Iresha Tschunke

Wealth Coding

Your journey of becoming the Super Human Wealth Beacon who creates the Prosperous New Earth…

Welcome, in stepping out of the official line of consciousness, and stepping into the next level, the superhuman consciousness where everything works…

As you are here, I know a few things about you.

You are a woman who dreams big, bigger than the world you know.

Deep inside yourself, you have this feeling, yearning, the tingle for riches, for wealthy living, for the audacious art of living and you know that this is what you are meant to be.

It’s like, you are born with big dreams.

You have big plans and dreams for that audacious art of living, and within that living, you know you are going to change the world. You know that you can impact so many people, start the projects of your passion and most importantly live the destiny you are here to live.

And most of all, you carry magick within you, and you know you are here to go big with your personal magick, and you also know that you are supposed to create big, live big and share big.

Do you know why?

Because, you are a Wealth Beacon.

As seen in...

Thrive Global
Woman Entrepreneur
BusinessFit Magazine

There are specific people who are born on this earth at this particular time, to create the New Earth Wealthy Generations, and these specific people among all, have the most natural tendencies and desires to become the wealthy humans on earth.

If you may recall your childhood, to your life, you may recognise that you always had big bold desires, despite what kind of environment you were born into, despite what you were taught and despite what was and is seemingly possible.

This is your natural path Wealth Beacon.

Your true mission is now calling you, and start coming to the surface, activating your abilities, and bringing you to the right resources, because you are about to go in full bloom.

And helping and gathering people like you and bringing them to the next level and initiating the New Earth Wealth Creation is why I am born here on earth.

Although you are born to be a Wealth Beacon, you need to choose this path, for this probability to activate.

Many of the gems like you are scattered throughout the world, buried within the old framework of creation and reality, and often don’t get to the point of their real creation to happen.

So despite your natural tendency, many of you are stuck.

Tell me, is this you?

Woman at computer working
  • You are creative, open-minded and/or you identify yourself as a spiritual person. You have just stepped into starting your passion-based work/business/venture and you want to go big. And you hate the so-called hard work, and extreme marketing and yet you have to do those things in order to make the smallest amount of money. You keep wondering if there is an easy way, a way that is so aligned with your being.
  • You are a committed, hard-working and determined person, and you want to succeed and create your bold realities. But nothing seems to work. You work hard, have done so many business courses, follow all the healthy money & success habits, wake up early etc. but nothing seems to work. You are tired of staying hopeful when nothing seems to work, and wonder if this will ever work for you.
  • You believe in the law of attraction and you find it truly fascinating that humans can manifest things just by using their minds. And you have been following these methods forever, doing meditation, journaling, visualisation, affirmations, positive thinking, dream boards, watching hundreds of youtube videos, reading hundreds of books etc. but nothing seems to make a real difference for you. You are tired of trying everything. You don’t want to hear a single saying of “do visualisation or mediate” from anyone again ever!
  • You have been taking part in many different spiritual circles, done so many clearings and cleansing, activations, sung, danced, done spells, tapping and it feels good to be in these circles for the moment, but nothing in your physical life seems to make progress or to bring you your wealth goals.
  • You have worked on your money mindset forever, read so many books, done tapping and you are exhausted! You don’t want to hear the word “mindset” anymore!
  • You love and dream of living a rich, wealthy, prosperous life in your dream home, doing your dream work, and making a big impact on the world, and you are not born into a wealthy family. And you wish you could be living in a world that is similarly easy for everyone to get rich, make money and create the lives of their dreams.
  • You know deep within you that it’s time. You feel the change is about to happen. You know that a big change must happen now, and it is already begun.

And you are right, it is time.

It is time for you to let all of that behind you, and become a new version of yourself, who dwell at a different level of consciousness & awareness, who has the keys to direct wealth creation and becoming the natural Wealth Beacon you are.

Welcome to Wealth Coding

Your moment to step out of the official line of consciousness, and your key to easy, big & happy wealth creation.

It’s time to stop going from one mindset program to another, one manifestation method to another…It’s time to step into the centre of your creation and open the door to happy wealth creation…

wealthy woman

While each of you may have different goals for a wealthy life, here are some of the results our former clients have received from becoming Wealth Beacons.

