to the community of the Wealth weavers

who dream, design and anchor the wealth, prosperity and abundance on the earth...

Wealth Weavers' Community 

 Become a Wealth Weaver of the earth, and weave the golden prosperity network back on earth.

Iresha Tschunke

The Wealth Weavers' Community is a free virtual community hosted by Iresha Tschunke, where we gather once a month for wealth activation sessions. Once you participate in a session, you are being initiated as a wealth weaver of the earth, the ones who are responsible for creating wealth in the world, through your individual wealth creation. And every wealth weaver will be favoured, supported and guided by the universal forces we call upon in the sessions, as well as the dragon realms who are working together in this specific project to aid the wealth weavers to succeed in their personal wealth creation ventures.

Each session will be directed to a specific theme, such as global wealth anchoring, personal projects etc.

We are living in crucial times, and this is the age when humanity is to step into the next level of its evolution. And mastering the creation at the physical level is the key for us to pass by all the barriers, and old structures, and step into what exists beyond.

Because it is through your individual dreams and wealthy realities that our world is going to become a prosperous world. It is through your ability to create wealth and master the creation in a joyful, happy and effortless way that human consciousness is going to meet the next level of its expansion. It is through you becoming a wealthy person of the New Earth and realising the art of true creation, that the poverty will disappear from the earth, sooner than you think.

YOU are important in creating a prosperous world, and YOUR DREAMS are the building blocks of it.

Each session includes live dragon channelling, wealth activation in the etheric and quantum realms, and deep power activations that have been creating unbelievably magickal results in people's lives, right on the next day.

Wealth Weavers' Community Calls offers you

  • Deep wealth DNA activations
  • Personal initiations to the dragon realms where the personal support and help in wealth creation take place
  • Your personal wealth creation projects activation
  • Designing and anchoring your personal dreams and goals in the quantum realms
  • Live dragon channelling
  • Akashic records activation, and opening the specific, relevant at a personal level records for each one you, at a personal level
  • Deep healing for the traumas related to wealth and money creation
    Activation of the money frequency
  • Anchoring the wealth creation dreams of the collective to the earth
  • Inserting your wealth creation dreams into the prosperity grid of the earth
  • Weaving the wealth creation dreams of the collective to the prosperous network of the earth
  • Activating your multidimensional self, therefore activating and transmitting your hidden skills, and abilities from probable selves to your current self
  • Summoning of money into reality
  • Higher self activations
  • Unconditional love, support and admiration to you in achieving your big goals

To receive the link to join live each month, please register below. It's totally FREE and MAGICKAL!

Date: Every second Thursday of the month, at 1900 Central European Time (Berlin)

Wealth Weavers community is totally FREE of charge, and there will be no charging in future as well. This is also not a part of any launched program or anything like that, although as your host, from time to time I will mention the other containers that I have created for the ones who want to walk further into the personalised New Earth Money Creation Journey. This community is an ongoing community that gathers once a month.

This is a magickal circle, and I am personally putting so much intention into this, and the work we do here, is very powerful, and they are being created in real, in the non-ordinary.

Last but not least, the more honest thoughts you put into expanding the world's prosperity, the more you will succeed in your personal wealth creation work.

Wealthy Empress

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