Master Class:Where Is Your Money?

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Iresha Tschunke

Once you have gone through the Money Sabotage Discoverer and the master class, I bet that you have at least a few AHA moments. And guess what, this is amazing, because those eye-opening discoveries about your money personality, is the beginning of your getting wealthy journey. And you have just started it. From now on, you will not be walking blind, instead, you will be starting to create ownership for your money. And once you apply what you have learnt, you will see that things are starting to change.

Ok, so what's next?

As you have started towards your money creation journey, let me take you to another whole level, a level beyond anything you knew.

This class which you have watched was recorded at the beginning of my work and the initiation into the New Earth Money Creation. And that is where I experienced my first actual Quantum Leap, and the cross pathing of my probable selves, into my current reality, changing my life forever.

And from there, I have reached and discovered a whole new world of creation, a whole existence that awaits us beyond our known world.

And my mission in this life is to bring humans into the next level of creation, and to let them access the unlimited abundance, the unlimited material bliss and wealth, and to step out of this 3 density bubble, weaving the golden age back on earth.

And in there, money works very differently. Creation functions very differently. And quantum leaps are the default mode of creation. And this is the next step of human evolution.

It is hard to explain here shortly, so let me take you somewhere that I can better explain to you.

I want you to be rich, wealthy and all you can be, and I want you to do that with the New Earth Ways, where you get to eliminate the time factor, where you get to create magickally and where you get to have everything you want without having to try hard.

And this journey is the journey of becoming a Wealth Beacon of the new earth.

All the best, and I am proud of you for realising that there is more to life and creation and being willing to step into the new.

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