struggling to find out how exactly can you achieve what you want?

Have you been reading and listening to bundles of motivational speeches and yet left in obscureness after the speech and not knowing what exactly should you do? I know the feeling.

I have listened to many of those too. It feels great to listen and read, feels so positive, but after that? Left in the same ordinary life.

I absolutely understand that, and I have been there too.

So what I am going to give you here, is not one of those. Being there, done that I know exactly what works, and what doesn’t work. And I am going to tell you exactly what you need to do, to the point in order to achieve the life of your dreams. Just do exactly as I ask, and there you are, stepping towards your dreams.

Let’s go ahead and see the 4 Easiest Ways to Achieve your Dream Life.


1. Decide and know what you really want, precisely.


In order to start going towards your dreams, you need to know exactly what your dreams are. I have met many people who really want to get better in their lives or who have so many dreams. And actually, they are quite well motivated about it too. But the problem is, they are actually not showing any progress. It doesn’t mean that they are doing nothing, actually, they are working hard.
Looking at them, I saw one thing in common which they all had. When they were asked if they have any dreams or what are their dreams, here were the answers.

“I want to lose weight”
“I want to be rich”
“I want to be pretty”
“I want to be happy”
“I want to have a house, car and a permanent good job”
“I want to live abroad”

Well, as you see nothing is wrong with their dreams. But then I asked these questions.

” How much weight exactly you want to lose and how exactly do you want to look like”
“How rich exactly want you to be? What assets you are having when you are rich? What is exactly your destination?”
” What do you expect when you say pretty? How exactly will you look like? What kind of image you have on you when you reach there?”
“How do you exactly imagine yourself as happy? What will you have by then?”
“Which kind of house, car, and job you want? What is the brand of the car you want?”
“In which country, which city you want to live? And why?”

Hmmm…then there is a silence…a long one.

Now you see the problem. They all wanted to have something, but at the same time, they didn’t know what they want.

This is where we do the change. Every dream of yours has to be well identified. Every dream has to have a destination. Dreams without destinations are lost dreams. Just like a passenger without a destination.

Don’t forget, our brain is very specific about our goals. Not only our brain, but the universal power is also very precise about what we want, what we achieve. You have to give the right message precisely.
“Universe, this is exactly what I want. I want to live in Paris, in a two-storied house, near to the city, walls painted in yellow and having a back yard where I put a beautiful bench on the grass…etc”

And you need to be very strong about your dream, and stick to it and believe it. Trust me, then the opportunities start to take its place towards you. The amazing power of the universe is lining up for you to get you to achieve your dream life.
Isn’t it astonishing? Isn’t it so simple to do? Isn’t it a beauty?


2. Visualize your dream life.


After deciding your dreams precisely, this comes actually automatically. You need to have a picture of it. You need to imagine this picture in your head and live in it.
Humans are very visual creatures, and that is how our brain works as well. Just think, whenever you think about anything, about a person, about a place you have been or anything at all, how do you recall it? Does it come to your head written as in letters and words? Or does it come as an image? The latter indeed. We humans recall our memories as images. So why not our dreams then?

Imagine that beautiful house in your dreams. Imagine what colour are the walls of it, how is the floor, what kind of chairs, how many rooms, how are they furnished, what kind of ornaments and how is the kitchen etc.

Now imagine you walking inside the house, being and feeling very happy because you live there. That is YOUR house.

Imagine you are spending a normal day in that house. Imagine you are doing some chores there. Imagine you are sitting on that beautiful sofa in your dream house sipping a cuppa in your expensive china wearing a beautiful long necklace of pearls (or diamonds?), sitting with great pose and shining with elegance.
How are you feeling now being there? Yes, that feeling, you need to feel and live in. You NEED to live in this picture. You need to keep in head, that is where you are headed.

And believe me, that is where you will end up in reality. The opportunities will start to take its place. And all you have to do is, be aware of it. Be open to these opportunities and work your best to get there. The universe will definitely do its part, you just have to do your part.

Don’t forget, “When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change”


3. Analyze what pulls you back and recognize who you are.


Years ago, I decided to move to the middle east. To Abu Dhabi precisely.