Complete change of their physical realities, with almost unbelievable upgrades and manifestations.

Significantly easy yet radical and extremely joyful increase of the money flow, income and opportunities and therefore changing the course of their life.

Complete change and upgrade of the awareness, consciousness and way of creation, creating the next level human experience and becoming the next level humans in creation.

Magickal launches which are worry-free, fear-free and super relaxed, that break the records of their old launches.

Highly increased self-power, psychic abilities and confidence that reflects through their wealth creation.

Highly upgraded lifestyle - from average to first-class.

Change of identity, personality and self-image - from average to your wealthy & dream self.

Becoming not only their dream selves, but becoming someone much more than that, a real Wealth Beacon, who has not only the power to create their dream physical realities, but also who has now access to the inner dimensions and realms where you can safely travel within your psyche, in other words, the real New Earth Wealth Beacon - the superhuman in creation.

Become debt free and create a surplus of money.

Expansion of business, hitting the first 6,7 figures.

Create a wealthy and rich lifestyle for your children, and create the right wealth memories and education for them, so they grow up into naturally wealthy people.

Expanded extrasensory skills, magickal skills, and the miraculous idea downloads and journeying through dimensions of the psyche.

Wealth Coding…

Your journey of becoming the Super Human Wealth Beacon who creates the Prosperous New Earth…

Iresha Tschunke

What is wealth coding, and what does it mean to step out of the official line of consciousness?

Once the law of attraction was discovered, the way of looking at reality changed for humanity. The rigid old ways of hard work, the limiting knowledge and the belief that everything is manual and physical started to change.

So humans started to experiment with the law of attraction, manifestation etc.

Currently, it has become very popular, almost every one of us at least one time has tried manifestation methods.

Millions of people around the world are reading an enormous amount of manifestation books, watching thousands of law of attraction videos, doing meditation, journaling, visualisation, working on mindset etc. every single day.

And there are so many “laws” that we are supposed to follow, the law of significance, the law of insignificance, the law of transference etc.

Some say you must do meditation in some ways, and other says differently. 

Some say to focus on your goal, and some say at the same time not to put too much focus.

Some say to journal in specific ways, and others say different.

And the truth is, all this work, has brought people only so far.

Very often, there are millions of people doing all this stuff day in and day out, with no results, and stuck forever.

Woman working in computer

This is the thing.

All the work you do and learn, will NOT bring you much, when you are applying all of these, within the old framework of reality.

No matter what you learn, you still have a set of core beliefs, which are usually invisible to you, because they appear as facts, as obvious truths and realities.

And all those work then was applied within that official line of consciousness. And that doesn’t bring you much.

The real creative power to work, you must step out of that official line of consciousness.

And this is the superhuman state.

In fact, this is not superhuman, this is the real human, the pure one.

Once you step in there, your world changes.

And the human in this state, can create absolutely anything.

And this powerful state to be achieved, one must achieve a specific level of awareness, combined with next-level knowledge.

And this is what I call, the New Earth Money knowledge.

And this program is designed, to bring you there, and to code you to New Earth Wealth Creation.

You are NOT supposed to be small, mediocre or struggling.

Becoming Wealth and utterly prosperous is your destiny, and that is why you have those big dreams.

You are not given those big dreams, just to dream.

It is our duty towards the world to create unlimited wealth, become rich and create our heavens on earth, as that is how we weave the wealthy matrix on earth.

Tell me, how much is your dream worth to you? Is it worth going all in?

woman with computer in pool

This is what you receive when you say Yes to Wealth Coding

Wealth Coding is a comprehensive 6-month long program with the newest cutting-edge creation methods with 24 sessions of 1:1.

12 main topics will be discussed in 2 sessions per week, done in every 2 weeks.

It will be as in 1 learning session followed by a 1 wealth coding session in the given week

Module 1

In this module, we will create the grand entrance for you stepping into this journey of a lifetime. We will be creating a solid foundation and begin enhancing your ability to create happy money, to get you ready to create and receive enormous amounts of change and prosperity in the coming 6 months.

