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These Trainings and Master Classes are very informative, quite densed in knowledge and created with great care. Please start only the ones that are resonating with you right now, and once you got access, make sure that you take time, and complete these classes with serious effort. Do not jump from one class to another without completing it and doing the work FULLY.

Enjoy, and happy learning...

Born Wealthy

Discover the unlimited power of your conscious mind, your ability to change your past, present and future at the power of the now moment, and the immense power of your ability to naturally hypnotise yourself into anything you desire! Unleash the power of your conscious mind, and bring your desires into materialisation!

Learn the newest methods of reality creation and physical manifestation of your desires, in ways no one has ever told you beforeā€¦

Money Code

Money Code is a 3 Day Workshop, with 3 live recorded Trainings each addressing specific topics. This workshop includes some of the most poignant, new and cutting-edge information about direct manifestation, that you will not find anywhere else.

Treat yourself to 3 days of learning, get ready to step out of the official line of consciousness, and learn your abilities of direct manifestation and creation.


Quantum Activation

One of the basic teachings in the New Earth Money Creation is the awareness of the probable realities, that exist at the same time. We live and pass through every moment together with all these probable realities, but our human consciousness is not capable of perceiving those other probable selves at the same time, because we have a main self, an identity which we perceive as "Self".

But that doesn't mean that we cannot travel to those probable realities intentionally, within our consciousness. Everything that we create is first being created in the quantum field, like an embryo of our creations, and once enough focus and intention is given, in other words, when enough potential energy is being called to certain points, it starts to transform into things, events and situations.

As in the probable realities, some of our probable selves already have created the things that we desire, and the reason that we desire certain things is well connected to the realities that we are experiencing at the same time. When well trained, one can even consciously connect with those probable realities and receive information that is only available there. We can also actively understand all the changes, the big steps, the new skills and all the new beginnings that happen in our lives when we know when exactly our probable selves cross path with our current selves.

To be able to do this consciously, the first step is to have your first contact into the field of probabilities and to see what is being created by you, in the quantum void. Most of the time, you will see what you are originally destined to create, the dreams that you thought is never possible for you. What you truly desire, is already either being created in the quantum field in an embryonic form or in most cases your other probable selves are already living that, successfully.

So in this guided activation, I am bringing you to the quantum realm to see what is already existing there.

All the images you will receive, I want you to know that they are the true images, that cross path of the other probable realities, or the images that are being created in the quantum field.

So, get strapped in, we are going to go for a ride!


Master Class - Quantum Woman

Quantum woman is an advanced, compact master class that was originally thought to be set as a paid class after the live recording was done. But I had a deep feeling that I must keep it Free of charge, for the women like you who are already hearing the calling for their bigger destiny, but who are new to the New Earth Money Creation to get a glimpse about what all this is.

This is a life-changing master class, where you get to wake up to your original blueprint, reactivate your original powers of creation where you get to start creating your material abundance with magick.

This class also includes a live channelled dragon activation, which acts as your rite of passage into becoming a wealth beacon.

Many have claimed that they had received a significant flow of changes, so many yeses in their life after participating in this activation.

So go ahead, and let yourself sink deep in the New Earth wisdom of money and prosperity creation. Get ready to walk with the dragons.

Life's Work

Training - Discovering Your Life's Work

The fastest, easiest and most satisfying way to create money is by following the path of your life's work, your soul's mission and the blueprint that is engraved into you which carries your wealth spot. But in truth, one doesn't need to have a certain work to let money come into her life, but having your life's work to follow, is the best way to create an unlimited amount of material bliss, money and abundance.

When we came to this world, we already had planned our life ahead, and each of us carry a blueprint, which leads the path to maximum success. Money is not limited or scarce, and money being the reason for all the efforts, and trying hard to make money is a human story and a structure where we have created a way for us to perceive money as a limited thing, therefore people do all sorts of work, just because they need money.

And that was one of the fake teachings, false structures that we have been learning and living in our 3 density bubble.

But outside of our bubble, beyond our limited perception that we have created, abundance, material bliss and any sort of creation is unlimited. In order for us to access that, we need to upgrade ourselves to a certain level that we actually have the capacity to think beyond the surviving struggle.

And the first step to step out of this survival circle is to say goodbye to work that you are doing just to make money out of fear and to invite your true passion, the original blueprint of work that you are supposed to be doing.

In this training, you are learning exactly how to do that, without overwhelming yourself with starting something new and daring.

rich woman

Master Class - Where Is Your Money

I created this master class in the early stages of my journey, right before I quantum leapt it. One of the feelings of experiencing quantum leaps in any area of your life is that you completely lose the sense of time. When the quantum leap is in process, one goes through radical changes, in many different levels, planes of existence at the same time. But the person who is being subjected to the quantum leap, or the one who is quantum leaping, doesn't feel like she is quantum leaping, instead, she feels like she is years ahead, in a natural way.

Once you are at the end of the quantum leap, you have totally lost the sense of how long you have been doing a certain work, because it doesn't make sense. You naturally and very authentically feel like you have been doing whatever you are doing for a long time, and you have knowledge, facts, resources and every single thing like you have been succeeding for years. In other words, you have jumped into years ahead, and there is no logical way to explain how have accomplished certain goals, wisdom or anything at all within the actual time, which is a short time.

It is a great feeling, trust me, apart from when you have to explain to people who are not tuned to this work, about how you succeeded like magick.

Well, this class was created right before I quantum leapt in my work. You will see that in this class, I am not talking about dragons or any complicated spiritual concepts, and that is exactly why this class is important. Here, you will learn very down to earth money concepts, and you will realise where do all the work actually start.

So go ahead, treat yourself to it, and enjoy.

5D Money Making

Master Class - Awaken The Wealthy Empress Within

In this class, you are going to get a very clear picture of what is 5D reality, what is 5D technology and how this can help your creation journey. You will also get to learn a brief explanation about our history and how these teachings are our actual heritage, and what can we do with it.

This class is a perfect fit if you are interested in knowing extra details about 5D creation, and if you are into a ride through our human history to the modern modes of creation.

Have fun!

We are updating our library consistenly, adding new pieces for you to enjoy and learn. So keep coming back, and you won't miss any new trainings and master classes.

Are you someone who has the natural yearning, feeling the natural "entitlement" of living a wealthy, extremely abundant realities which are the representation of your FULLEST EXPRESSION? And do you believe that you can achieve that naturally, automatically WITHOUT A SINGLE EFFORT? Do you believe that you are a being THAT POWERFUL that you can exist beyond what you thought is possible of manifesting?

Then go ahead and have a look at ECSTATIC MONEY ACADEMY

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