17 May

The one thing that blocks your money

Have any of these happenned to you?

You have achieved a big sum of money and you are so happy about that, and not long after that something happens that you have to spend all that money away?

Or, things are finally starting to work in your business, you are starting to get a few more clients than usual, money is starting to coming in, and that's it, it just stops there.

Or things are going to really well, and some argument happen and your business deal destroys, or you are getting in to a fight with your spouse, and you can't focus on anything now.

Ok, if you are familar with these situations, keep watching, because I am going to tell you exactly why this is happening, and how to simply stop these from happening and really let your success happen.

Hello there, its Iresha Tschunke, your money and wealth identity mentor, and today we are going to talk about one of major topics when it comes to money creation, Pleasure blocks.

I have worked with hundreds of entrepreneurs on their money journey, and what I have found is that there is one major reason for all the money issues, or the birth to all the money problems.

Now I know you may have already heard about self sabotage and stuff. But why is this self sabotage happening? What is the real cause for that? What is the root for all these problems?

Pleasure blocks. Yes, that is called pleasure blocks.

Now what is that?

A pleasure block is a limit that you have put in your core, which tells you how happy can you be and how happy should life be.

This works as a total controller, like an inspector who takes his work very seriously.

The work of a pleasure block is to make sure that you stay within this limit, because this is how you know life is.

We create plasure blocks for many reasons, and a majority of these were created as we were growing up.

Now let me talk about how this is affecting your money.

Lets say that you are to make a million dollars in your business.

Just think a bit, what would it be like to have a million dollars? How would your life be? What changes will that do to yourself?

You will be very happy indeed. Your life will be moving into the next zone, the successful zone, and you will be growing, more confident and will be so much happier.

But here is the problem. Your pleasure block is put way lower than this state of happiness. Basically, your life doesn't have the capacity of containing that much of happiness and greatness because of this pleausure block.

So upto the place where you meet your pleasure limit, things were going really good, but then it starts to crumble. Something happens, like the whole world conspires for you to not go beyond that. But what really happens is, you make things this way.

So how do you know that you really have a pleausre block?

Pleasure limit - situations can happen to different people in different ways.

Some people limit their happiness by over spending money. This is when that you get a big sum of money, and something happens and you will spend it all away.

This is also when you know that you just have to write invoices to your clients to get paid, you just don't. You don't have a mood to do that.

One very common way that I have seen in many of my clients that this has taken place in their lives was the relationship problems. So what happens is, things are going well, business is thriving, money is coming in, and life is shifting and moving into a happier zone. Right when everything is going so perfect, somehow they pick up an argument with their partners and end up being in a very unpleasant situations. The worst part is, people don't realise that this is a pleausre block and that they just self sabotaged their happiness because it was going too well for her, in ways that they never have experienced before. Instead, they create a new wrong belief thinking that money destroys relationships.

So do you see what is happening? In the precious example, the person was never being in a state where both her business was going so good, AND she was loved. Because, she had put a pleasure limit. So when the business was going too well passing that limit, she had to do something in her relationship to balance it.

Many people are stuck in this loop, so they never get to experience the full bliss of making money, the full experience of becoming their best selves, or the joy of having every area of their lives working well.

So how can you work it out? What can you do?

The simplest and the most effective way is to have the awareness. Once you realise that a certain set of thoughts, set of feelings, set of actions that comes into your head are not supporting your success, and can really sabotage your goals, then you consciously decide to not to react. You take a conscious decision to be on the upward spiral, where you give yourself permission to expand and grow higher and higher, in every area of your life.

And not very long after doing this you will convince your subconsiciousness that this is your new normal, that you can be happy at every area of your life, All the time, unlimitedly.

One way to practice this is, everyday, before you start working, tell your self deeply and very concsciously, I commit and give myself permission to be happy, to expand and grow at every area of my life, ALL the time.

And the more you repeat this, the more this will become the truth.

And one important thing, you need to keep this in check. Because every level you go, this might come back and will try to put a new limit. You need to be aware of this, all the time, in order to make more money from whichever level you go. In other words, you need to be aware of yourself, be present in your body, feel your consciousness in you, and live intentionally, every second of your life. Take full controll of your life, of your world and of your reality.

Remember, you are supposed to be wealthy, and extremely successful. You are not supposed to be struggling. So it is time that you step into who you are really meant to become.

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