You will:

  • Start practising a solid and fun plan of happy money creation and will be able to see the changes right away after this week.
  • Clear all the confusion about manifesting, creating and everything about money, and begin to expand your money manifesting abilities, tangibly.
  • Attend the live dragon ceremony, and will begin to receive the favoured dragon aid in material wealth creation, throughout this journey.
Module 2
Reality creation & the work of the psyche

This is where your stepping out of the official line of consciousness officially begins. In the learning session, you'll be taken through knowledge & new information that brings you to the opening of a new awareness, therefore opening a door to a new dimension of creation. From here, your life changes, to magickal potential you never thought is possible for you.All the new information will be then safely coded to you through simple exercises and bring you into your psychic realms of awareness using simple yet super-effective methods.

You will:

  • Step into the realms of new awareness, and learn the hidden understanding behind all of existence, which will make it extremely easier for you to understand and let go of all the structures. No more forced mindset work, subconscious work or forced manifestation work anymore.
  • Receive methods and steps to create your desired reality, step by step, with ease and happiness.
  • Learn how to step out of the official line of consciousness, so everything about creation from now onwards changes for you.
Module 3

In this module, you will discover something that will TOTALLY change your money journey! You will learn how easy and simple it is to let copious amounts of money come into your life, and how simple it is to practice letting money come in. This will change your game!

You will:

  • Master the simple yet fun and super powerful art of magnetising big bundles of money into your life.
  • Create fun plans to practice letting money come in, and will start getting used to becoming a "naturally prosperous person".
  • Start being selective about things you do in life, and will automatically be creating a life filled with the things you love and that make you powerful.
Module 4
Psychic Money creation

The work in this module will transcend everything you have known about reality and your capability of creating realities. This is where you will become and understand your role as a powerful magician. This is where all your extra-sensory skills practising which you have been doing from the beginning of this program (see in bonuses) will come into play.

You will:

  • Tap into a different dimension of seeing your reality, that changes everything for you afterwards
  • Know beyond the pattern of life as many know it, and will realise how to manipulate it, simply yet powerfully.
  • You will finally crack the meaning of when people say "surrender and let go". You will finally realise what that actually means, how that works, and how to correctly do that with ease, confidence and joy, without scaring your core out of you or being forced to do so.
Module 5
Success dimension & coding

By the time you arrive at this module, things have already shifted and changed for you, and this is where you go even deeper into success creation. Waking up to a day knowing that money usually comes in, clients are finding you, launches are going over the roof and you are creating and living a prosperous life was a dream for many of you, wasn't it? Now, this is where you actually are going to learn the exact way to have that.

You will:

  • Discover the hidden pattern and the trick to step into the circle of success.
  • Rediscover how success has been there all these times, without you getting to access it openly.
  • Learn how to stay in the success circle, and to turn every single act in your life into a success, easy and fun
Module 6
quantum leaps

Oh, this is where it starts to take really off! What if you can create ten years of worth of success and wealth creation within just 1 year? What if you can change realities in ways that no logic can explain?What if you can magickally change realities, and eliminate the time factor from it?

You will:

  • Learn the new earth mechanics of the actual quantum leap creation, and will begin to start practising them, immediately.
  • You will discover a whole new world of existence, the one that exists beyond our usual world, and you will master both worlds in your favour.
  • You will establish a clear and fun-filled practice of quantum leaps in your life, and you will learn the tips and tricks to accelerate it even more.
Module 7
Wealth powers & characteristics activation

In this session you will go another layer deeper into the psychic activities, even more focused on physical wealth creation abilities and ways. This will anchor all the knowledge you have learnt so far, into a new existence of creation.

You will:

  • Open a different psychic dimension of creation, so that your point of creation changes.
  • Work on all your wealth history, problems, and energetic blocks, and you will learn how to bring those so-called subconscious problems into your conscious mind, and translate your desired plans into your physical reality.
  • Activate the connection between the conscious mind and the inner portions of yourself, therefore activating your skill to manipulate reality easily.
Module 8
Money & Money Managing

The work in this module will collapse your old money systems and will introduce you to the joyful way of practising and managing money. Money will become happiness, joy and a fun game you play that you know you win, all the time.

You will:

  • Discover a new way of looking at money, and will find new characteristics of money, which will change your money game.
  • Learn how joyful money practices, which makes working with and on money a super fun experience, therefore being able to receive unending prosperity, clients and actual money.
  • Address the fake money practices and fake abundance practices that trigger you to lose money and spend on unnecessary things. You will know exactly how to distinguish the joyful art of practising abundance and building wealth, and impulse spending and debt creation.
Module 9
Wealth identity

This module is all about creating, designing and upgrading your wealth identity! You have done so much work up to here and you are not the old person anymore, so it's time to take that to a whole new level!