I was in my early twenties. I ‘ve got a good job offer there as an Instructor and that was a great new opportunity to open the doors into lots of new discoveries.

I must say, it was quite daunting altogether. It took a great deal of courage and adrenaline I would say.
Many people made sure to tell me how bad this decision is and how silly to give up a perfect job I currently had that time. It was never-ending volunteered comments.
Among all these discouraging words (actually, it was couraging, I had this thing to do exactly the opposite what such people ask) I stayed stuck to my decision.

It was daunting, but it was exciting and full of adventures. I started a new life there. There were indeed many ups and downs, but I was on my own, and I knew how to shape my life. There were lots of beautiful things about Abu Dhabi. It was quite a luxurious life, literally.

Being in Abu Dhabi actually changed my life for good. I met many beautiful people, I learnt many new things about life, I had many opportunities to work with a number of different nationalities and to understand different cultures, and most of all, I met my husband there.

All I have today, or what I am today is because I took that tough decision to move to the middle east despite all the barriers.

Now, after years from then, whenever I talk to my school mates or old chaps they say ” It is amazing how you are doing, and your courage to move from country to country” and some of them say ” Oh your life is very good and you have everything and you are happy. For you all is good now, I wish we could also have a life like you”.

Then I ask back, ” Yes that is right. And what makes you think that you can’t do the same?”
They answer “Oh Iresha you know I can’t do that, it will never happen”.

Well, actually I don’t know why they can’t do that. It is that they just don’t even try. They are scared to try. In fact, it is too much hassle to try. There are nomes and frames which everybody else are expecting us to be.

Isn’t it amazing how many people are there to show you what you shouldn’t do or what you can’t do, and there is almost few to none to appreciate what you do or to encourage you to do something that they haven’t done?

That is why, your decision for your life, should NEVER depend on what other people or society says. You need to find your own way, your own passion.

Our lives are very often shaped by social standards. Some are actually good. But not all.

Since the day we were born, we are taught many things about life and we are told how our lives should be. Our complete perception about life is shaped by our parents, family, religion or the society we live in. And for some reason, we take their word for it. We create our lives automatically as how we are told. And what about yourself? I mean your TRUE SELF and what about what YOU want?

According to the author and biologist Bruce Lipton, during first six years of our lives, our brains exist in a hypnotic, trance-like state, such that we passively absorb, record and believe the things that are impressed upon us from the outside world.

And that often sticks to our brains and we start adapting what we are told to, and not who we really are.

Don’t forget, you are meant to be fabulous, and that fabulousness is perhaps completely different from your society.
Thrive, ladies, do not limit your self. Don’t let anything or anyone stop your powers.

If you like to go abroad and live a different life, do it. Work hard for it. Don’t listen to what others say. Be brave.
If you want to start a business, do it. If you want to dress differently than the others in your class, do it. Don’t let others’ laughs or weird looks stop you.

Create your self as you want. People who laugh at you, are actually laughing at themselves because they are too weak to do what you are doing. Stand out, shine and create your life.( Click here to find the step by step Guide How to get rid of the Toxic people and Negative cycles and to stand out.)


4. Keep yourself motivated.


Being motivated throughout the process of achieving your dreams is crucial.

It is understandable if you feel less motivated from time to time. We all have those moments. But the important things is how we deal with it.

Do you let your dream go just because you don’t feel motivated anymore, or do you gather yourself together, refuel yourself and back in gear?

Read motivating books, magazines and meet positive people who lift you up. Appreciate even the minuscule progress you have made.

Every day, do something nice for yourself. Celebrate each day. Read about other people’s stories who achieved their dreams. And create luxury in small things in your everyday life and enjoy it.

Don’t talk about any negative thing, just talk about all the good things in this world, think that the whole world is working to get you your dream done.

At the end of the day, sit in your favourite place at home, make some tea in your favourite china, savour a homemade biscuit ( or a macaron?), read your favourite magazine ( how about Vogue?) and feel the beauty of your life.

Be grateful for the wonderful day, be grateful to the universe. Savour every bit of it and feel elegant. Isn’t that a luxury?



“Often we don’t even realize who we are meant to me, because we are so busy trying to live out someone else’s ideas”

– Oprah Winfrey


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