You will:

  • Be creating a new wealth identity profile, and will learn how to practice to live that upgraded wealthy personality at every level in your life, and become this new, wealthy and upgraded person
  • Rediscover your amazing unique wealth skills that have been dormant all those times, and will integrate them into your money making process
  • Intentionally create your identity that suits your dream lifestyle, and will be practising, anchoring and living that, right now, letting the opportunities from the future reach you, right now.
Module 10
Prosperity & luxury matrix

What if life could be an experience filled with the excitement of receiving money from everywhere in every form, and the joyful experiences of practising the ultimate abundance and luxury? What if your life is a continuation of wealth upgrades, joyful money experiences and the weaving of the luxury matrix into your life?

You will:

  • Learn how to strengthen your connection between yourself and money, with simple and joyful practices
  • Master the arts of receiving the happy money
  • Discover the difference between the money and luxury matrix, and how to enter into the luxury matrix, that will enhance your money receiving.
Module 11
Wealth beacon's launch plan

In this module, you will learn the five-step strategy for super successful wealth creation projects such as launches, which will take away the fear and stress when you launch and will replace it with joy, excitement and the knowing, that will create explosive and best launches that you have ever had in your life.

You will:

  • Learn how to turn every launch into a joyful experience of abundance, and eliminate that worry, fear and doubt that you get before every launch.
  • Experience how to let happy money happen in launches, with very little effort.
  • Learn how to be the centre of abundance, and to receive help from the dragon realms for successful launches.
Module 12
first class coding

This is the module where you are taking all this work, into the society, and putting yourself out there, shining at the next level. This is where you literally upgrade yourself, to the next level of your desired reality.

You will:

  • Be walking into new environments, realities and places, for the first time, with a natural feeling of belonging there.
  • Be making next level friends, practising the next level of success, and wealth and making your new upgraded activities your new normal
  • Be living as a completely upgraded person, on many different levels, and will be opening doors to so many new opportunities

And that's not all what you get when you enrol in Wealth Coding

To make this a truly VIP experience I have created some juicy bonuses for you.

Bonus 1

Psychic Training

New Earth Money

As this program involves a significant amount of mind and psychic work, it is important that you become familiar with your psyche, up to some extent.

Once you enrol, you receive this preparatory psychic training with 15 short, fun and easy-to-do psychic practices (made for total beginners, as well as the ones who are familiar with this stuff) that will bring you to a whole new league!

As a result, the work you will be doing during the next 6 months will succeed tenfold, creating masses of growth, abundance and so much power.

Bonus 2

New Earth Money

This is your welcome training, where you will be led through elegant, fun and joyful practices to prepare for this extraordinary journey. From the time you enrol till the time of the first session, you will have enough time to prepare your environment and yourself in the most joyful way, for the radical changes you are about to unleash in the next 6 months.

As a result, you will already enter the first session as a woman who thinks, treat herself, and practice life as a queen. And this makes our work so much easier, effective and opens the doors to miraculous results.

Bonus 3


Once you finish this extraordinary journey, you receive another extra session, where we will be celebrating each and every one of your successes. In truth, this is not an end, but a beginning of continuing your new life. You will receive the plans, tips and steps for the future, and about how to keep maintaining your new reality, as well as creating the larger, bigger and better dream as you go forward.

We will celebrate this session as a virtual party, well, there may be some surprise gifts too!

Bonus 4


Many of you may know, that apart from being the initiator of the New Earth Money Mechanics, I am a dragon initiate. This program is actually a co-creation that I did with the dragon realms.

As a token of my love towards you, once the closing date for the enrollment is over, I will be doing a personal dragon channelling and communication in your names. (the ones who have enrolled)

As a result, you will be personally favoured, your magickal skills of manifestation will be enhanced, you will experience unexplainable events in your favour and much more.

Usually, this is something that will cost a great deal of money if you meet another dragon priestess, and this alone can change your life, in unbelievable ways. I don't do personal dragon readings and magick for individuals, so this is the only time you will get to receive this from me. And I do this with pleasure, honour and unconditional love towards you.

Bonus 5

Wealth Codex

This is a unique Wealth DNA activation, receive through channelling Hathor, (the Egyptian Goddess). I was specifically asked to share this in certain containers, to increase the ability of wealth creation in the world.

This activation has changed my life, in ways that are inexplicable. Once you go through this, it will activate your energetic wealth DNA and will open a portal within you, that magnetises prosperity into your life.

As a result, you will experience an accelerated phase of changes, increased shifts in your consciousness and enhanced manifesting powers. Basically, this has the power to change EVERYTHING for you.

Bonus 6

Personal google drive folder with all the recording of your sessions
New Earth Money Creation

You receive a personal Google drive folder with the recording of all of your sessions, plus all the work material mentioned below, so you can access your sessions easily, and rewatch and learn at your convinience, over and over.

Plus, you will receive,

Workbook PDFs, Worksheets PDs, Guided Meditations and quantum practices, step by step practice sheets and bundles and much more that will make this learning experience a super easy and fun journey...

Listen what other magnetic women with big bold dreams have to say...

Rachel Harvey, United Kingdom

FB ad strategist

I have absolutely loved working with Iresha over the last few months.  She has helped me transform my money mindset and to see patterns of behaviour which have affected me over the years.  She has helped me understand how to take control of my logical 'evidence' based thinking which has held me back and to see that a lot of what I think are actually stories I have told myself that aren't true!  I now celebrate my successes and see my achievements rather than just brushing them to the side.  I have 'happy' money and know that there is so much more to come.  Thank you Iresha ❤️

Kathy Pescador, Canada


I am honored to have met Iresha and bring her into my life bubble. She has a very sincere and pure energy I can palpably feel whenever she speaks. I really get activated by her channelings and teachings. I can feel the change hours and days after, as if there is something new in the air and my timeline reality has somehow shifted. I trust her messages because I feel her powerful heart of service, her confidence in her True Self, and lastly, her wisdom totally aligns and adds even more to the truths I get from my own Higher Self channelings. Iresha is totally living her purpose and is the one of the best mentors to help you live yours.

Aleksandra Velimirovic Janakievski

Spiritual Mentor

Ceo at Balkan Energy Retreat Concept

Aleksandra - Testimonial

I have been in the private business field for more than a decade before I started my business, and I was pleasantly surprised by Iresha's approach. She successfully tailored the program for me and built it upon female principles, just as I wished. No more burnouts, sense of guilt or doubt. She leads me through a great balance between inspiration and real action, spiritually and very practical money and business steps essential for growth, and this makes her work incredibly different from any other program out there.

Iresha knows very well that just strong will or intention can't do anything without acting together with our subconsciousness. Although her program has a very obvious and strong structure, there is also a lot of space for intuition. And she uses that skill together with her practical money skills, amazingly.

At the same time, Iresha is an excellent life coach, business coach, money & wealth coach and an amazing person. She uses inspirative meditations and a lot of techniques in a way that every session combines time for learning and time for growing.
For me, the most important benefit that I have from working with Iresha is the magical flow of money and life that I am experiencing now.

Iva Kostic, Serbia

Founder & the Principle of Doremi Music School, Abu Dhabi

"This was a once in a lifetime opportunity sent by the universe at the right moment. Over the years I have been trying things and different theories, but this program is different because it focuses on ACTION - step by step, clearly explained without any difficulty to understand. Iresha was the first person ever to explain what is MY part of this process.
Dear iresha, thousand times thank you for this knowledge, and I am now already experiencing a huge progress in abundance (even half way through). I am looking forward to working with you more and can't wait"

Camelia Botoroaga, USA

Reiki Specialist

I would recommend her to anybody who wonders why they are not moving forward financially in their businesses and lives, and who want to turn their lives into a whole new First Class and aligned world.

I've met the most important and critical needs of my journey through working with Iresha. She found out exactly what stays in my way to accomplish what I wanted professionally. I was stuck with no idea at all, and she managed to not only to unstuck me, but also to bring me to the magical path.
In one session she was able to guide me towards an incredible journey to discover where I was trapped, I mean this was unbelievable. I was trapped in my father's projection about what he wanted for me, which I never ever thought the reason.

Iresha took time to allow me to fine what was there for me, she was so present holding the space, questioning and guiding softly yet making radical changes in my life. She is very professional, pleasant and amazing personality

Silvia Cernac, Slovakia

Founder of Business & Heels


I wish I had the chance to learn from Iresha's work way before I started my own business, it would give me such a good starting point and the maximum clarity of where I am headed and how to reach there.

The work I did with Iresha is the ultimate foundation for anyone who dreams about a successful business & life ( a premium business and a premium life in my case) and it actually made me re- think about all the systems and the organisation I had been using and learned ever. It exactly helped me to discover what my biggest dream is, my craziest and luxurious goal is, and then to 100% align all the steps,systems and activities in my own business with that.

Ksenja Podpecan, Hungary

Transformation Empowerment Coach For Empaths


Working with Iresha gave me new perspective and different angle of achieving my dream life through my business, and gave me answers to questions that I didn't even know that I had to know to create a successful, money making business.
Her working materials go really deep into the making of money flow, and her trainings really rock.

If all the impact that this program can bring to your life had to sum up in just 3 words, what will that be?

Freedom, Power & Happiness

So, ask yourself the most important question of all, how important is this freedom to you?

Take it from me...

Iresha Tschunke

Hi, I am Iresha Tschunke, the founder of the School of New Earth Money Creation and the initiator of the New Earth Money Creation Methods, an entrepreneur, a dragon priestess, a prosperity coach, and a passionate woman like you who wants to create wealthy realities in the world.

After a lifelong obsession with how to create wealth & prosperity in humans easily and happily, and a long time confusion of about why money, wealth and luxuries are limited to some people, hard to create and a struggle, I was left with no choice but to seek answers somewhere beyond the every single existing earthly system.

So I stepped in, to the beyond. And I changed my life, radically, quantum leaping into many different realities, in a short period of time.

This is the thing. Being able to create actual prosperity happily and joyfully (not in the old struggling, snail mail way) and mastering the art of bringing our dreams into reality fast and easy, is the key to the expansion of human consciousness. It is the next step of human evolution.

And your big dreams are a big part of this process.

Since I've stepped into this mission and initiated the New Earth Money Creation methods, I have helped hundreds of women to discover the easy, happy and magickal way of unlocking joyful money flow into their lives.

My mission is to make this unlimited creative knowledge from beyond, make available to everyone, also to the ones who are left out of the so-called spiritual circles. Because at the core, we are all spiritual, and we all carry the magickal abilities of creation.

When you realise the inexhaustible energy that you have which you can translate into any kind of object, event, and reality, you free yourself from all the structures, beliefs, systems and limits.

That is when your dream boards start to become true dreams, not just dream boards that you wish may come true.

That is when you realise that you are invincible.

Why is this program a one-of-a-kind?

Wealth Coding, is the next level methodology of reality creation. The methods and systems used in this program are not the usual mindset, manifestation or money-creation work. This is a system that I developed as a combination of psychic awareness, next-level information & knowledge, NLP & light trans methods and new earth money creation mechanics.

These methods will be taught, discussed and experienced in a 1:1 personal setting, where you will be taken through a total perception changing of existence, and creation and you will be guided to be anchored at the point where you consciously get to create from the centre of your psyche.

Once this state is reached, the outside beliefs, systems, liming structures, fears, false information, family trauma or anything that has made creating your desired realities difficult, will not matter anymore.

This is the pure awareness of everything you are, everything you create, and your inexhaustible power..

You will be led through psychic lessons, as well as tangible money, wealth and wealth identity creation. This is a beautiful combination of psychic knowledge meeting material creation.

This program is designed for women who want to go to their next level, who have big dreams, who crave magnetically wealthy realities, and who want to anchor this kind of wealth on earth.

And this system, is a very unique method which you will not find anywhere else.

By enrolling on this program, you are not only receiving the freedom and power to create all of your desired realities happily, easily and magnetically, but you are also becoming the next-level human, the superhuman template.

At that point, nothing outside will bother you anymore. You don’t have the need to harm anything or anything, as you have ignited the awareness and power of your true creation.

You will not be bothered by the limiting beliefs or information anymore. Because you are now living in YOUR power and reality.

You will put the foundation to the superhuman generations, and you become the pioneers of the new earth wealth generation.

You will change the face of wealth creation, becoming wealthy and the boundaries of wealth.

Welcome, to happy & magnetic wealth creation.

What is becoming an invincible creator worth to you? What is the freedom to create all your desired realities worth to you?

Iresha Tschunke - Money Mindset Elite


  • When you realise for the first time, that all the limits, limiting beliefs, and the seemingly obvious truth about the boundaries of creation don’t really matter, at all.

  • When you see things are actually happening in your favour, the wheels are in motion for the first time…
  • When you realise and when it begins to confirm that it is all happening, without even trying…
  • When you realise that it is all a real psychic game and that your reality is not the cause, but the reality…
  • When you realise that your dream boards are not actually just dreams you wish for, they are actual realities that you seriously CAN create…
  • When you realise that you have inexhaustible energy that can be translated into objects, events and opportunities with NO limits, and when you realise this for REAL for the first time…

How great does this feel? How much importance do you give to this to be accomplished?

this program is for

  • She who is ready for the next level of creation, next level knowledge and is curious to discover the hidden abilities of creation.
  • She who dreams big, bigger than the world she knows and believes in her dreams.
  • She who gives herself permission to step into the next level and who loves herself so much that she is ready to invest on her journey when that feels aligned.
  • She who is ready to step out of the official line of consciousness, and embraces the new knowledge.
  • She who is ready to go beyond the common frame and ready to step into the untouched territories of creation.
  • She who is tired of going from one money mindset course to another, one manifesting program to another and reading hundreds of law of attraction books with no results, and wants to step into the real ability of creation.
  • She who truly wants to get rich, happily, not stressfully.
  • She who believes that she is meant for much bigger things, she who believes in seemingly impossible realities and she who never wants to settle for less, normal or ordinary.

  • She who hears and listens to the calling within her, to step up to become the next level human and become a pioneer of the New Earth Wealthy Generation.
  • She who wants to become a wealth beacon in this world, and set the example for her children, community and the world.

this program is Not for

  • The ones who are not open to the new territories of knowledge, due to any personal restrictions, religious restrictions etc.
  • The ones who are trying just to make a certain amount of money, and not a lifestyle.
  • The ones who are not ready to do the COMPLETE work, and themselves decide to skip the parts of the work as they seem "unnecessary".
  • The ones who don't believe in supporting the creation, of every human being..
  • The ones who are not ready to enhance their extrasensory skills, and superhuman powers, due to personal reasons, and the ones who are absolutely not ready to learn, hear or accept anything outside the information in which they already believe.
  • And anyone who will not suit this mission of wealth creation. (Before you enrol, we will have a personal conversation over zoom to make sure that this is the right program for you at this time of your journey.

Renata Zolnoska, Poland



" All I have to say to anyone who keeps thinking whether to work with Iresha or not, just do it, seriously! You won't regret it"


Do I have to be a super spiritual person to take part in this program?

No, you don't have to be. My mission is to bring this knowledge to everyone, especially people who are left out of the called spiritual communities. But, an initial interest in spirituality and metaphysics is required. For the methods we use in this program, basic enhanced extra sensory skills are required, and that will be accomplished by doing the pre psychic training that you receive once you enrol. So you don't have to be a practised psychic, a super spiritual person, but the interest in these subjects is important.

I don't have much of a budget to invest. What shall I do?

You actually don't need a big budget right now, we have a variety of payment plans. You can start the program for a small price, and pay in instalments as you go.

How fast will I see the changes and results happening?

Usually, after the first week of practice, people start noticing changes in their lives. And as you go through these six months journeys, a lot can change, and you will walk away from this program as a whole different person. This program gives you a system for life, a magickal way of creating happy money at every stage you reach in your business, in your life. So this is a never-ending journey, you will be applying the same methods, over and over, to go from 5 figures to 6 figures, and to 7 figures and more.

How are the sessions done?

Sessions are done via Zoom, a virtual meeting software, which can be downloaded completely Free of charge. Every session date will be discussed with you, and will be held no a convinient day and time for both of us.

English isn't my first language. 

Neither mine! (I am German but I do speak very clear and fluent English) All you need to be able to understand and to communicate clearly so that each of us can understand each other.